Hillary’s UFOs, Reince fighting fires, and Jason Riley: yesterday’s links

Jason Riley
Hillary is pandering to the UFO conspiracy theory community. Reince Priebus is doing everything he can to diffuse the controversies that seem to surround Donald Trump. Jason Riley and other minorities are a problem for liberals.

Hillary’s UFO investigation plans unlikely to achieve liftoff

CNN: Email investigation worries Clinton most because it’s beyond their control

Past scandals hounding Hillary

Lack of self-awareness much, Hillary?

Trump’s taxes

HB2: Props, bluffs, and wrongful comparisons

Liberal Salon: Clinton is too much like a Republican

Conservative OC Register: Trump is too much like a Democrat

Do unions cause inequality?

Obama wants us to believe this lie about the federal transsexual law

Trouble with the law leads to veterans’ exile

Conservatives don’t need safe spaces

Obama’s animus toward Israel may lead to war

Using the Clinton counterargument to defend Trump brings you down to their level

Millennials fond of socialism, don’t know what it is

…in related news, Venezuela seizing factories, arresting owners

…socialist paradise not doing so well

Cruz: I fear the next four years will be challenging

Want to be disgusted? Read Hillary’s Twitter feed

Sheriff Joe held in contempt

Obama regime threatens religious freedom of physicians

…doctors and hospitals that take federal money must do abortions and sex changes

What’s REALLY behind America’s transgender mania?

Hillary reveals Bill’s role in her administration

…Yep, “revitalizing the economy”

Clinton Foundation records “riddled with holes”

Woman confronts Hillary: “It’s about rape, stupid”

Trump puts conservative Georgia in play for Hillary


Another poll

High discontent among voters of both camp

Jason Riley and the left’s conservative minority problem

Hillary-friendly media ignores contentious Nevada Democratic convention

Sanders supporter says voting for Hillary is like shooting yourself

Old Hillary Gump spoof: cringe-worthy

Huma humiliation: “Weiner” documentary’s Friday release

Missouri poised to expand 2nd Amendment rights

Oklahoma AG: Obama’s transgender actions are unlawful

Obama jumps the shark on bathroom insanity

Is Carson the best or the worst surrogate ever? Yes.

…”If you have perspective,” you’ll vote Trump

…confirms Trump’s VP shortlist

BBC says it is too Christian and must diversify

…need to add Islam to diversify

Trump Miller Barron

Adults? Stop pushing transgenderism onto children

Firefighter Reince

Reince fighting Trump fires

Reince: Republicans aren’t judging Trump’s personal life

…Christians can’t judge Trump (but Hillary’s fair game)

“People just don’t care” about reports Trump mistreated women

…it’s Hillary’s fault Trump has women problems

Defends Trump’s secret tax returns

Defends “John Miller”

Susan Rice doubles down, says military/intelligence leadership too white, male, heterosexual

Iraq’s ancient Christian population could be gone within five years in the face of the Islamic State

Congress must take a stand on war against Islamic State

Bill Clinton’s Palestinian State

“The world must stand up and fully condemn”: Netanyahu rips Iran for Holocaust cartoon contest

Contrary to criticism, #NeverTrump represents a wide range of conservatives

House conservative, Gingrich spar over Trump’s behavior, conservative cred

Jeff Sessions says six terrifying words: “Trump is leading the Republican party”

Nate Silver, the gold standard in election predictions, gives Trump 75% chance of losing in November

Priebus blows off “John Miller” story while spinning Trump’s problems with women

The deadly crossing on the U.S.-Mexico border

Facebook’s trending news scandal gets a status update

Who killed Hezbollah’s Mustafa Badreddine?

The NY Times gets lost in Jerusalem

Crying out for the persecuted in China

Obama’s hit on Trump, GOP is laughable

Brokaw: Allowing Americans to own guns will lead to homegrown terrorism


Hidden microphones discovered around Bay Area linked to FBI surveillance of population

Gates: Nobody left in Obama administration to speak the truth

Ben Sasse Mitt Romney John Kasich

Romney: Sasse-Kasich 2016

Top 3 reasons why we need a conservative third-party candidate

The Olympics have a Rio Zika problem

Bernie buffs boo Barbara Boxer

Clarence Thomas blasts modern culture

New York caught covering up thug violence in schools

In Dallas, scenes from a GOP funeral

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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