Gore ignores Hillary, Maroon 5 ignores North Carolina, and Trump support ignores reality: yesterday’s links

Al Gore

Al Gore isn’t ready to support Hillary Clinton despite being her husband’s Vice President. Maroon 5 has a problem with North Carolina, but Russia is okay. A Trump supporter attests to Donald’s faith because he points up a lot.

Bernie just nominated a man to the Democratic Platform Committee who accused Israel of committing a holocaust

Al Gore still won’t support Hillary

Romanian hacker who says he breached Clinton server finalizing plea deal

Hillary hides from Bernie debate

Beck on the left’s destructive course: “the next stop on this train is pedophilia”

New York Times quite perplexed about failing socialist states in South America

“I’m not with her”: why women are weary of Hillary

Hillary vows to close dog trainer/daycare worker wage gap, or something

Fat Tony

The Donald and Fat Tony

…Daily Mail: Trump paid mafia boss to keep unions quiet

…LawNewz: Ties with Daniel Sullivan, a “labor fixer”

…RedState: “Mobbed up to the eyebrows”

Record 499 Syrian refugees admitted so far in May. Number of Christians: zero.

Is “pretend successful” better than “pretend dead broke?”

7 hospitalized and Planned Parenthood clinic evacuated

IRS chief skips own impeachment hearing

American progressives should look to Europe when it comes to abortion

Thanks to Beyonce’s anti-cop message, Pittsburgh police are planning to boycott concert

VA secretary compares veterans’ waits for care to ride waits at Disney

The relativism of Barack Obama

Obama raided $500M for Zika to finance UN’s green climate fund

Nigeria’s growing economic troubles

Virginia GOP attempts to block felon voting

Hillary’s desperation is showing as she tries to play the Bill and ‘woman’ cards

In Vietnam, Obama takes shot at Clinton

Hillary cozies up to crony capitalists at Goldman Sachs

Flashback: Hillary wanted to reinstate national 55 MPH speed limit

How corporate America bought Hillary for $21M

Home intruder dead wrong for targeting wheelchair-bound veteran

Maroon 5 against discrimination in North Carolina but Russia gets a free pass

Red tape rising: Obama regulations top $100 billion annually

…Daily Signal: 20,642 new regulations added in Obama Presidency

Paul Ryan won’t be putting money on Trump

Trump flip-flops on raising minimum wage

Trump v. Amazon and Bezos

How’s Trump’s “Muslim outreach” going?

7 nearly simultaneous ISIS bombings kill more than 120 in Syria

Islamic State suicide bomber kills 41 people in Yemen

Vietnam Arms Sales

Turning Hanoi against Beijing

…Reuters: .S. lifts arms ban on old foe Vietnam as regional tensions simmer

…Downtrend: Donor class defense contractors popping the corks on the bubbly

…Haven: Betrayal in Vietnam

President Obama’s strange advice for students

Collapsing socialist Venezuela deploys military, tells citizens U.S. might invade

School choice now more than ever

How they sold the Iran deal: follow the money

Analysis: Islamic State may be down, but it’s far from out

Warnings terror group will send out more suicide bombers as battlefield losses mount

House Homeland Security Chair warns of expanding Islamic terrorism threat

U.S. spent $500M on Boko Haram

Iran’s mullahs love Bernie, worried about Trump and Hillary

Gallagher: The desperate plight of Iraqi Christians

Ibrahim: Christians the most persecuted people in the world

Congress takes new step to impeach Koshinen

Planned Parenthood’s Richards assers that abortion is a matter of “economic security and opportunity”

Pro-Trump evangelical: He must be a Christian because he points to the sky a lot

Pro-Trump Super PAC brags: A Trump-Newt ticket would have sex ex-wives!

Even after tax breaks, Trump asks broke Chicago schools for “refund”

Alan Keyes: Where’s Roy Moore on Trump’s SCOTUS list?

Cowards, pimps, and enemies: A Trump Presidency

Young Republican official resigns over Trump nomination

Pipes: Finally getting serious about identifying Islamists?

Senate should pass resolution blocking fiduciary rule

The Padres have offended the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus

FBI investigating Clinton’s pal Terry McAuliffe

“Even the POWs?” Despite everything he’s said and done, Trump promises “I will take care of our vets!”

10 most heavily funded government agencies

Baltimore Braces

Baltimore braces

…Dailywire: Freddie Gray arresting officer not guilty on all charges

…CNN: Community leaders, elected officials appeal for calm

…Baltimore Sun: Quotes from the community

…CR: Liberals outraged

Saeed Abedini urges Christians to stand with Israel

ICE to open transgender housing facility in Texas

Senate showdown over women in the draft

Illinois lawmakers unanimously pass ban on unwarranted stingray surveillance

Three things you must know when dealing with the gender identity issue

Does Trump spell the end of conservative ideology?

The consequences of not joining Team Trump

Trump’s global warming hypocrisy

Former Marine demanding Trump apologize for lying about donations to veteran’s groups

In Trump’s world, Newt is king… and maybe VP

Donald Trump’s “shady” support for veterans

Why didn’t God save us from Trump v. Hillary?

Did Trump greatly expand the Republican party? New data suggests not.

In deposition, Trump repeatedly called out for exaggerating wealth

…Fortune: How much has his net worth jumped in 10 months?

Is it time to to abolish three strikes?

Barone: Hillary’s policies to end pay gap would make it larger

Hillary’s brutally disappointing weekend

Sessions: Hillary Clinton would be the ‘most anti-Second Amendment president’ ever

…Bloomberg: Hillary could topple Obama’s record for revving gun sales

Hillary is the Jeb of the left

Venezuela needs a military coup

Jihadis recruit staff at airports

The cyber threat: Obama’s diplomacy-dominated policy ignores growing Russian cyber danger

Pavlich has two rules for womens’ gun ownership

How the left discriminates against LEGAL immigrants

4 reasons many Christians believe the end times are near

Transgender Bathroom Discrimination

Discriminating against NON-transgenders

…Christian Post: Rep. Messer introduces legislation to defend bathrooms

…Daily Signal: Meet the moms fighting the government over their children’s bathroom privacy

…NCR Online: Can we avoid the “bathroom wars?”

…Barbwire: Man in dressing room says he was “a woman today”

…American Thinker: Keep the feds out of your children’s bathrooms

…Daily Signal: 3 ways conservative lawmakers should fight Obama’s bathroom directive

…NR: The most heartbreaking post of the day, transgender edition

Cruz fights for internet freedom

America’s lopsided economic recovery

Shapiro fights back against college campus free speech crackdowns

T.S.A. replaces security chief as tension grows at airports and agency

“She is so freaking bad at this”: Ready for more “painful” awkwardness from Hillary?

General Boykin: In the crosshairs of the left’s war on the American mind

Katie Couric, activist journalist

School bans playground whistles: “Too aggressive, some children may be afraid of the noise”

High schools graduates’ defiant response to atheists demand for the Lord’s Prayer to be stripped from commencement

Where Trump’s self-funding lie and tax-return secrecy intersect

Hate crime hoaxes illustrate the left’s lack of character

Sheriff Clarke: “The only person safe in a gun-free zone is the criminal”

College exam declares “income redistribution” to be among the “main functions of government”

Shocking 911 call: Baby born alive after abortion, “The fetus is breathing, we can’t provide care”

Patterico on Newsweek story: “The new overtime rules will affect millions of middle-class Americans” – Huh?

The case against legal tender laws

Malkin: Hey gun-grabbers – hands off my kid’s LEGO weapons

Poll suggests opening for Sasse run

Who does Harry Reid think is “the worst?” (Hint: It isn’t him)

Elijah Wood speaks out about Hollywood’s support of pedophiles

Dems hatin’ on DWS

Michelle Fields lands a new media gig

Donald Trump Character Matters

Character matters

Erickson: The fork in the road between nationalism and conservatism

“Carrier-killer” missiles: Will China succeed where the Soviet Union failed?

The high cost of ultralow interest rates

Gary Johnson: Not a conservative and not even all that Libertarian

A new nonpartisan survey shows that Obamacare enrollees are unhappy with the coverage and its cost

The ADL turns anti-Israel

Will Erdoğan’s ego lead to his downfall?

Hamas to publicly execute 13 Palestinians

New Fast and Furious emails show Obama administration obstructing Congress

House conservatives mull budget “trigger” that could reduce federal spending

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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