Flint corruption, TrumpTrade, and ISIS “kill list”: yesterday’s links

Flint Water Plant

Just when we thought the situation in Flint couldn’t get any worse, a politician decided to do the worst possible thing with the money sent for recovery. Mark Levin points out the absurdity of Donald Trump’s trade plan. The Islamic State’s list of people to kill is growing.

Obama administration prepares to smack Israel

Flint Mayor accused of directing water crisis money to PAC

The Donald’s phony phone calls with Rubio and Ryan

Rubio on VP: “My previously stated reservations remain unchanged”

…anti-endorses Trump

Anti-Trump ads are coming in bulk

Farewell, GOP

The scariest reason Trump won

…Prager’s cop out

Saudi Arabia proves that Islam and free speech are incompatible

Justice Department liken N.C. bathroom law to Jim Crow racism

Pro-family group stands with North Carolina

Levin: N.C. Governor deserves our full support

Obama to make gay bar a national monument

U.S. v. Russia: Struggling for undersea nuclear supremacy

An open letter to the RNC

The Islamic State’s campaign against Christians

Hillary’s doomed fight over guns

Trump is no tough guy

Trump’s isolationism threatens Japan’s security

5 ways in which Trump supporters are like cult followers

Note to Trump supporters: Calling Cruz supporters “traitors” won’t win the election

Trump’s empty administration

Sykes: “You embrace Trump you embrace it all”

Trump’s mess of a tax plan

Israeli tech company develops killer combat robot

Printing Money

Just print our way out of it

The “King of Debt” has backwards thinking

Cruz delegates push to add transgender bathroom issue to RNC platform

Cruz won’t run 3rd-party

Cruz: Voters don’t need to decide on Trump yet

Scandal escalates after reporter exposes White House scrubbed press briefing video

Alan Keyes: No true friend of liberty can support either Clinton or Trump

5 reasons that opposing Trump is NOT supporting Clinton

Never Trump. Never Hillary.

Trump vs Clinton: A Hobson’s choice?

Hillyer: Why a third candidate is needed

Stop trying to scare #NeverTrump with Hillary

President Trump will destroy America’s foundation

With Trump, the Republican party left me

Trump candidacy divides Christian leaders

Trump’s bankrupt GOP

No, battleground states are not a terrific fit for Trump

Trump fans are totally not a cult you guys

Sasse: Are Americans okay with White House propaganda?

Islamic State “kill list” grows

Al-Qaeda describes the Islamic State as “extremists”

NY Times correction

April was a Syrian refugee surge: 440 Muslims, 1 Christian

Cruz is not releasing his delegates before the convention

Manafort describes a Trump Presidency in 5 seconds

Tucker Carlson: Conservatives need to give up conservative principles and back Trump

Trump needs cash. Donors aren’t giving.

Trump in ’06: Don’t forget that Hillary’s vote for war in Iraq was based on lies given to her

Christians facing violence and harassment inside German Refugee Centres, study reveals

3 reasons Trump’s attack on Moore failed

Clinton more conservative than Trump on investing

Why Trump is happily uttering conservative heresies

Hawkins: How conservatives see America

Carmichael: The dawn of conservative opportunity

Patterico researches the Libertarian candidates so you don’t have to

Trump Feel the Bern

TrumpTrade feels the Bern

Levin shreds Trump’s liberal trade policy

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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