Miss formerly-Muslim USA ignored, conservative lifehacks, and delegates saving the GOP: yesterday’s links

Miss Muslim USA

Despite the relatively big news about the first Miss Muslim USA converting to Christianity, the major networks failed to mention it. For conservative college students, indoctrination can be avoided with a few lifehacks. Can the delegates save the GOP? Should they?

Networks ignore Muslim Miss USA’s conversion to Christianity

Trump campaign selects white nationalist as delegate, blames “database error”

California Secretary of State: Too late to remove white nationalist delegate

Senator Burr hides in men’s room as N.C. fights alone

Syrian Christians fear total genocide

China releases pastor imprisoned for protesting persecution

Islamic State executes 45 of its own for escaping battle

Now ISIS has a choir that sings terrorist threats

Obama to spend $1 billion on monument (to himself, of course)

America’s rifle: Three things to know before buying your first AR

Swarming mini-drones to help overwhelm Russian and Chinese air defense

Israeli fighter jets strike weapons convoy headed towards Hezbollah

Trigger Warning

Rubio nukes credibility

…jabs Trump

The U.S. attitude towards Judea and Samaria

Stop whining about “mansplaining”

Muslim dominance at U.N. a real concern

12 versions of Hillary’s Whitewater indictments emerge

Conservatives CAN vote for a conservative Presidential candidate

God > Candidates (yes, even Trump)

Planned Parenthood CEO: Bill Clinton’s philandering is “absolutely not an issue on anyone’s mind”

Easy-money policies are both economically and socially destructive

The rise of American socialism

Does anyone understand capitalism versus socialism anymore?

Ben Howe schools hypocritical Trump spokeswoman

White House’s Susan Rice: U.S. national security agencies are too white

Pakistan textbooks slur Christians and other faiths

Facebook exec in charge of Trending Topics huge Clinton donor, says terrorists who kill aren’t Muslims

7 lifehacks strong conservative college students must know

Thor Vote Your Conscience

Thor: Vote your conscience

“Liberty is my litmus test”

When the White House lies to the media and laughs doing it

Federal government throws journalist into prison for covering BLM protests

Trump threatens our 401K

Twitter traitors

Twitter executives shut out intelligence agencies, telling America “You’re on your own”

5 ways to save Christian movies

Christians must stand up for beliefs

Benjamin Watson calls on Christian athletes to speak out on social issues

Trump Miracle


The unorthodox roadmap for a conservative Presidential win

Choosing the evil of two lessers

A matter of principle: a not from a Constitutional conservative

Government can erode the civic institutions needed by the poor

Socialism in America

Dating site seeks to match up Trump-haters with Canadians

Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide

The West lies down before Saudi lies

How Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats enable jihadists

Don’t forget America’s daughters in combat

Idiot John Kerry is now an Iranian sales rep

5 lessons Trump’s nomination should teach Republicans

A Trump win defeats Hillary but costs us liberty

5 reasons #NeverTrump must run a conservative third-party candidate

Trump camp can’t get story straight on how a white nationalist ended up being a CA delegate

Trump gets backing from fellow billionaire

Islamic State launches mobile app for children

Erickson: “The delegates can save the Republican Party”

…Our response: They can, but they shouldn’t

Trump supporters are not who the media told you they were

Perry and other Republicans sell their souls to Trump

Running unopposed, Trump manages to lose almost half of Nebraska

Trump claims “mandate” to be provocative

Polls are Worthless

Polls are worthless right now

Obamacare chief caught lying under oath about state exchange cash

The three callings of a Christian

Christians angry U.S. government too busy looking for water on Mars to save them from ISIS, Iraqi priest says

A very different Republican coalition: can it fly?

Lost your insurance? Obamunists are laughing at you.

How Congress mysteriously became a “small business” to qualify for Obamacare subsidies

FBI Director: Hillary is lying about email investigation

Sanders: Nominating Clinton would be a disaster for the party, nation

Clinton laughs when introduction removes “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance

Another $37M to combat housing discrimination

Are #NeverTrump Christians fighting God?

The moral and ethical hazards of the presumptive GOP nominee

Trump is not the cancer

Cooke: Keep your powder dry, holdouts

Steyn: In my Islamophobia the root cause of global warming?

The promise and perils of Christian politics

Graham hits S.I. over Jenner nude photos

Surprise! Pervs target Target

Perv targets 16-year-old at Target

Parents: If school won’t protect our girls, we will

Trump’s plans to raise taxes to include more than just “the rich”

Experts revise Trump’s tax plan to include massive tax hikes

Christians can still help public schools despite growing secularism

Norwegian government seizes children citing parents’ Christian “indoctrination”

The propaganda war against capitalism

Islamic State staging counterattack on Syrian city of Palmyra

4 ways to oppose Trump that doesn’t include voting for Hillary

7 things you need to know about Elizabeth Warren

The possible reason that Cruz is holding his delegates

How Swedish socialism failed

Hillary Unraveling


Mississippi Governor signs bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Israel celebrates 68 years of independence

WaPo publishes Trump’s Howard Stern debacles on page one

Did you hear the one about Obamacare?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg defends North Carolina law

Democrats sounding alarms for Hillary

How Common Core fulfills Hillary’s education dreams

Hillary has a Bernie problem that won’t go away

Blumenthal can’t explain why Hillary used a private email server

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