5 reasons that opposing Trump is NOT supporting Clinton

Opposing Trump is Not Supporting Clinton

Now that the GOP nomination has been pretty much wrapped up by Donald Trump, his supporters and surrogates are calling for Republicans who opposed him in the past to hop on the “Trump Train” for one reason: stopping Hillary Clinton. They’re going so far as to call #NeverTrumpers traitors, unpatriotic, and even liberals. Some of these arguments are ill-conceived. The rest are idiotic.

I get the Tweets every day. “You’re going to be held accountable if Clinton wins.” That one is particularly insulting since the fastest path to a Clinton victory has always been to nominate Trump, so the point is invalid. Another one: “He’s not perfect but he’s better than Hillary.” No proof of that so far. If his current policy proposals which are shifting further to the left every day are allowed to come to fruition, the wall he builds might be keeping Americans from leaving the country.

There is zero chance that I would vote for Hillary. There is a slim chance that Trump might be able to see the writing on the wall and be convinced that being so liberal is not the way to go. If that happens, I can see myself voting for him, but he’d have to rapidly and decisively shift to adopt an actual conservative platform before I would even consider it.

Here are five reasons why opposing Trump is not tantamount with supporting Hillary.

1. It’s on Trump to EARN our vote

Trump has always been a big defender of entitlements. It’s something that in itself is a very liberal perspective (sshhhh, don’t tell his supporters that he supports them) but it’s also relevant to this discussion. He doesn’t just support the future-draining entitlements that will bankrupt this country sooner rather than later. He feels that he is entitled to have our vote because he has the letter (R) next to his name.

I did not support George W. Bush in 2000, John McCain in 2008, or Mitt Romney in 2012, but I voted for them. They earned my votes by demonstrating a level of personal integrity and a lukewarm embrace of many conservative principles. Trump has demonstrated zero integrity and is pushing his policies to the left of President Obama in many circumstances. In fact, he’s to the left of Hillary on trade.

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be capable of learning. His foreign policy speech a couple of weeks ago was a debacle. On the economy, his policy proposals are downright destructive. At this point, nearly a year after launching his campaign, he seems to be no closer to understanding what it will take to fix America’s problems than he was when he was just a businessman.

Our votes are too important to give away to someone who gave a good sales pitch and lied his way to the nomination.

2. Vote FOR something, not against something else

There are definitely times to utilize the power of opposition. There are even times when an opposition vote is justifiable. I didn’t believe that McCain would be a good President, but I was confident that he would be much better than Obama.

This is not an opposition vote year. As bad as Hillary would be as President, there is no indication that Trump would be better. The sad part is that she is such a weak candidate that Jim Gilmore could have easily defeated her if he was the nominee. Conspiracy theorists have even speculated that the Clintons put up Trump to run because they knew she couldn’t beat anyone else. I laughed at the notion initially, but I won’t discount it completely anymore.

As Americans, we should support things. We should support leaders. There is already enough opposition to everything due to the political correctness that runs rampant. That type of opposition is righteous; I won’t be shopping at Target unless they decide to take women’s safety and privacy seriously. On the other hand, I eat at Chick-fil-A every chance I get. As compelling as opposition to Hillary might seem to conservatives, there is not enough of a distinction between her and Trump. Opposition voting loses its sheen when it yields as much if not more destruction in the long run.

There’s a reason I supported Ted Cruz from the time I vetted all the candidates last year. He is someone I can support. Trump represents an anti-Clinton vote rather than a pro-Trump vote for any true conservative. That’s simply not the way we should vote.

3. Supporting Trump is supporting liberalism

Trump wants to prevent defaulting by printing more money. We’ve heard this already. It’s the Obama methodology.

Trump wants to change the Republican platform to appeal to more liberals. We’ve already seen this type of desired action. It’s come from every Democratic Presidential nominee after George McGovern. In fact, Trump’s proposal for the new GOP platform is closest to what a former President wanted. Trump wants what Jimmy Carter wanted in a pro-life/pro-choice hybrid.

Rather than go through each one-by-one, let’s stipulate that there are several issues where Trump’s policies are liberal, including government spending, progressive taxation, entitlements, affirmative action, touchback amnesty, and healthcare. The saddest conversations I have with Trump supporters is when we argue over his support of affirmative action. It doesn’t matter what article or quote I give them. They simply won’t believe that Trump has defended affirmative action for decades and even railed against Antonin Scalia about affirmative action a month before his death.

Donald Trump is a liberal. He isn’t a magically transformed liberal who saw the errors in his ways. His liberalism is current and thriving. Anyone who isn’t under the spell of his sales pitch who objectively reads his proposals can see that he has one conservative policy: immigration. On everything else, he’s as bad or worse than Hillary.

4. No, Trump is not clearly better for America than Hillary

Hillary Clinton may or may not destroy America. The one thing that gives us hope is that if she’s winning by a mile a month before the general election, we have a chance of retaining the House and possibly even the Senate. If it’s close at the top of the ticket, we lose both chambers of Congress and a slew of other down-ticket offices.

Donald Trump may or may not destroy America. I’ve read articles recently saying that the Constitution will protect us against him. I’ve read other articles on conservative websites saying that since we’ll likely lose Congress, the Democrats will be able to keep him in check. At what point did it become necessary for Republicans to want countermeasures in place to protect the country against a Republican President?

Referring back to reason #1, Trump has to earn our votes by demonstrating that he’s ideologically sound and has been hiding a solid character behind his entertaining but childish Tweets. He has to prove that he is much less likely to destroy the country than Hillary. Based upon what we’ve seen so far, that’s not a certainty.

5. He doesn’t want our support

Mr. Unity is no longer in the business of unifying the party nor the country. He’s been blaming conservatives for much of the mess we’re in today since way April of last year. He’s even recently come out and declared that it’s the Republican party, not the conservative party.

He’s right. It’s no longer our party. It hasn’t been our party since 1989, but most of us didn’t realize that until this year. He believes he can win the election without us. If he can, so be it.

The fear of a Hillary Presidency is real. It’s not something we want to see. However, an unchecked Trump Presidency may be even worse. Until he can prove that he’s not going to destroy the country (which at this point is very much in doubt), he doesn’t deserve the “anybody but Hillary” vote.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. >>>>>There is a slim chance that Trump might be able to see the writing on the wall and be convinced that being so liberal is not the way to go. If that happens, I can see myself voting for him<<<<<

    So for Trump to "earn your vote" all he has to do is pretend to be more conservative? Well, you are an easy mark, aren't you?

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