Indiana cometh, #NeverTrump 2.0, and a Trump-Sanders ticket: yesterday’s links

Cruz Indiana

The day before the big primary in Indiana had lots of stories from the weekend to absorb. To those of us who follow the news over the weekend, it seemed tired. To those who take their weekends seriously and ignore most of the political world, these links should be interesting.

Indiana: Last chance to stop Trump

Kasich panders to LGBT in California

Will Obamacare collapse before he leaves?

4 ways Trump’s pro wrestling experience is like his campaign

The coming battle for Mosul will be tougher than you think

Will: If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House

Hillary: Queen of the gig economy

Target stock falls 5.8% in 10 days

Cruz calls out “leftist agitators” for trying to silence Trump in California. “It’s not acceptable”

Ferrell drops out of Reagan-bashing comedy

UN proposal demands combatants protect hospitals and doctors

Marco Rubio is NOT warming up to Trump despite out-of-context manipulations by pro-Trump media

Our next President must stand up to Putin

Trump reaching 1,237 delegates by the media’s count will not mean it is over

You’re $13,000 poorer because of federal regulations

Mindless media pitching Trump to mindless electorate

Former CIA analyst: Clinton’s emails may have led to Benghazi

The ultimate moonbat ticket: Trump-Sanders

Is Cruz too good for some Americans?

Trump would press the agenda that drove his voters from the GOP

Congrats, leftists: With one rule protecting 0.3% of the population, the very real war on women has begun

Erickson: I’m with George Will

Kasich’s pitiful Instagram

‘Oh, come on!’ Is there a better friend to Trump than the MSM?


Now more than ever: #NeverTrump

Megyn Kelly clueless about NC’s bathroom law

The myth of Medicare’s excellence

Hillary’s lead over Trump in swing state North Carolina hits 12 points

Movie about Barack & Michelle’s first date might break even just in ticket sales to lapdog media

New Indiana poll has Cruz up by double-digits

…Trump has a “woman problem” in Indiana

Trump gets the Zizek endorsement

Skewered legacy: James Woods highlights 2 things Obama ‘perfected’ during presidency

Pete Wilson endorses Cruz

…”we cannot afford a Republican nominee that brings us down-ticket decimation”

Trump promises “peace in our time”

Why the GOP Establishment despises Ted Cruz

Don’t blame #NeverTrump if he loses in November

If you elect Trump, you elect the problem

The waning enthusiasm

Trump’s Pearl Harbor

Satire: The secret agenda for the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Trump claims 31,000 attended California rally. Not. Even. Close.

NRA: Obama’s new “smart gun” push shows obsession

US weighing under-the-radar routes for Syrian refugees?

Cruz contrasts character with Trump

Venezuelan beer shortage is proof: Communism. Doesn’t. Work.

Bible museum, its backers target of hit piece

The Samson Contingency

Cruz calls out liberal media Trump bias

Cruz: Both Trump and Clinton “think Planned Parenthood is wonderful”

Cruz to Todd: “Your network executives are partisan Democrats”

Face the Nation: Trump is the essence of the Washington insider

Turkey seizes more Christian churches

Department of Transportation goes after E-cigs

Cruz takes lion’s share in Arizona

Head-to-head in Virginia: Cuccinelli 1, Manafort 0

…Cruz scores 10 of 13 delegates

Bobby Knight insults conservatives

Germany’s future: The refugee hotel

Cruz appeals to lowering taxes for tax-burdened Californians

…California will pick the nominee

Shilling ESPN

Former DefSec Gates on Trump’s foreign policy: “He doesn’t listen to people”

John Kasich Must Drop Out

Drop out John

Arguing over homosexuality

Venezuela’s big government philosophy isn’t looking so hot

Socialism’s latest “success”

Venezuelans resort to looting to survive

The 34%

Pro-Muslim Merkel considering an end to “unconditional support” of Israel

Muslim analyst: Jews to blame for al-Qaeda, Ferguson, and Donald Trump

Trump supporters love the video made by “Aryan Wisdom”

Liberals: “Shooting in self-defense is illegal as it denies criminals a fair trial”

“Clinton Cash” is coming at the right moment

Walker shows Pence how a governor should make an endorsement

Hillary wants to make it illegal to criticize her

80-yr-old woman shoots and kills home intruder who stabbed her husband

KKK leader endorses Trump, denounces Cruz

Always couth, “NeverTrump”

Trump U: The art of the con

Bald eagle getting the boot?

…Obama pushing for bison

Church of Scientology’s hidden vault in New Mexico

Imran Khan: “Religion has nothing to do with terrorism or extremism”

Social media: fundraising for terrorists

Ted Cruz must hammer home this message

Seven sure signs that America has declared war on faith

Trump supported top liberals in California as late as 2013

Texas town targets… Target

Mike Lee explains why statist RINOs like Boehner and King think Cruz is the devil

Reconstituting America

Reconstituting America

Napoleon and Trump, advancing on the capital

Obama committed to making criminals’ lives easier

Franklin Graham calls John Boehner an ’embarrassment to our nation’

Red Eye mocks Kasich

Cruz responds to Caitlyn

The false impasse over aid to Israel

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