Hacked candidates, SCOTUS list, and California guns: yesterday’s links

Gun Control and Terrorism

All of the candidates’ campaigns have been attacked in hack attempts. Trump’s SCOTUS list is great on the surface but whether or not he’ll stand behind it is still in doubt. California wants to make it even harder to get guns.

“Conservative” lawyer Ted Olson joins fight against North Carolina bathroom law

Michelle Obama: Kids turn to guns, crime because they’re bored

Breitbart to Shapiro: “No one hates Jewish people”

Islamic State is successfully radicalizing Americans. How do we stop them?

5-year old girl suspended for bringing bubble gun to class

City after city seeing higher crime rates

Clinton Cash

Blows the lid off Hillary’s scams as Secretary of State

The Saudi solution

U.S. House to vote on Islamic State war authorization

5 reasons Obama’s magic Iran deal is falling apart


Foreign hackers hit candidates

…Clapper: “As the campaigns intensify, we’ll probably have more”

…Lampe: “Everybody was sitting with their pants down”

Why can’t Hillary close?

Why America is turning on “phony” Hillary

The media have unintentionally destroyed Hillary

With Venezuela collapsing, U.S. officials fear violence, military coup

Venezuela is ‘democratic socialism’ in action

How authoritarian socialism caused Venezuela’s collapse

Here’s how socialism creates a capitalistic black market

Is Jerusalem in Israel?

Donald Trump Supreme Court

Trump’s SCOTUS picks: Should we believe him?

…Erickson: Subject to change. Offer may vary.

…Wolf: Trump’s SCOTUS list is meaningless because he’s a pathological liar

…Ricochet: “I am thrilled by this list. But that said, I cannot trust Trump to keep his word.”

Legacy assist: Bergdahl trial delayed until after Obama’s out of office

Civilian rescues Chibok girl from Boko Haram

Why voting for the lesser of two evils is a waste of your vote

Trump and the road to progressivism

Trump’s antisemitic supporters

Silver: How I acted like a pundit and screwed up on Donald Trump

Donald Trump, draft dodger: Why it matters

Liberalism’s descent into madness

Put lefties in charge of anything, get precisely what you deserve

Trump supporters aren’t stupid. They’re foolish.

Trump Republicans champion compulsory voting

How Trump won over big donors

Make America Hate Again: Melania defends antisemitism against Jewish reporter

Sanders willing to damage Hillary in the homestretch

Kerry wants State to embellish Iran deal reports “for the grandchildren”


America wants options

…Dianny: 55% want third candidate

…Caruso: 50/50 chance Coburn, Sasse, or Romney run

…CR: Coburn says focus is on Convention of States

…Deace: Considering all 3

…NR: viable path

…Erickson: perfect timing

The press tries its best to downplay a serious defeat for the Obama administration

He’s back! Far-left Salon asking sympathy for this sick pedophile… again

Cruz almost beat Trump in Kentucky two weeks after dropping out

Why Cruz shouldn’t endorse Trump

The crazy scenario where Cruz is the GOP nominee

Washington Post, American Prospect get Hillary email scandal exactly wrong

Why are millions of Muslims becoming Christian?

Christian persecution continues… and the world turns away

Strange headline of the day: “Militant Quakers busted in biggest ever food stamp fraud”

Iran is demanding reparations from U.S. for 63 years of “spiritual and material damage”

The “Seamless Garment”: Pro-Lifers, don’t fall for this sleazy political trick

Trump hits Bill over rape allegations

Trump would talk to Kim

Trump wants retraction

Trump displays ignorance

Cyber war versus Islamic State a “work in progress”

An American journalist among the persecuted “infidels”

Iran orders Hezbollah to target Saudi Arabia

Islamic State recruits wives on dating sites

Meet Lt. Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid, a female Kurdish warrior battling the Islamic State

Vanity Fair admits immigration issue may stop Hillary

Obama and Hillary: Incoherence on foreign policy and immigration

Buyer’s remorse

Lupica: Hillary can’t rely on former President Bill to beat Donald

Video shows Anderson Cooper blatantly protecting Hillary on his show

73 House Republicans sign letter demanding answers on bathroom directive

What #NeverTrump did to RINO Jennifer Rubin is absolutely delicious

Pakistani with fake Ecuadorean passport enters U.S. via Mexico multiple times

Trump “very dissatisfied” with VP options

Why the Founders put the treaty provision in the Constitution

Hillary Clinton’s fierce anti-gun stance could backfire in general election

Hillary’s ex-aide testifies

An open letter to Hillary from a free market capitalist

Hillary’s march to the nomination looks more like a limp

Why transgender advocates don’t believe anything they say

Unofficial Trump Consigliere Stone: President Trump should shut down CNN

“Sue this”: Has NPR’s Nina Totenberg had it with litigious Donald Trump?

Obama administration implements new rules for overtime pay

California Senate to vote on sweeping gun-control measures

Lack of commitment: Why the next few months may be the most dangerous since WWII

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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