Next level treehugging, Cruz hits Iran, and Obathrooms: yesterday’s links

Crazy Tree Hugger

The news cycle preceding the weekend was one that you’d normally expect at the beginning of the week. President Obama decided that bathrooms don’t need borders. A crazy environmentalist married a tree. Ted Cruz hits Iran about their missiles. Oh, and so much more.

Israel as a security asset… for everyone

Baptist minister holds kidnapper at gunpoint, saves 9-yr-old girl

Anti-Americanism is the foreign policy of fools

Intolerance of tolerance at George Mason University

Interpreting the latest Hillary tea leaves

Environmentalist marries 1000-year old Mexican tree

What we should learn after religious liberty fight in Missouri

Hillary’s server deliberately unsecured

…used phone with known security issues

…will it stick to “Teflon Hillary?”

Blumenthal: Benghazi probe “belongs in the past”

Comey to Clinton: “There are no special rules for anyone under FBI investigation”

Does Facebook block conservatives? Yup, and these leaked documents confirm it.

Why Facebook is a vehicle for progressive propaganda

America’s Rifle: To build or buy?

Gun control bills fail in Vermont

The worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen

The #NeverTrump cheat sheet

Yes, you can reject both Trump AND Clinton

Trump: An elephant man for the beauty pageant

Petition to block Trump at convention

If gender is based upon internal awareness, then rules must pertain to sex rather than gender

Trump, principles, and conscience

Senate Republicans want to send your daughters to war

A California bill Trump the developer would love

In India, Hindu’s torture Christian convert

Conservative groups join growing push to recapitalize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

The Mullahs and their missiles

Obamacare is failing, seniors are dying, and it’s LOL funny?

Obama food-stamp free-for-all: Feds bust largest fraud operation in U.S. history

Justice Department’s “Hillary for President” club

This is the “charity” the Clinton Foundation gave millions to

Clinton Tweet accidentally looks pro-Trump

…Tweet from pro-Hillary group fails even worse

Media ignores Jon Stewart saying Hillary is inauthentic

Clinton Cash film aims to cause likely Democratic nominee maximum damage

Eric Rasch, Navy officer, fired over Iran capture

Chinese Hacking US

FBI warns nation-state cyberattacks are continuing

America and the ethnic cleansing of Mexico

New Cruz interview gives inspiration to the conservative movement

Will Trump endanger the Senate?

Trump is the anti-Reagan

Idiotic tariffs would bankrupt poor people

Trump goes after Bezos

Obama Bathroom Transgender



Erickson: Up is down, down is up

Gov. Abbott: Texas is fighting this

Howe: Bald abuse of power

Burke: Trump shares same confusion

Trump: “I just don’t have an opinion”

Shapiro: Redefining reality by targeting children

Heritage: Undermining Democratic process

Jonescu: Part of progressivism’s final assault on modesty and personal privacy

Dianny: Toilet tyranny

Rush: Obama’s transgender obsession

Patrick: We will not be blackmailed

Cruz slams Obama

Graham: Who does President Barack Obama think he is?

Reactions so far

Boehner thinks Hillary could withdraw, Biden could parachute in

5 questions about Trump’s butler

Minority students resist urge to segregate, instead compete and win at the ballot box

Wolf: Capitalism is in deep trouble

Is London’s mayor really a moderate Muslim?

Russia calls new U.S. missile shield in Romania a “direct threat”

Clintons received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states

Yes, the Russians probably have Hillary’s emails

New emails show Hillary knew security risks

EPA Chief admits the government’s real reasons behind the overreaching clean power plan

The national ID social season is underway

Loesch: The “myth” of the armed citizen

U.S. set to arm Christian anti-extremist militias in Iraq

How come Benghazi investigators have never spoken to THESE people?

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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