Pistol permits up, the rainbow jihad, and two evils: yesterday’s links

Trump Clinton Evil

With liberals all over the place, particularly in New York, pistol permit applications are up 70%. The war on religious liberties continues to shine in multiple colors. Trump and Hillary are both bad.

Krugman flunks basic labor economics

“No!!! Not you too”! Trey Gowdy endorses POTUS candidate who mocked, insulted him

New Obama regulations set to cripple employers. Again.

Rush on the “old America”

Social Security whistleblower suspended after going public with complaints

Which Democrats are whispering that Hillary will be indicted soon to help Bernie win?

Are Democrats more divided than Republicans?

What does she promise and why are her speeches more top secret than her emails?

What Bill said in his speeches

Quaker Oats wouldn’t accept handwritten contest entry of 80-year-old’s oatmeal recipe, but a small food startup did. America.

Revised Puerto Rico bill leaves much to be desired

Pistol permit applications rise 70% in New York

Libya: Fighters plea with West for weapons in new battle against Islamic State

After intercepting U.S. recon plane, China issues demand

Credit-card debt approaching pre-collapse high — thanks to subprime lending

Target boycott: Keep it going into bankruptcy

Target sues heroes

Winning for religious freedom

After national outrage, college rehires Lt. Gen. who criticized transgender-friendly bathrooms

Facebook and the rise of conservative grievance politics

…DeMint: Why I met with Zuckerberg

…Malkin: It’s time to expose the full extent of the problem

What do “transgender” and “Redskins” have in common? Newspeak!

Erdoğan’s self-indulgence

Trump is giving less to veterans than promised

Trump favors free trade this week

How Trump used loopholes to pay $0 in income tax

The rainbow jihad declares all-out war on women

Islamic State calls for attacks on the West during Ramadan

Two Evils

Two evils

Obama appoints transsexual to faith-based outreach advisory council

Hillary and the FBI

Hillary may have to make peace with Bernie’s social media mob

House policy leader seeks to block Obama’s school bathroom directive

World’s largest solar plant sets itself on fire

How the left is ruining comedy

Why Brexit is important to Americans

Trump paid no federal taxes twice

Trump supporter logic, explained

The dangerous acceptance of Donald Trump

Evangelical leaders plan meeting to test Trump’s values

Portland schools ban books questioning climate change

Gore says his film lowballed global warming threat. No, seriously.

Mary Fallin Veto

Pro-life betrayal

Bill would have made performing nearly all abortions in Oklahoma a felony

Governor Fallin: The bill is so ambiguous and so vague”

Pushing to be Trump’s VP?

Rush talks Facebook: “This has nothing to do with an algorithm”

Sugar shortage in Venezuela shuts down Coke production

Islamic State hacks doctor to death in Bangladesh

Christian congregation standing up against ISIS brutality in terror heartland

The reality of socialism strikes Bernie as he runs low on other people’s money

Sanders raises more than Hillary – 4th straight month

Dems’ civil war

Should Congress subpoena Obama’s “foreign policy guru” Rhodes?

Trump trails Hillary by nearly 40% with Latinos

Not everyone is happy about the NRA’s endorsement of Trump

The dangerous acceptance of Trump OR Hillary

New Trump filing shows “self-funding” mantra is a scam

…NBC: Trump can still pay himself back even after saying he won’t

What a conservative is (and is NOT)

Congratulations to Bolivarian socialism: Venezuela is now the country with no Coke

Biden: Diverse military of men, gays strengthens U.S. forces

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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