Hillary’s perfect storm, Trump’s tax returns, and Ryan’s unity: yesterday’s links

Hillary Clinton Troubles

Hillary Clinton had a very bad week. Donald Trump’s week wasn’t that bad – he didn’t get pushed about his tax returns and he got a non-semi-faux-potential endorsement from the Speaker of the House.

President Obama and the wrong side of history

Hansen: “I’m a traitor for opposing Trump?”

How should conservatives respond to the age of Trump?

Illegal alien sanctuary policy splits liberal San Francisco

Thanks to Trump, “America” is now a Belgian-Brazilian owned company

10 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

15 reasons Trump is liberal… and a lunatic conspiracy theorist

Trump Tax Returns

What’s he hiding?

Trump won’t release tax returns

…first candidate since 1976

…ticking time bomb

…spilled the beans

…”alleged” billionaire

Romney: “Bombshell of unusual size”

Trump’s tax catch-22

369 suspected terrorists among German migrants

The left has no solution regarding “income inequality”

Gun control group moves to block Missouri’s Constitutional carry

Hillary wants to let people “buy in” to Medicare

FBI slaps lame excuse

Defense-on-the-cheap leaves U.S. military smaller, less combat-ready

U.S. millennials craving socialism should look at Venezuela, not Scandinavia

Clinton Perfect Storm

Perfect storm circles Hillary

Deleter of the free world

Israel v. Iran: A tale of two cities

Trump’s Constitution of one

She wasn’t always “crooked Hillary”

Cruz files for Senate re-election

“Christians are children of the Holy Land; now is the time to integrate”

Libertarians: Just say no… to both

Forget white privilege: liberals have a new shaming doctrine

The necessary and valuable economic role of tax havens

Trump flip-flops on his flip-flop on minimum wage

…flip-flops galore

…even flip-flopped about Hillary

…but can’t find the common sense to flip-flop on McCain and POWs

Ryan and Trump unite to unify potential for unified unification

Krauthammer: Détente Is a “sham marriage”

Goldstein: Thoughts on their joint statement

Ryan/Trump thaw will fail

What does “We the People” really mean?

Graham: Hostility towards Christians in the U.S. will grow unless we stand up

Richard Weaver: The conservatism of piety

Obama spokesman makes bizarre Area 51 announcement

Donald Trump Muslim Ban

Ban? “Just a suggestion”

…nasty habit of forgetting his original positions

…what else was just a suggestion?

…Ham v. Pierson

Position reversals: long list in short time

Federal judge strikes down Obamacare payments

Abortion rates fall to all-time low in North America and Europe

One year after Iran deal, they’re still the leading financier of terrorism worldwide

Cruz still working ground game

Ryan still not ready to endorse Trump

…long journey towards endorsement

…ending theater, preparing surrender

…subtle shot?

…right not to support

Why Trump needs Ryan

Yazidi girl exposes ISIS rape hellhole

Strikes raise concern in U.S. fight against Islamic State

The new Eurasian drone wars

Movement to draft Ben Sasse for 3rd party ticket underway

Target CEO doubles down on transgender bathroom policy. Not a good idea.

The government’s war on affordable housing

Zuckerberg responds to conservative throttling controversy

Committee behavior and the federal reserve

Hillary and aliens

A brief history of firearms: early guns in America

‘Progressive economics strikes again!’ Wendy’s proves that the real minimum wage is actually $0.00

…massive program to install automated terminals in 6,000 restaurants

Oblivious to history of socialism

No bias? Facebook exec making claim is a big Hillary donor

Yes, Iran is still hostile to the U.S.

To assure justice, no more DOJ strong-arm tactics

Trump’s agenda a mystery as interviews contradict position papers

Spokeswoman says he won’t alter tax plan as confusion reigns

5 reasons why “vote Trump to stop Clinton” is bogus

Trump’s “America first” policy would fail

Brad Thor’s #NeverTrump stand

UCLA students targeted with death threats, harassment for saying there are two genders

Netanyahu jokes with would-be hashtag hijackers during #AskNetanyahu live Q&A

This is America’s lethal AC-130 gunship on steroids

Cruz: Those who bolstered Trump will bear responsibility

Full circle legacy: Former DHS director J-Nap doling out millions of taxpayer dollars to ‘undocumented students’ at UC

America’s Fukushima: Is this the 4th recent nuclear disaster to strike the U.S.?

What Christians need to know about living in the end times

Twitter suspends rapper’s account for Muslim insult, not for wishing gang rape on Sarah Palin

Hillary and Donald? We don’t have to vote for Dem and Dem-er

Delegates: you will be made to unite

7 things Trump may be hiding in his tax returns

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