Judge Palin, IT director emails, and Trump v. conservatives: yesterday’s links

Sarah Palin Donald Trump

As talk heats up about Sarah Palin being the Republican Vice Presidential nominee again, others are pointing to a more likely scenario that puts her on the bench in front of a television camera. Hilary’s IT director shocks the world by allegedly not sending a single email while Clinton was at State. Once again, Trump goes after conservatism.

On the veneration of politicians: no one can save you

Cooke: Censorship is a good deal scarier than bigotry

Levin: “Remember when liberals used to say they believed in privacy rights?”

Palin will be a TV judge, not Trump’s Veep

Watch the ‘incredible moment’ when Josh Earnest can’t deny Obama admin officials lied about Iran Deal

‘Gun control works’ update: Dozens shot in Chicago over Mother’s Day weekend

We have a thug culture problem, not a gun culture problem

Gun Control
California’s “GunMeggedon” gone rogue

NRA calls Obama’s sneaky new gun rule targeting disability recipients “embarrassing and shameful”

Socialism’s false promise

Socialism is an immoral system

With Obamacare, the worst is yet to come

Immigrant households cost taxpayers 41% more in welfare benefits

Dana hits Kayleigh

Wall Street whistle-blower drops bombshell on Clinton Foundation

Shillary unleashes astroturf army of professional trolls

Be nice to Hillary online or her super PAC will get you

Hillary and arms deals

Madame Hillary goes last

Republicans search for secret Hillary recordings

Whole world wants Hillary arrested

Networks excited over “Clinton crossovers” nabbing GOP voters

Hillary’s potential VP picks, Mexican-American twins, are learning Spanish, just in case

Trump Raising Taxes

Trump’s tax two-step

…not sounding very Republican

…”it’s going to be negotiated”

Todd: “We shouldn’t take you at your word?”

Raising minimum wage, too

“I don’t know how people make it on $7.25 an hour”

Latest campaign shifts not likely to be his last

Three opinions about Trump (none of which are good)

Conservatives surrounded by Trump, GOP and Democrats – but not crushed

Trump lashes out at Russell Moore. Theologian’s response: “Sad!”

Kelly-Trump preview

A fight for the heart and soul of the GOP and the country

Trump’s Sunday highlights, most of which should terrify Republicans

Dead Sea oil reservoir “entirely within Israel” says company

Some evangelical Christians dismayed at a GOP led by Trump

“Radio Active:” Liberal groups trying to hit mute button on Milwaukee’s conservative talk radio

You still don’t believe Trump is trying to purge conservatives from the GOP?

“Convert or die” won’t win the White House

Trumpsters, stop trying to guilt us into voting for your candidate

Trump’s kryptonite: active and furious Latino voters

Lawmakers, advocates push to reveal extent of surveillance

Al-Qaeda orders militia to form “second Islamic State” in Syria

What’s a conservative to do?

Persecuted Christians in North Africa receive smuggled Bibles

Harvard law professor says treat conservative Christians like Nazis

American Studies Association sued over BDS

FDA’s illogical attack on e-cigarettes

Emails missing from Hillary’s IT director

Conservative P.J. Rourke gives hilarious endorsement of Hillary

Clinton dumbfounded by rising cost of Obamacare

Clinton can’t explain to small business owner who Obamacare raised her healthcare by $500 a month

Norquist: “Hillary is on the wrong side of history on the gig economy”

Hillary flees E. LA rally

Christian bakers fight back

Uber and Lyft pull out of Austin over new regulations

Congressional panel issues more subpoenas in ongoing Planned Parenthood investigation

UN envoy calls on Christians to condemn UNESCO resolution that ignores Jewish connection to Temple Mount and Western Wall

Cruz seeks to fight for conservative platform at convention

No, #TeamIronMan, government shouldn’t boss superheroes around

Robert Downey Jr, the closet conservative

Twitter bans intel agencies from using terror detecting data mining service

Study: Sanders’ plan would grow national debt by whopping $18 trillion

British buses to feature “glory to allah” ads

Facebook Censorship
Former Facebook workers admit to censoring conservatives


…”chilling effect”


…curators control the feed

…pro-life websites targeted

…doing it subjectively

…made #BlackLivesMatter trend artificially

…bias against Ted Cruz

…it’s not just Facebook

All three networks ignore

US general: More cross-border cooperation needed to fight Islamic State

Jihadi terror creates new global market for close air support aircraft

Islamic State reportedly planning to attack Israel from Egypt’s Sinai

Turkish president rebukes West for lagging support in fight against Islamic State

Iran announces test of ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel

Iran threatens to block U.S. passage in Persian Gulf

The dangerous regional implications of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Tiny miracle baby survives against the odds

MSNBC: Bill Clinton had “alleged affairs”

Ryan will vacate convention chair if Trump asks

…straddling the fence?

North Carolina should say it no longer identifies as North Carolina

North Carolina sues federal government

Gender ambiguous for 0.01%

Why we need school choice

Three options in the bathroom bill brouhaha

No, you don’t have an obligation to vote

Palin’s ongoing self-humiliation

Trump’s “jaw dropping” shift to the left

Republicans supporting Trump over the Supreme Court are wrong

Petition to block Trump at convention

Trump trashes Southern Baptists

Trump got mad at CNN for not congratulating him

Cuomo demonstrates what’s wrong with Trump coverage

7 things you need to know about Trump and sex slave island

Hitler, Chavez, Putin, and Trump… the Constitutional road to tyranny

Christie gets new role in Trump campaign

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