NRA endorses, Hillary knows venn diagrams, and HuffPo’s editors: yesterday’s links


For some reason, everyone seems surprised by the “big news” that the NRA has endorsed Donald Trump. Did anyone think they’d endorse Hillary? She doesn’t even know how to build a proper venn diagram. The diversity of HuffPo’s editors is embarrassingly debunked.

NRA endorses Trump

…Redstate: Don’t trust Trump’s NRA-backed promises

#BlueLivesMatter this week

Why are the candidates talking coal and steel instead of Uber and Google?

Hey Hillary, that’s not how a Venn diagram works

… Gawdawful

…Business Insider: Poorly designed

…Vox: The circles are completely wrong

Huffington Post Diversity

“Notice anything”? Oh dear: This HuffPo editorial meeting is HIGHLY problematic

Anti-Israel students ambush, attack Jewish Movie Screening at UC-Irvine

What it means if the FBI fails to indict Hillary

Flaws found in fight against human trafficking

The slow progress of Obama administration program to stem illegal immigration from Central America

Will Obama indict Clinton to save the party?

Richmond mayoral candidate: Killing NRA members “wouldn’t be a bad start”

Student causes outrage over “build a wall” sign

Obama’s tyranny by rule

How Obama’s foreign policy de-stabilized the world

Donald Trump China Trade Wars

Trade war = bad

…Blaze: 35% tariff

…TheHill: We’re like a big, big sloppy bully that gets punched in the face and goes down

…TIME: Trump thinks Sanders is right

…NR: Free-market think tanks should pitch Trump their best ideas

…Vox: Trump’s attitude is probably keeping economists up at night

Trump supporters who taunt conservatives only reign over ruins

Why Hillary 90s nostalgia is so dangerous

Campus radicals: 5 conservative college students who stand up to PC culture

What America’s founders could teach the EU

House rejects amendment that would have curtailed religious freedom

Why did Trump lie about Hillary and Libya?

GOP Establishment falling in line with Trump, as predicted

It’s not that Trump’s not a conservative. He’s incompetent.

Humanizing aborted fetuses through burial

Tylenol promotes transgenderism

Hillary’s shills at WaPo take a break from Trump-bashing to hit Bernie

Obama destroyed the coal industry. Progressivism must be stopped.

White House launched “venomous whisper campaign” against Netanyahu to sell Iran nuclear deal

Media bias on Bill Clinton’s record with women

Will Venezuela be forced to embrace the dollar?

Erickson: The surrender of principles

Disturbing pronouncements on the faith from the Vicar of Christ: The Pope’s jihad on Christianity

…Dianny: What’s wrong with this man?

…WND: Calls for “integration” of Europeans with Muslims

Facing off with China

What does it mean to be a conservative?

What happens to conservatism now?

Learning the limits of American military power

Israel’s UN Ambassador rejects demand to remove Jerusalem panel from exhibit

Scientists attempt to create half-human, half-animal embryos

Paul: “I’ll be damned” before government takes guns from veterans

Judge sanctions Obama lawyers for ethical violations, wishes he could disbar them

Trump asked about Bernie for VP

How to cure poverty

Why not Libertarian?

Energy producers must target radical environmentalists, not each other

Erickson: Tom Cotton has this wrong

Panic rooms take off as buyers prep for Trump or Hillary

Senate Republicans block Lee amendment, preserve AFFH

How China uses hundreds of millions of fake social media posts to distract its population

Fox News is now completely devoted to Donald Trump

Ernst discusses small business and Obamacare

Square Peg Oval Office

The Trump-Sanders two step

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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