Trump would be the left’s ultimate weapon to take the Senate AND the House

Donald Trump and Women

Unless you’re either a Donald Trump supporter or someone who has no idea of how the election system works in the United States (one in the same?), you realize that Trump has absolutely zero chance of winning the general election. It isn’t just the women (who represent the majority of American voters) or minorities (who can make or break the swing states) that Trump has alienated. He’s making it impossible for conservatives to pick between liberal Hillary Clinton or perhaps more liberal Donald Trump.

If Ted Cruz is not the nominee, Clinton will be the President. That is all but certain. However, it may not be the worst outcome from November’s election. If Trump is the nominee, the left in every county or district from every state in the country will be fighting hard to use Trump as the reason we need a Democratic Congress.

We’re already seeing a taste of it coming out in fundraising emails and videos:

The Republican party is self-destructing by following their Pied Piper off the cliff and taking the GOP-controlled Congress right along with them. Ted Cruz is the only candidate that can prevent certain disaster for the party and the country.

Michio Hasai

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