Who we’d recommend as the two VP picks (not that anyone asked us)

Vice Presidents

There is a lot that goes into picking a Vice President. It’s much more complicated than most realize. We all know that they have their backgrounds checked thoroughly to find old skeletons ready to pounce. Then, their families and acquaintances are vetted.

We also know that everyone from scientists to PR firms to astrologists are hired to research and consult. Surveys are taken. They’re not the basic questions like “who do you like” but are much more complex such as “what emotion do you feel when you watch this 30 second clip of this person speaking.”

Lastly, the powers that be – political and business leaders friendly with or within the party – are consulted. One can argue that Carly Fiorina, who I really liked as a pick, was not properly vetted for effect. In other words, her early announcement as Ted Cruz’s running mate was rushed and pretty much forced because they felt they needed an impact before the Indiana primary. They were right, but she wasn’t able to move the needle enough.

There are two people, one in each party, who are likely ideal. No, we haven’t vetted them or jumped through the various hoops. In fact, we simply sat on a conference call and hashed out some ideas. Two stood out. They happen to be two names that aren’t being talked about very much as contestants in the VP sweepstakes.

We know we’re setting ourselves up for a brutal rebuke on social media and possible scorn from readers, but considering that we don’t have a horse in the race (we don’t support either liberal candidate in the two major parties), this was a fun exercise of “what if.”

Hillary Clinton should pick…

Vice President Joe Biden. The first question that people would ask is whether or not he’d want another 4-8 years in the office. The answer is probably no, but it’s worth a shot.

Clinton’s biggest weakness publicly (assuming you discount the scandals, corruption, and ineffectiveness that doesn’t seem to make much of a dent in polls) is that she’s just not likable. Biden is. He might be goofy sometimes and is famous for more gaffes than Dan Quayle, but Democrats and Independents like him. He would also add the bridge that many Democrats have wanted between the Obama administration and the next one.

We contend that he would almost certainly not want to be VP for eight years, but he would be a good choice for Hillary as a single-term VP while another rising star works his or her way up the food chain.

The obvious flaw to this pick is that you have an older woman bringing in an even older man on the same ticket. They’ll need to overcome that. Her lack of likability is more of a liability than her age.

Donald Trump should pick…

Allen B. West. The former Congressman and retired Lt. Colonel fills two holes that Trump needs: insider knowledge and military experience. What he doesn’t bring to the table is the fear of being an Establishment career politician.

West brings baggage (including losing his last election) but if there’s one thing that Trump doesn’t have a problem with, it’s baggage.

What Trump absolutely, positively should not do if he wants to win is to pick a female such as Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, a female on a Trump ticket would be viewed by many as pandering and would only serve to highlight his challenge with women voters. The race card, which would also be tossed up as pandering towards minorities, would be much easier to overcome with a strong Republican like West. It doesn’t hurt that West is 15-years-younger than Trump, either.

If Trump is going to beat the odds (Nate Silver gives him a 1 in 4 chance at this point) of winning, he’ll need the overall ticket to exude strength. The only thing that would be a detriment is that West is very much stronger in just about every way possible than Trump.

It’s all fun and games until someone picks a Veep. In the meantime, it makes for fun speculation during a slow news cycle.

Jesseb Shiloh

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