As Trump shifts left, even mainstream media is reporting it

Trump Flip Flops

The highly-anticipated liberal shift of Donald Trump’s policies has been feared by many conservatives since it started becoming clear that he could win the nomination. Not all conservatives are concerned; there are plenty who have so much invested in him with their own credibility that they’re choosing to look the other way.

What wasn’t anticipated is that left-leaning mainstream media is reporting it. This time, it’s CNN. We should note that CNN has been more fair and balanced than the competitor who bears that tagline, so it’s not surprising that they would be the first to call out Trump’s leftward shift.

Here’s a two minute video with the highlights. That’s all they are – highlights. At this point, one could put together a short documentary detailing Trump’s flip-flops. By the time the general election is here, we expect that short documentary to be the size of Tolkien trilogy.

Scarlett Madison

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