Hillary’s Medicare, the ‘renegade Jew,” and hypersonic weapons: yesterday’s links

Hillary Clinton Medicare

Hillary’s Medicare plan is worse than you think. Conservative pundit attacks conservative pundit. China’s going fast with their military.

How to stop losing the minimum wage issue to the Democrats

The fatal flaw in Hillary’s Medicare plan

Is Bill a sexual predator or just a sex addict?

Donald Trump Backpeddling

Supporters watch for backsliding

GOP chumps for Trump

Victim card: Media “on a witch hunt” against him

Supreme Court punts in Little Sisters case

Heritage: “Huge victory” for Little Sisters of the Poor and religious liberties

Why Hillary can’t ban AR-15 rifles

The Ferguson Effect on the murder rate in cities

Inside the pro-Iran echo chamber

Piers Morgan’s Donald Trump interview puts Good Morning Britain viewers off their breakfast after ”vile” comments

Some thoughts on Facebook and conservatives

Mr. Trump, release your tax returns

Can “conservative” Ryan accept “liberal” Trump?

Ryan should not support Trump

University launches summer school class dedicated entirely to studying Donald Trump

Republicans to unveil alternative legislation to repeal and replace Dodd-Frank Act

Petraeus goes nuts, warns Americans about “Islamophobia”

F-35 stealth fighter’s dirty little secret is now out in the open

Christian residents of Pakistani village face persecution by Muslims after Christian committed blasphemy

Horror: Socialism brings lack of medical supplies and dying babies to Venezuelan hospitals

Venezuela’s Maduro blames everyone but himself and socialism

New Obama admin attack on payday lenders raises concerns gun industry could be next

Team Trump is purging dissidents from the GOP

The Cyber Threat: Government debates cyber counterattacks as Chinese attacks continue unabated

Never underestimate the Democrats’ ability to blow a Presidential race

Did Trump just call Carson a liar?

Why Jonathan Merritt is wrong about conservative Christians and the transgender debate

The criminalization of dissent

US could offer financial support to Christian militias fighting ISIS

Why hasn’t Pelosi endorsed Hillary?

Hillary: A vote for me is a vote for Bill!

The FBI may be looking at a violation of the Constitution in their Hillary investigation

Breitbart, “renegade Jews,” and the antisemitic wing of the Trump movement

Dear David Horowitz: There’s not such thing as a “renegade Jew”

Obama’s is the regulation administration

Hillary at war with affordable and reliable energy

America is becoming less violent as we become better armed

Nancy Pelosi ‘proud’ Obama regime forcing schoolgirls to shower, share bathrooms with boys

Why Democrats increasingly think Donald Trump can deliver them a Senate landslide

Trump crows triumphantly that he has turned Georgia into a swing state

…Hillary within margin of error

“Trump can have the party but my vote belongs to me”

David Cameron Donald Trump

Trump v. Cameron

Trump warns of bad relationship with UK PM

“I’m not stupid, okay”

Fake cake hate

Cake hate crime hoaxer admits Whole Foods did nothing wrong

Carson: “I don’t condone lying”

Detroit public schools politicized “art” lesson

Will United Methodists lead the way in rejecting anti-Israel divestment?

Dear Democrats: America ain’t Denmark

Trump media: No more reliable than the liberal MSM

Iran: U.S. encourages Islamic republic to keep illicit missile test secret

Navy Held By Iran

Classified details “shocking”

Obama administration withholding details

Obama’s latest LGBT idea: Obamacare funding sex-change surgeries

You can’t keep your plan but you can pay for people’s sex change operation

Will you boycott Target?

Both Trump and Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave island

Hillary supporters realize they have a big problem with their candidate, beg for a solution

The Cuomo way

4 Pro-Life bills still waiting for a vote

GOP Establishment panicked over third-party candidate

These numbers say a third party can win the Presidency

To build a new party

The war on cash is only half the story

Welcome to 1984

Facebook censored videos exposing Planned Parenthood sales of body parts in trending topics

Ex-Trump employee: “He thinks he’s going to be king”

China’s development of hypersonic weapons: Technology-push or market-pull?

Socialists don’t even know what socialism is

Prosecutors claim Democratic Congressman steered federal, charitable funds to illegal loan

Trump supporter: Christians should forgive Trump for past transgressions… but not Clinton

Gingrich: Globalist “conservative” as Trump VP?

Remember that time Trump called Sheldon Adelson a puppetmaster? Now he’s getting ready to take his cash.

…”buys” Trump

Capitalism and human values

Wall Street analyst: Clinton charities’ finances convoluted, dodgy


The Clinton Foundation

Crowder: Couric claims “silent majority” support gun control. Here’s why she’s an idiot.

Hillary is awful… but Trump is still wrong on trade

‘John Miller-Barron says what?’ Donald Trump gets mocked mercilessly for this old tweet

Katrina Pierson compares Trump’s Muslim ban to Obama’s false “keep your doctor” promise

Congress should rescind unused qualified energy conservation bond funds

Sasse: “Core Republican voters are dying.”

Daryl Hall to SJW nutjobs: You’re “out of touch” on cultural appropriation

…destroys leftists

The case for conservative criminal justice reform

On energy, authoritarianism, and Democracy in Trump’s world

The Republican party now belongs to Donald Trump

Republicans face a choice: Lose with Trump, lose without him

Education Department recommends that colleges no longer ask applicants about criminal records

Congress must act now to start rebuilding the military

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