2nd Amendment, Rubio’s non-endorsement, Hillary’s women’s card: yesterday’s links

Marco 'Wrong Card' Rubio

As Indiana goes to the polls, yesterday’s links were loaded with Trump and Cruz stories. On top of that, Rubio hasn’t endorsed Cruz for a very stupid reason, Hillary is literally selling women’s cards, and we take a look at how to view the 2nd Amendment.

2nd Amendment should represent equality

Rapists for Trump

A war against Freedom of Speech

Trump is right about the convention being rigged… and that’s a good thing

CNN President admits: It’s fair to say we were “a little too liberal”

Daniel Pipes: Ted Cruz for President

Worst GOP Nominee Ever

Trump would be the worst

A test of America’s principles

#NeverTrump is the business of principles

Sorry folks: Donald Trump IS the Establishment

White House looking for “under the radar” routes for Syrian refugees

Fox News feels effects of Trump lovefest

…the price of selling your soul

…CNN winning

A look into Washington’s crony deal-making process

Rick Wilson: Semper #NeverTrump

Small acts of cowardice are destroying our culture

The very dumb reason Rubio isn’t endorsing Cruz

…remember this about him

Trump compensating

Cruz isn’t even partly dead

How conservatives can defeat Trump

Clinton slams new law banning abortions on babies with Down Syndrome

Indiana will decide Obamacare’s fate

Why Trump’s government spending will destroy the economy

Fiorina can help Cruz win

Obama frees USS Cole bombing terrorist

Gingrich wants to be Veep

Cruz rails against Trump-Clinton cartel

Libyan, British, and Italian marines hit by ISIS while U.S. media ignores it

Women's Card

Trump thinks he can beat Clinton… and he has great foreign policies, too

Standing athwart yelling “Okay, I’ll help!”

Cruz can win Indiana

Clinton was never intended to be the Democratic nominee

Trump is wrong on China. Again.

How Brexit could help Europe

Absentee Governor

CNN: Trump can’t win general election

Trump rallies leave cities footing the bill

How Republicans lost control of the spending fight

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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