Rhodes block, Nolte quit Breitbart, more Clinton Cash yesterday’s links

Ben Rhodes

President Obama is shielding Ben Rhodes from inquiry. An editor John Nolte quit Breitbart two months ago. “Clinton Cash” debuts at Cannes to Hillary’s dismay.

Hillary could have saved Benghazi lives

Hillary Clinton promised to release Area 51 documents, but UFO enthusiasts are still skeptical

Hillary keeps losing. So how come she’s winning?

50 more Christians, including women and children, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in the Congo

Ninth Circuit Court rules in favor of 2nd Amendment

10 most dangerous lies about criminal justice “reform”

No, Trump isn’t Reagan on free trade

Trump hires pollster after previously attacking them

Schlafly shrugs off Trump and abortion issue

Liberals make ‘torturous’ old arguments about voter ID in court

Iraq targets IS in province near Jordan, Syria

GOP puts a lid on bathroom crisis

Breitbart’s loss: Nolte quit 2 months ago

Krauthammer: Hillary wants to invoke “memory of the 1990s”

Fact-checking Hillary’s email spin

Hillary Clinton solves birth control issue that stumped SCOTUS; “This shouldn’t be a question”

Target stock PLUMMETS further over trans bathroom policy – how low has it gone?

Survey: Americans rate small businesses as good, socialism not so much

Clinton Cash at Cannes

Hillary doubles down on Goldman Sachs

Cooke: Bill is Hillary’s talisman

Cartoonist uses crucified children to smear NRA and the 2nd Amendment

Fear and living in Syria: Ancient Christian community rebuilds

Not so fast, Kamala Harris

Why we’re falling behind in world trade

Former IDF general: We are not the Palestinian defense force

7 most awkward examples of Reince defending Trump

Some of the GOP’s most vulnerable candidates are doing verbal gymnastics to avoid Donald Trump

Alan Keyes responds to Bobby Jindal’s “better of two evils” endorsement of Trump

The transgender logic of gender fluidity can justify absurdities

“Gender identity” is meaningless to the law

Ronald Reagan’s ten words that changed the world

Barack Obama Ben Rhodes

Obama’s Rhodes block

White House won’t let Rhodes testify about the selling of Iran deal

…invokes executive privilege

…Chaffetz hits back

…Gowdy, too

…and Cotton

…Democrats deflecting to Iraq

Getting to know Rhodes in five fast facts

Christians may lose their legal defense

Potential jail time for refusing to participate in gay marriages

Will Cruz endorse Trump?

Defense budget should focus on fixing the readiness crisis, not social engineering

Energy giant under microscope on “climate change”

Blame pastors for evangelicals’ Trump support

Flopping Aces: Calling BS on bootlickers Hannity, Prager et. al because I don’t slobber at the altar of Donald Trump

Trump embraces the establishment he once scorned

How White House spin undercuts US national security

What could go wrong? Obama to arm 6-week-old Libyan government to fight ISIS

Al-Qaeda “inspired” by Clock Boy

Obamacare: Big Brother loses to Little Sisters, but it’s not over yet

3 states down to one Obamacare insurer

Perino: Why am I a conservative

The funniest headline you’ll see all day…

…American Spectator agrees

…Twitchy, too

Trump changes tune, denies lusting over Princess Diana

How Trump hypnotized America

Donald Trump is not expanding the GOP

Was Obama’s nuke deal manipulated?

The pajama boy White House

Obamacare’s spending problem

Target refused to remove ‘creepy’ man from women’s restroom — Video

Obama soldiers responsibility for radical military

Mark Cuban won’t run for President, but maybe veep

U.S. warplanes intervene in Syrian war

Israel: Hamas training ISIS terrorists in Gaza

Punting on substantial religious burden, the Supreme Court provides no guidance for future RFRA challenges to anti-discrimination laws

Hillary is intensely unlikable

Shapiro: Hillary’s new plan for the Federal Reserve is fully insane

Superdelegates could clinch nomination for Hillary. Why don’t they?

Conservative group seeks to interview Hillary on emails

Conceived through rape, woman is glad she wasn’t aborted. Now she helps moms in crisis.

Why the impeachment of IRS Commissioner is a sign that Congress might actually work

Megyn Kelly spills on which colleagues didn’t support her

Trans insanity a powerful weapon

Clinton Voodoo Economics

Voodoo, economics

Surprise! GOP backs Selective Service for your daughters

ISIS, Syrian conflict “not containable” in Middle East

France’s Hollande cancels peace conference on Israeli-Palestinian issue

France probes video showing children in Islamic State execution video

The assault on science

Erickson: Republicans for Hitler

The dangerous insecurity of Trump

How the GOP leadership is making the same mistake that gave us defeat in Vietnam

Bernie’s wide, crushing debt, and the end of Burlington College

Conservatism vs party loyalty

Why a civil case over emails could hurt Hillary more than the FBI

The cost of academic discrimination against conservatives

Senate passes bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

Terrified Father

U.S. judge sends shockwaves through DC with gun ruling: concealed-carry laws unconstitutional

The French initiative is pushing agenda down Israel’s throat

Why Democrats have an advantage every election cycle

Get ready, Russia and China: American missile defense is going “Star Wars”

Is THIS Katrina Pierson’s best evidence for Trump’s support among women voters?

Radio host attacked for not jumping on the Trump train. Here’s his response.

Did Trump forget he was being audited?

Why is he hiding his taxes?

Facebook’s big meeting with conservatives is a textbook con job

Sowell: Grim choices

3 years ago, Salon extolled economic miracle in socialist Venezuela

Venezuela the victim of decades of losses in economic freedom

Charity with $600k-a-year President gets millions from U.S. to train “vulnerable Afghans”

Obama: We don’t need no stinking laws

High Court upholds Texas school funding – then rips it

Rewarding Russia would be a galactic mistake

Israel to de-mine Christian holy site

The climate-change gang

Newt as VP would bring a big “China problem” to team Trump

Hannity approves of VP Newt

Is Newt VP material?

Newt’s sad audition

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