FBI warns about all cyber attackers, but they really mean China

Chinese Hackers

This week, the FBI issued a warning about commercial and government networks being the targets of sophisticated hacking attempts from “Advanced Persistent Treat Cyber Actors.” Between the lines and beyond the political correctness, they’re specifically warning the country about China.

Despite assurances from Xi Jinping, there are indications that China is still actively engaged in hacking American networks. The fingerprints that were found on confirmed Chinese hacks that took millions of U.S. government employee data as well as specs for various military projects are all over recent attack attempts. In other words, the Chinese government is still trying to get our information and gain the ability to take down our infrastructure.

Chances are nil than anyone in the U.S. government will call out China for their provocations. That wouldn’t be polite. Instead, they’re focused on making sure that transgenders have access to whatever bathroom they want.

Chastity Mansfield

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