IRS impeachment, Smashing Pumpkins, and Bill’s special friends: yesterday’s links

Billy Corgan

IRS Commissioner Koskinen is finally in line for his impeachment proceedings. We learn how a Smashing Pumpkin became a conservative. Bill Clinton took a lot of plane rides with a pedophile broker.

Media distort the findings of a new Lancet study on global abortion rates

“Self-funded” Trump preparing to seek big-donor dollars

Pundits crying foul

FLASHBACK: “Just not true”

Trump and the art of the tax loophole

Trump’s tariff would cost each American household $6,000 per year

Trump on his tax rate: “It’s none of your business”

Pelosi complains: Investigating Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts is “unAmerican”

Seattle University students struggle to explain male v. female

Student fined $10,000 for killing a duck but killing an unborn baby is perfectly legal

John Koskinen

Congress moves forward with impeachment of IRS Commissioner

…Claiming a scalp

…Trump complicates things

Megyn Kelly, panel slams CNN, MSNBC for obsessive Trump coverage

In a first, pro-Islamic State Twitter activist to face cyber terrorism charges

The Ferguson effect strikes Chicago PD

Can the U.S. do more to aid Boko Haram’s victims?

Louisiana Republicans move to punish sanctuary cities

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hits Trump

Social Conservative Maggie Gallagher: “Joining Team Trump would just be too degrading”

When the presumptive nominee turns out to be a sock puppet

Is Trump a billionaire?

Trump senior adviser admits: Trump’s words don’t matter

“Nonviolent” drug offender rapes woman hours after early release from jail

The Obama Presidency, as told by an aspiring fiction writer

Transgender “woman” caught taking pictures of little girls at Target

Turkey’s Islamist President threatens to unleash another wave of Muslim “refugee” on Europe

Baltimore Mayor bans travel to North Carolina over transgender laws

Obama Bathroom Transgender


Vote Against

The Clinton Foundation gave $2M to one of Bill’s “special friends”

Bill Clinton reportedly took “at least 26 trips” on the “Lolita Express,” some without his Secret Service detail

…pedophile’s plane

The Clinton Foundation’s Iran connection


Hillary took $130 million from human rights abusers

“Diversity at the fed” and the arena for allowable discourse

How social justice warriors are ruining comic books for everyone

Cruz to Trump supporters: You broke it, you bought it

Sex abuse victims speak out against gender neutral bathrooms

…transgender women speaks out against them, too

…the real problem with “tranny-tyranny”

How the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan became an SJW-hating conservative crusader

Politicians keep promises; GOP pooh-bahs freak out

Senator Sasse and #NeverTrump targeted in Nebraska

…knives come out for Sasse

The FDA’s push to define “natural” food is an exercise in futility

Chicago replacing agency that reviews police misconduct

How to cure millennials’ love of socialism

Socialism is dying everywhere… except the U.S.

Are Muslims converting to Christianity faster than Christians are converting to Islam?

In other news, we now have boots on the ground in Libya and Somalia

Cruz: Boost Israeli aid against Iranian menace

Third graders forced to read transgender book about “Boy in Dress”

Target value down $4.5 billion

NBC buried Trump scams while boosting image

PolitiFact: What we know about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails

Trump's Sausage Factory

Donald Trump Pixelated

Trump’s spokesman

“John Miller”

“John Barron”

Trump denies today, but…

…fessed up in 1991

…that was totally not me praising myself you guys

…hangs up on reporter when questioned about “John Miller”

3 possible insane reasons that Trump’s “John Miller” interview was leaked

Truth bomb by Denmark teacher destroys liberals’ calls for “free stuff”

Germany in denial: If we teach migrant males how to have fun sex, they won’t rape!

The secret history of the Democratic party

Is Hillary low on enthusiasm?

Gundlach: Hillary becoming “an unacceptable choice”

Former top DOJ official: Hillary likely committed “Biggest violation of Federal Records Act in history”

Hillary’s emails: Is the fix in?

Bill’s foundation violated its own articles of incorporation

Gowdy: It’s unfortunate military isn’t talking about Benghazi for fear of retaliation

Schiff: How much more bad news can the economic markets take?

Boko Haram to increase cooperation if Islamic State boosts Libya presence

Let new Europe be new Europe

Justice Clarence Thomas warns against ‘grievance’ culture, honors Scalia in grad speech

Trump Putin Mural

MSM’s “Hit Trump Weekend”

CNN hits resurfacing past

The Guardian hits his supporters

NY Times hits his treatment of women

WSJ hits his taxes

TIME hits a mural of Trump kissing Putin. Seriously.

Inside the Air Force’s shadowy B-21 stealth bomber

These 12 states are fighting Obama’s bathroom bullying

Cruz calls transgender rules for schools “politically correct lunacy”

Family Research Center president: Impeach Obama for transgender edict

3 reasons you should be worried about transgenders in your bathroom

Obama leading the charge to destroy Christian America

Tapper fact checks Hillary. Brutal.

Lahren hits Hillary on Bill’s war on women

Holder hosts “Lawyers for Hillary” in midst of FBI investigation

Milwaukee public schools to spend nearly $500K pushing Black Lives Matter

America takes the “Barack Walk” on the wild side

Court urged to let grandmother homeschool kids

Homeschool for freedom

The real reason the Islamic State successfully recruits fighters

Is the U.S. military fighting with one hand tied behind its back?

Texans licensed to carry breaks 1 million

Hezbollah says commander’s death won’t deter support for Syrian government

Jeff Sessions: Donald’s really conservative, y’all!

Timeline of Trump’s flip-flopping on minimum wage

Ross: I have no interest in party unity

Cruz shuns mention of Trump at Texas state convention

…resumes conservative fight

He’s got this! Obama’s “priorities” perfectly summed up in 2 tweets

Seattle billionaire calls for $28 minimum wage… admits paying his employees $9

Federal programs keep people poor

Wyoming man scores major legal victory against EPA

Is Trump the GOP’s Obama moment?

Obama denounces the concept of achievement at Howard University

Man exploits “tolerance,” chokes 8-yr-old girl in public bathroom

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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