Kasich made a deal, we made Trump, and Nikki’s not veeping: yesterday’s links

John Kasich Enemy

John Kasich dropped out conveniently after Ted Cruz. Some have assumed that he made a deal with someone to help someone defeat someone, though nobody’s naming names. Actually, they are. Nikki Haley won’t be Trump’s VP… shocker. As far as Trump’s nomination, blame us.

Let’s put a target on Target

Indiana installs “baby drop-off box” for mothers to get rid of their babies

98 Democrats demand end to investigation of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts

Woodward: Conservatism in crisis

Adios, GOP

The Republican Party, 1854-2016

The conservative catastrophe ahead

True true conservatism

Is modern conservatism too… Utopian?

Bye GOP: Libertarian party registrations double in mass exodus after Trump win

Will the Libertarian party grow up?

…starting to pitch Cruz supporters

Embrace Trump or not? Where conservatism goes from here


Not Trump's Fault

It’s our fault

The death of the GOP and the need for a third-party NOW

Time to rebuild

Strangers in our own party

Goodbye GOP

They are both the devils we know

We have failed

Vander Hart: With Trump as the nominee, I’m still #NeverTrump

Epic rant on the disaster Trumpsters have wreaked

Just how unpopular is Trump? The numbers are stunning.

Former President Bush (either one) will endorse Trump

A #NeverTrump guide to election coverage

I’m not voting for Trump. Or Hillary.

We are the resistance

Still #NeverTrump

Conservative leaders who back Trump shouldn’t be leaders of the conservative future

Ronald Reagan’s message to the GOP

Ben Sasse: I said I was #NeverTrump and I meant it

“If we must have an enemy at the head of government let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

America can’t be rebuilt on the national level

LGBT keeps finding new “rights” in the law to abuse children

Campus conservatives and pro-lifers fight for truth

Trump’s next victim: pollsters

Obama to erect first national gay rights monument

Heading off a down ticket disaster

Media Matters lies while trying to defend smart guns. Again.

The religious war between the CIA and KGB in Latin America

Nikki Haley Not VP

Nikki Haley won’t be VP

How Trump made the left’s two biggest dreams come true

Still waiting for the Trump judge list

Will a Trump nomination push Republicans to confirm Garland?

The media’s responsibility for Trump and what conservatives really care about

Generals warn of Russia as Trump cozies up to Putin

Carson: What if we make Ted Cruz Attorney General and have him prosecute Hillary Clinton?

Dozens of families sue the feds for forcing school to let boy in girls’ locker room

50 families sue over Illinois high school’s transgender bathroom policy

Gender and sex: defining our terms

Mayor who waged war on salt, sodas succeeded by mayor who tells citizens where they shouldn’t eat

John Cleese: “I absolutely do not subscribe to political correctness

Like it or not, the U.S. is at war

How safe is the Bill of Rights with Hillary?

Wallace: Trump spikes ratings

How should Europe respond to Islamism?

Young Diaspora Jews learn about holocaust through unique Israeli perspective

Differences over missile defense, fine print sang US-Israel aid deal


Self-funding? Fooled ya!

The day after Cruz drops out, Trump flip-flops. Twice.

“Different kind of Republican.” Trump open to raising minimum wage.

“I’m the king of debt. I love debt!” Trump brandishes his conservative cred

Trumps hits and misses in foreign policy

John Kasich drops out

Kasich out

Will Trump make him VP?

Did Trump and Kasich strike a deal?

…Rush: “Now, this is getting interesting.”

He obviously had a deal with someone. Mission accomplished

How taxation kills entrepreneurship

Elementary school cancels father-daughter dance over lack of “inclusion”

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