3 possible insane reasons that Trump’s “John Miller” interview was leaked

Donald Trump is Crazy

Over two-decades ago, Donald Trump pretended to be “John Miller” in at least one phone interview with a journalist. Friday, the audio of the conversation was leaked to the press. The reporter who did the interview claims that she didn’t leak it and the only other person with a copy is Donald Trump.

In other words, she claims that Trump most likely leaked it himself.

Megyn Kelly brought Sue Carswell onto her show. Carswell was the reporter for People Magazine who interviewed “John Miller” in 1991 and is currently reporting for Vanity Fair. At the end of the interview where Carswell drops the bombshell that it was probably Trump who leaked it, Kelly grabbed her head. Yes, all of this blows minds.

There are three possibilities. Here they are in order of most likely to least:

  • Trump Leaked It to Stay in the News: No matter how silly and disorganized Trump can seem, he’s a master manipulator to a degree never seen in modern Presidential politics. With the focus on his taxes as well as his unwillingness to take a solid stand on the transgender bathroom decree unleashed by the Obama administration, this is a perfect distraction that, in the whole scheme of things, will do absolutely nothing to hurt him with his supporters. Get people talking before the weekend. By Monday, his taxes will be a distant memory and he’ll have a solid stance prepared telling the federal government to stay out of bathrooms.
  • Trump Wants Out: It has been long-speculated that he never really intended to get this far. It’s also well-documented that he’s not willing to be seen as a loser, so anything that can eliminate him without technically hurting his standing as a winner would be ideal.
  • Carswell or Someone Else Leaked It: Okay, this one isn’t insane. It’s just weird. I’m not calling Carswell a liar. She seems like a nice lady. She did admit to losing the recording back in 1991. Still, journalists are normally not shy about scoops and considering he admitted to it being faked (something he’s not doing today), she would have no reason to bring up old news.

All of this is extremely weird. Regardless of what really happened, one thing is certain: this is a strange little man who does not deserve to be the GOP nominee nor does he belong in the White House.

Check out the interview at TheRightScoop.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. He shouldn’t even be allowed to cast his shadow on the Whitehouse door!! He has some serious mental issues!! And, not just run of the mill psychosis. Serious, under doctors care crap. I can’t believe the American people are so stupid, AGAIN!! God help us. Only He can now. ??

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