Why the #NeverTrump movement is righteous, relevant, and necessary

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The common perception is that the #NeverTrump is over. We tried and failed at keeping Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee for President, so it’s time to pack it up and jump on the Trump train, right? No. Not by a longshot. Now more than ever, the #NeverTrump movement must grow. It’s needed for the Republican party. It’s needed if we’re going to maintain control of Congress. It’s needed for America.

Some who plan on voting for Trump in November should consider participating in the movement. Conservatives in particular should see the movement as a way to steer Trump to the right on the important issues even if they’re going to vote for him regardless. We have six months to convince him that many of his liberal ideas are wrong. In particular, his bad ideas include dealing with the national debt, Russia, trade, healthcare… actually, there are too many list. For the sake of brevity, let’s stipulate that he’s further to the left on many issues than any Republican nominee has been in modern history. Outside of immigration, he’s a Democrat. If he’s going to represent the Republican party, he must adopt at least some aspects of our platform.

The movement must continue. It must grow stronger. Here’s why:

It’s Righteous

Despite the false narrative painted by the Trump campaign and mainstream media, Trump is a pure RINO – Republican In Name Only. Contrary to a different popular narrative, he’s absolutely part of the “Establishment” that has plagued the country since Ronald Reagan left office. Those who believe the rhetoric that he’s anti-Establishment haven’t taken into account that nearly all of his actions since before he was a candidate and throughout his campaign have been pro-Establishment. That’s not to say he doesn’t fight members of the Establishment. In fact, it’s easy to tell who he will fight and who he won’t. If they’re nice to him, he supports them. If they challenge him, they’re scum in his book.

Mitch McConnell is part of the Establishment and arguably one of its most powerful players, but Trump is complementary of him and even fought the Tea Party candidate to keep McConnell in power. Chris Christie, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly – Establishment power players loved by Trump. Why? All of them support him so he won’t fight them. He only abuses those who are against him regardless of their level of conservatism. It’s noteworthy that many people with true conservative credentials like Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, and Ben Shapiro are against him. He’s against them as well despite them fighting the Establishment for years.

There’s more than just his RINO Establishment credentials that make fighting him a righteous act. There’s the inconvenient fact that he is amoral at best and arguably immoral. Donald Trump does what Donald Trump wants to do even if hurts people. From using Eminent Domain to making money off casinos to suing anyone who challenges him, Trump has demonstrated he does not possess the values or principles that were once requirements of a major Presidential candidate.

It’s Relevant

He’s the nominee, right? Nobody can stop him, right? Actually, that’s far from finalized. There are options. A third-party conservative candidate might be exactly what’s necessary to hit the brakes on his current left-leaning slide towards pure liberalism. Then, there’s the convention, and while we don’t condone convention tricks to nominate someone else, it’s not truly over until it’s over.

There’s also the prediction that so many pundits made long ago. Trump may implode at any time. Many expected him to implode before the Iowa caucus. He hasn’t yet, but then again he hasn’t released his tax returns. It’s speculated that there’s a bombshell waiting to be released. Otherwise, there’s no reason for him to blatantly lie about his ability to release it. The notion that it takes a long time to produce his past tax returns because they’re so big is ludicrous and plays to the ignorance of his some of his supporters. When he took out multiple loans from Deutsche Bank, he was able to give them his tax returns in days, not months. After that lie was exposed, he claimed that he couldn’t release past returns because he’s being audited by the IRS. The IRS rightly pointed out that he is not obligated to hold back his returns because of the audit, but that fact was conveniently passed over by mainstream media.

Finally, it’s relevant because of the destructive skeletons in his closet. In a closed-door meeting, Hillary Clinton’s surrogate David Brock said that he had oppo research that would destroy Trump. Some in the media are just waiting for him to officially be the nominee before unleashing hell on him with information they’ve dug up. The #NeverTrump movement must be prepared to launch an alternative candidate sooner rather than later for these reasons.

It’s Necessary

Back to what we discussed before, the need to retain the vast majority of the conservative vote should be enough incentive to keep him from becoming even more liberal. He must be pulled to the right and if there’s no risk of losing conservatives, there’s nothing to stop him from his current trickle campaign of releasing policy proposals that are further and further to the left.

With all of this understood, it’s now important to see the big picture. Even if you don’t think that he’d be a terrible President, you have to acknowledge that a successful campaign during the general election increases the chances of losing both chambers of Congress to the Democrats. The worst-case scenario is that he keeps it close throughout and then loses on election night. If he’s close enough in November, the opposition vote for jeopardized Congressional seats will be empowered to prevent Trump from having control of Capitol Hill. We could end up with Clinton as President with control of Congress. If that happens, the country is toast.

Some would say then that the only course of action is to wholeheartedly support Trump so Clinton doesn’t win. Unfortunately, it’s not a certainty that he’s a better choice. We didn’t like Mitt Romney, but he was clearly better than President Obama. The same can be said about John McCain in 2008. With Trump, it can’t be granted as certain that he wouldn’t be worse than Clinton.

#NeverTrump has many supporters for different reasons. The end goal is not to burn down the Republican party, but that may happen anyway. The end goal is to defend America and the Constitution. These reasons alone are enough to fuel the movement all the way to November.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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