Nanny state, Trump VP, and Obama v. 2nd Amendment: yesterday’s links

Newt Gingrich VP

The spinning of politics carries on even while Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to dominate the news cycle. There are other things happening, though you probably wouldn’t see most of this on mainstream media.

Get over what about Trump, exactly?

Farah on Trump: “I’m seriously worried about his mental health”



April marks 12th straight month of record gun sales

Obama’s Justice Department says NC bathroom law illegal

…Feds v. states starts now

Liberal activists worked with AGs to target conservatives

Bundy farm sniper speaks out

How Hollywood brainwashes the masses

Race and unreason in Los Angeles

Hillary Clinton suffers convenient memory loss during interview with Anderson Cooper

Clinton campaign paid second document destruction company

Federal judge says Hillary may need to testify

Trump becomes the Democrats’ sharpest weapon

5 arguments for voting Trump and why they fail

Trump’s greatest self-contradictions

The idolatry of the Donald

Is Trump a bigger threat to Wall Street than Sanders?

Trump admits to lying when he linked Rafael Cruz to the JFK assassination

Trump and establishment GOP destroying conservatism

A Virginia abortion clinic’s misconduct is part of national scandal

Trade is not the problem

Long White House run gives Cruz new clout

Will Ted Cruz learn the right lessons?

Do not go gently into that good night, Ted

Kansas Governor signs bill to permanently defund Planned Parenthood

Will America’s Asian allies go nuclear?

Califorina: The ultimate nanny state

Islamic State teen who plotted murder of US soldiers gets parole

Why big tobacco loves the new FDA e-cig regulations

Caitlyn to pose nude with Bruce’s medals

A little girl is putting on clothes at Target when she spots a creepy object above her

“Flirtation workshop” for migrants in Europe

Three surrogate sisters turn their wombs into a family business

Trump gives 40% chance to running mate being former competitor

How he might choose

Gingrich gives himself 1000-1 odds

Abbas admits that PA still paying Palestinian terrorists’ salaries

The Islamic State creates killer caliphate to eradicate religious minorities

To the President: It’s ISIS, not ISIL

Chief strategist of pro-Trump super PAC convicted on felony charges for campaign finance violations

Trump’s new liberal adviser loves Soros

4 signs that Trump suckered conservatives… in the last 24 hours

…history of donating to Democrats

Trump. Tacos. Bikinis. Seriously.

Trump’s tax plan sucks… according to Trump

…confusing explanation

Obama revokes 2nd Amendment rights for 260K veterans

Growth trends measured by GDP and gross output

58% of Israelis happy with their financial status

Wall Street whistleblower turns scrutiny to Clinton Foundation



Ben Sasse Third Party Candidate

Third party candidate?

Kristol actively wooing candidates for 3rd party run

We need a third party. Now.

Please save us, Homer

Is Ben Sasse considering a third-party run?

…open letter from Sasse

A third party option is culturally critical

I’d support him

Poll: Democrats fear climate change more than ISIS

London expected to elect first Muslim mayor

What Londoners are saying about him

Social justice warriors at ESPN hit Lebron on gun control

Trump : I would tell Putin ‘don’t do it,’ regarding Russian planes buzzing U.S. ships

Beck: Trump won’t build the wall

Academic freedom under assault… by the academy

Harvard political theorist gives Hillary Clinton some ludicrous advice about how not to walk into Donald Trump’s “trap.”

Record number of Americans renouncing citizenship

Illegal immigration numbers skyrocket at Mexican border

U.S. officials react to Panama Papers with get-tough proposals

RINO (Huckabee) tells elephants to leave

#NeverTrumpers respond

A very quiet new American ground war in Iraq

Trump’s taco bowl message

…worst Hispanic outreach of all time

Deace: Trump is Lex Luthor

13 red states up for grab with Trump as nominee

It hurts because he’s a bad man

Hillary is a danger to the United States

FBI interviews Hillary’s aids

Huma grilled by FBI

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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