The last Cruz news… for now: yesterday’s links

Ted Cruz is done. That’s all I’m writing on the topic for now. Here are yesterday’s links:

Cruz schools moron on Trump’s horrible 2nd Amendment record

Cruz unloads on Trump in Indiana

Hoosier on Trump: Yes, I get it but he’s no Republican

Is this the moment for Ted Cruz?

Ron Paul: Trump, Sanders similar

Cruz on Trump: ‘The man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him.’

Good vs EvilGood v. Evil?

Why Christians are “called to resist” Donald Trump

…a statement of faithful obedience

Shapiro: Trump is a liar and he’s lying to you

re: Trump

Tyranny thrives with lazy media

Trump’s policy feast of incoherence

Jindal: How conservatives can win back voters from Trump

Trump’s foreign policy

Trump says Mike Tyson isn’t a rapist and media agrees

Cruz’s principles are America’s principles

Michael Reagan endorses Cruz

…says Ronald Reagan would be “appalled” by Trump

Cruz debates pro-Trump equivalent of Code Pinkers

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Or forever hold your peace

Why Trump scares me

Cruz needs to stay in until June 7

What does a Trump plurality mean?

The media is selecting Trump (with proof)

Down-ticket carnage: Video shows a brutal preview of what’s to come if Trump is nominated

…absolute destruction if Trump’s the nominee

…more “Trump Effect” videos popping up

…Trump would be the left’s ultimate weapon to take the Senate AND the House

Cruz ad: Trump is lying

Spanking debate begins

Hannity embraces Trump without apology

Kasich caught in homeschool dilemma

5 Trump conspiracy theories and why he pushes them

Trump supporters are morons. Just sayin’.

Conservatives refuse to repeat the mistakes of history

Trump’s extremely effective trick

‘We are all now dumber’: Do ‘you understand’ Trump’s analogy about selling condos to the Chinese?

Trump’s big surprise for low-information ‘Republican’ voters: Entitlements

Trump Flashback: “Obama spoke for me and every American” regarding Newtown speech

Trump O'Reilly

Trump insults are more newsworthy than policy according to Bill O’Reilly

Congress must act on Puerto Rico before next default

Erickson: “The thing I’ve gotten wrong in my career”

College students nationwide educate their professors, proudly declare ‘Socialism Sucks’

The left’s push to get rid of government spending transparency

Democrats schedule $20 million blitz against Trump… in June

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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