De Blasio’s pronouns, BLM leader arrested, and the Redskins: yesterday’s links


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to fine any businesses that don’t use the proper pronouns desired by New Yorkers. A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement turns out to be a pimp, literally. The Redskins’ name is offensive to liberals, but most Native Americans don’t care.

New York businesses face hefty penalties for ‘misgendering’ customers

Hotair: Businesses told to use “ze”

Crowder: Massive fines

Lifezette: Based on preference

5 Statist positions that should make Libertarians run from Bill Weld

Pennsylvania lawmakers to Obama: Your transgender bathroom decree is unconstitutional

The gruesome history of left-wing scientific fakery

The missing definition of “conservative”

Give me liberty or give me something better

Israel successfully tests shipborne Iron Dome missile interceptor

Obama legacy: Dawn of Chinese empire?

Pastor blasts Christians who support Planned Parenthood

Studying the threat of nuclear EMP attack on electric grid

Trump likes David Cameron after all

Hillarys Safe Space

U.S. commander: Islamic State trying to regain initiative

French security chief warns Islamic State plans wave of attacks in France

Islamic State’s AK-47 training… for 8-year-olds

Fed signals interest rate hike firmly on the table for June

New Republic fascist: Facebook right to censor conservatives

BLM leader arrested for human trafficking

Why Sanders is lying when he says he doesn’t approve of violence perpetrated on his behalf

The Democratic party needs to chill out

Cronyism: The military is about to buy a lot of New Balance shoes

What we need now: The mercies of God and a Convention of States

Since Obama took office, U.S. stopped targeting terror-linked charities

Levin goes off on McConnell

Exercise in cognitive dissonance: Bernie’s game of Monopoly

…Californian: Don’t be a sucker for socialism’s “equality”

No, Trump isn’t really leading in the polls

A glimpse into the fog of life under Islamic State

Capitalism and socialism compared for dummies

Russian, Israeli planes almost had a dogfight

Charlotte Observer: Girls must overcome “discomfort” at seeing male genitals in locker room

The science is settled: Boys do not have menstrual cycles

Ward ties McCain in Arizona

EgyptAir plane wreckage found, military says

EgyptAir plane wreckage found, military says

Terrorism suspected

Panama Post: Latin America’s 21st century socialism has failed

Mayor of debt-ridden city with record number of shootings has priorities

Trending topic on Twitter shows how much we need Jesus

HuffPo wants Christians to call Muhammad a prophet

The media platform for BDS lies

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” coming to school trip near you

This would be a perfect year for “none of the above”

…Howe: #NeverTrump must fight on

…Erickson: Trump v. Clinton is like smallpox v. anthrax

…Politichicks: Conservatives in exile and the silencing of America’s conscience

California’s unprecedented minimum wage increase will hurt vulnerable workers

90% of Native Americans aren’t offended by Redskins’ team name

Corruption in Iraq: Where did all the money go?

“Fight for $15” is actually a fight for automation

In loo of common sense

Two-thirds of Americans don’t trust Hillary

Clinton surrogate goes after ugly women

Hillary ducking final debate with Sanders

Gates questions Hillary’s judgment on email server

Newly released U.S. Navy footage shows Russia’s provocative acts at sea

Trump Supreme Court List

Retreating from SCOTUS list

…Burke: Already waffling

…Wolf: I told you so

…WashExaminer: Trump might not stick to list

…Spectator: Names aren’t written in stone

…Strident: Picks a bribe for conservatives?

…Dianny: Won’t be fooled again

…Hayride: I wish I could give the list credit

…Moonbattery: Laughably bogus

…Vander Hart: Tell me again why we should trust him?

College bows to political correctness, fires retired General

Obama overtime rule tried at IBM, didn’t work

Zuckerberg’s conservative meeting

…Beck: “I found the meeting deeply disturbing”

…Garthwaite: Facebook making strides

…Erickson: Some conservatives acting like grievance mongers from the left

…Fox News duo: Hire Mormons

…Newby: Zuckerberg needs to do more

…Mills: Should be the start, not the end of outreach

Would Clinton Foundation withstand IRS scrutiny?

Trump’s long list of tax troubles

Trump mocks oreo-eating Christie at his own fundraiser

Trump delegate in huge trouble

Kissinger just summoned Trump. Will he complete his training?

Gerson: Conservative leaders are making a deal with the devil

Time for the 4th amendment to join the 21st century

3 things Texas is doing to defy Obama’s transgender directive

Prepare for dudes in your daughter’s restroom… or prepare to be destroyed

The problem with smart policing

New evidence suggests U.Va.’s Jackie didn’t just make up gang rape — she also made up rapist

Ryan sides with Democrats against Confederate flag

James O’Keefe claims to have a spy in the “upper echelons” of Clinton campaign

Either Trump wrote his own press release or he had a 4th-grader do it

…Twitchy: “He has got to be punking us”

Michigan abortion drops 1.7%

Target’s revenue falls; denies boycott had impact

Energizer Bernie

If only the Middle East was a high school bathroom

Oklahoma passes bill to suspend abortion doctors’ licenses

Trump surrogate admits immigration plan is a scam

GOP outraged by conservatism but indifferent to evil

The 3rd Commandment: Why I am #NeverTrump

AFFH amendment isn’t the cover that Senators hope it to be

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