Kim rejects Trump, Israel talks to South Korea, and welfare fails: yesterday’s links

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un declines the meeting proposed by Donald Trump, saying that it’s just an election move. Israel is opening up talks to trade with South Korea. The best form of welfare is capitalism and a job.

Liberal Mary Fallin appointed co-chair of RNC platform committee

Study: Young Americans are losers living in their parents’ basement. Thanks, leftists!

5 ways capitalist Chile is much better than socialist Venezuela

10 times Facebook censored conservatives

Donald Trump defends himself on fundraising for veterans

Alleged Islamic State sympathizer arrested on terror charge

Facebook needs to live up to its promise to be a platform for all ideas

The inseparable link between socialism and violence

GOP sues over Virginia governor’s felon voting order

Senate passes Grassley’s bill to track sex offenders, protect rights of victims

CAIR official posts offensive holocaust joke on social media

Donald Trump Kim Jong Un


QZ: Trump’s pledge to hold talks with Kim Jong-un “nonsense”

HuffPo: No meeting any time soon

Blaze: N. Korea says Trump using proposal as propaganda or advertising

Deace: Just when you thought Republicans were doing good

What conservative criminal justice reform isn’t

5 reasons Bernie is right when he calls the system rigged

Hamas plans public executions in Gaza

Hillary’s sputtering campaign

Unity won’t come easily for Democrats

McConnell’s memoir bashes outside conservative groups

Why won’t the left apologize for backing Venezuela?

…Last Great Stand: Human de-evolution: When radical leftists are given keys to the kingdom

America, the Founders’ dream, and the nightmare of decline

San Francisco to consider immigrant sanctuary protections

Chicago attempts yet another tax increase to rescue pensions

The early history of regulated health care

The free-market alternative to education socialism

Stealing food to make unnecessary ethanol

The Clinton crime syndicate

The Clintons didn’t kill Vince Foster but they sure acted horrible about his death

Why Hillary is so disliked

Hillary flushes failing “first woman President” narrative

Trump supporters stand in line

The wrong argument for Trump: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”

Trump said McCain wasn’t a war hero, but Kerry on the other hand…

Trump: The parody video

Trumpidian shocker: No longer self-funding

Trump gives up GOP’s historic advantage on foreign policy

Believe me: Trump refuses to prove vets got all the money

Armed patriots prepare to defend against federal encroachment

Colonel Allen West talks about Black Lives Matter

Small Democratic Socialist town in middle of nowhere 8th most expensive to raise family

If the federal government ran Disneyland

These boots are made for… fighting?

Obama’s Taliban airstrikes are part of a failing strategy

This is a tool

Iran “blackmailing” U.S. for greater nuke concessions

Islamic State down but not out

How does the Islamic State recruitment process work?

Russian helicopters and military vehicles “destroyed by Islamic State”

Islamic State group recruited practising NHS doctor

Greenfield: No room for women in Muslim paradise

The jihad on Christian church tents

Cruz backers push to shape GOP convention

Israel and South Korea to conduct free trade talks

Blood not flowing in streets as Constitutional carry comes to West Virginia

No settlement yet in Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse victims’ rights cases

How noble! Trump would keep self-funding if the Establishment would allow him

…Patterico: He’s now claiming he never said he raised $6 million for veterans

Trump v. Trump on the Second Amendment

How Bill Clinton’s sleazy history with women cancels out attacks on Donald Trump

A guide to the many conspiracy theories Donald Trump has embraced

TSA should expand privatization of security at airports

…Issa: Privatize TSA

The Muslim world is a permanent refugee crisis

Netanyahu turns down French initiative, wants to meet with Abbas

Puerto Rico reform bill is a conservative win, but it needs pro-growth tax reform

Puerto Rico bailout package facing bipartisan resistance

Senator Durbin cites problems with House Puerto Rico debt bill

How helping Puerto Rico through debt crisis became personal for one conservative

RNC picks trio of conservative stalwarts for platform committee

Carson embarrasses Trump. Again.

Venezuela’s collapse is a warning to Americans enamored with socialism

Afghan Taliban leader reportedly was in Iran hours before US strike killed him

Levin: Obama is a “truly sick” man

Losing the faith: Christians in minority in England and Wales

James Madison on representation and the branches of government

Border patrol locked out of Indian reservation known for Mexican drug trafficking

Illegal immigrants keep pouring into the United States

Numbers climb for apprehension of illegals during fiscal 2016

Louisiana sanctuary cities ban gutted and killed by Republican who’s allied with Newell Normand

Illegal border crossings hit two-year high

Could illegals ruin Memorial Day?

GOP leaders say welfare is keeping Americans trapped in poverty

Social justice warrior frenzy of the day: Make James Bond a woman

What would happen if we shut down the Federal Reserve?

Sorry, religious schools. You’re now a “Target” too.

Obama’s transgender directive to schools is a lawless act

Fishiness pays in the Democrat party

Kristen Bell and her liberal fairy tale gone horribly wrong

A four-way race for President is possible

Nationwide crime wave confirms the Ferguson Effect

Transgender group calls on Hillary to answer questions

Does this DOJ memo hint that criminal action against Hillary is forthcoming?

Hillary’s doom?

Hillary and dogs

Woman escapes Boko Haram captors in Nigeria on way to bomb marketplace

Defeating Boko Haram: Some progress, but more to do

Anti-western cleric picked to head Iran’s Council of Experts

…NYTimes: “Hard-liner”

Is it time to tame Iran’s lawless publishing sector?

America hates choices

Unpopular options

RedState: Sad!

“Anti-Christian” beheaded girl art exhibit sparks furor in Virginia

Chinese communists step up attacks on Christian crosses

Christians, we’re at war. It’s time to start acting like it.

Emmitt Smith shares how his faith in Jesus got him through hard times

Oberlin students: Replace midterms with conversations and erase grades below C

New York City requires businesses to recognize 31 gender identities

Are you shocked to hear dead people are voting in CA?

Why was the FBI investigation of McAuliffe leaked?

College students pitch in for Hamas to hit schools, cafés, other “soft targets”

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