CDC spending, Hersheypark, and Hitler’s religion: yesterday’s links


Your tax dollars are being spent in weird ways by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hersheypark goes trans. Hitler had a religion, but it wasn’t Christian.

Gazans admit fearing Hamas tunnels, too

BDS is part of the long line of antisemitic hate

House GOP introduces bill to blocks Obama’s transgender directive

Free trade, the leftist issue and the truth

No, Hitler was not a Christian

Cruz delegates continue to fight

…NBC: Dominated Washington GOP convention

Hillary Unfit


Salon using psychological projection, assigns liberal values on conservatives

Joseph Stiglitz praised Hugo Chavez’s economic policies

Why Bill’s two dozen trips on the pedophile express matter

Progressive blogger fired for calling Hillary’s ally a “scumbag”

“Clinton Cash” will open right before Democrats’ convention

Hillary promises to take more liberties

Clinton ramps up anti-gun rhetoric; NRA leaders say fight is on

She can only do so much pandering

Hillary supports ammo purchase background checks

Hillary accuses Trump of pandering to gun lobby in speech… at Trayvon Martin Foundation

Leftist groups silent as 51 Islamic states seek to block gay and transgender groups from attending UN AIDS meeting


If I, according to the Democrats, can self-identify as a black lesbian conservative Muslim, then why not?

Bernie v. Debbie

…LI: Bernie backs DWS’s primary opponent

Pope Francis: Islam’s friend, Christianity’s foe?

Engineering “better” voters

Islamic State message doesn’t claim responsibility for EgyptAir crash

Trump, Clinton unpopularity makes VP picks very important

ISIS: Kidnapped Christians, targeted churches

Goldberg: Sorry, I still won’t ever vote for Trump

…Redstate: “About as well said a case as I have seen”

Behind Trump’s nonexistent Florida strategy

U.S. army’s return to mechanized warfare

Cuba’s LGBT celebration is one big human rights charade

Confessions of a conservative environmentalist

The Trump betrayal train continues at a breakneck pace

Islamic State carries out third attack on Christian district in Qamishlo

A new day has dawned in the State of Israel

Patterico: “National. Hispanic. Christian. Three. Great. Words.”

Carson off Trump’s VP team

This could be Trump’s biggest lie

Costas lectures Native Americans over not being offended

Oklahoma Senator contemplating override on anti-abortion bill veto

What a $15 an hour minimum wage law can and cannot do; it’s what it cannot do that makes it bad public policy

Communists cheer for Hillary and Bernie

Obama’s latest executive overreach is in Medicare

Five deceptions of the Obama-Rhodes echo chamber

Two polls show 20% of Americans would vote 3rd party over Trump or Hillary

…Kristol: Americans open to 3rd candidate

High-speed rail would lead to fiscal ruin

Burgers in Venezuela are $170

Louisiana to make killing cops a hate crime

DiCaprio takes private jet from France to NYC to accept environmental award

Where are the Feminists

Where are the feminists?

Overtime regulations disproportionately harm young people and startups

Stetzer: Christians must talk about Jesus, not just “show Him by their lives”

Graham: There’s only one who can make America great again

Yale makes bathrooms gender-neutral

Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel “in under 8 minutes”

Will someone please ask Trump about his SCOTUS list

Sessions: Trump philosophy close to Bilderberger kingpin Kissinger

As convention nears, Ted Cruz continues to hold out support for Donald Trump

Why Trump should tap Cruz for VP (and why Cruz should say no)

Islamic State aims to destroy Israel, ‘liberate’ Jerusalem with Sinai Peninsula terrorist force

Missing the Lessons of History

GOP history lessons

French police officer brutally attacked by rioters

Kelly-Trump interview ratings were poor. Ailes snickered.

Fighting terrorism in Syria: It’s more than just ISIS

Islamists Taking Over Churches, Synagogues at a Record Pace in Europe

The coming European Islamic super-state

Oklahoma Legislature files measure asking Congress to impeach Obama

The high price of security theater

Conservative news for those who aren’t selling out

The transgender juggernaut: When sanity becomes a crime

Hersheypark goes transgender

…FedPapers: #BoycottHershey in the works?

Security guard arrested for ousting man from women’s restroom

Transgender bathrooms aren’t about LGBTs nor are they against LGBTs

Police Union President: Obama doesn’t have a clue

UN Watch group describes UN Human Rights Council’s hypocrisy

Iowa landowners challenge pipeline’s authority to seize land

Islamic State testing chemical weapons on prisoners; labs in residential neighborhoods

Flashback to all the people who praised Chavez’s socialism

Trump campaign blames Donald’s rich friends for fundraising shortfall for vets

Left and Lefter

5 lame things the CDC funds with your tax dollars

War breaks out between Christians and Islamists in Germany

Trump camp continues to soften Muslim ban suggestion

Politicians may be shifty, but Donald Trump is in a different league

Trump and the 2008 housing market crash

What were Trump’s ties to the mob?

What #NeverTrump and Oklahoma’s abortion ban have in common

Only #NeverTrump can save Congress

Petitions to Bern out DWS soar past 200,000 signatures

U.S. special forces assassinate Taliban leader

…BBC: Taliban may face fresh leadership crisis

…Independent: What it means for Afghanistan

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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