Iran’s missiles, minimum wage mistake, and a case for Romney: yesterday’s links

Iranian Missile

The Iranian nuclear deal has only given the country the ability to do whatever they want with their weapons and get paid to do so. As minimum wages go up, the need for workers goes down. Mitt Romney (or somebody) needs to run.

Hillary is bought and paid for by Wall Street

Why Hillary’s rule-breaking matters

Hillary’s summer of scandal

Rush: Bill Clinton caused the housing crisis

Bible verses on Sonic to-go bags have liberals’ heads exploding

There’s now a $60K fine for not knowing what a “transmasculine” is

Dershowitz: “Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system”

Bill O: Black Lives Matter is killing Americans

Haley signs 20-week abortion ban

Mom says March for Life convinced her to cancel abortion

Abortion activists more concerned with killing people like Ana than killing mosquitoes causing Zika

No, we shouldn’t lower the voting age to 16

Hamas stealing 95% of civilian cement transferred into Gaza

Islamic State using kittens to lure jihadists to fight

India signs $500 million port deal with Iran

Iran to renew financial support for Islamic Jihad after two-year hiatus

Report: Ryan to endorse Trump

…Dailywire: Ryan camp denies

…US News: “We’ve not told the Trump campaign to expect an endorsement”

…Heat Street: Endorsement invented by Paul Manafort

Mitt Hope

Only hope?

Dear Romney, Coburn, and Sasse. It’s time to step up.

Millennials: Leading the way to a third candidate

The case for Romney

Why I would reluctantly support Mitt

Enough about Romney!

Illegals sue landlord for requiring documentation they have a right to be in United States

The right message after Trump

The vanishing Fourth Amendment forcing data-obsessed Silicon Valley to cut back on data retention

How the feds began rewriting Title IX to push trans policy

Islamic State terrorist attacks in Iraq undermine faith in government

Donald Trump’s post-ideological authoritarianism

Top general urges lawmakers to preserve Afghan visa program

Erickson: Libertarians should go with Austin Peterson

Trump talks rape/not rape and conspiracy theories

Mexican flag-waving mob attacks police, horses outside Trump rally

ISIS on march but gospel message “on fire”

DA that indicted David Daleiden conspired with Planned Parenthood attorney

The video that changes minds about abortion

…Legal Insurrection: “I believe that’s like murder right there, what I saw.”

…Crowder: Watchers immediately become pro-life on camera

Hey minimum wage protesters: Meet your replacement

Pizza Hut testing software to replace human employees

Thank the Democrats for the rush on robotics to replace fast food jobs

Even after Kate Steinle, San Francisco remains sanctuary city

Crosses for fallen soldiers removed after complaint

The most effective anti-poverty program is a job

House may follow Senate to give Obama more money to spend than he requested

Wyoming Senator Barrasso to push to maintain strong pro-life GOP platform

Four reasons Hillary is so unpopular

The Clintons give clinic on exploiting black people

Levin: “Hillary Clinton is a criminal in waiting”

Why are the Clintons always under investigation?

The Clinton blame game

No retreat from Hillary’s village

Trump gets personal against Romney. Worried about a third-party run?

Trump signed off deal designed to deprive US of tens of millions of dollars in tax

Trump will lose

Violent anti-Trump protesters only boost support for Trump

Climate change alarmist makes an admission

Crime as an issue in 2016

Here we go: GOP mulls new primary system in 2020

Jarrin Jackson: Millennial conservative running in Oklahoma may be the next grassroots star

Give us your tired, your poor, your unassimilated masses yearning for a handout

Hillary Clinton State Department

State slams Hillary

…NY Times: Private emails in focus

…Washington Times: Failed to report several hack attempts

…Business Insider: Hillary “did not comply”

…Dailywire: 6 Clinton email lies exposed

…Fox News: Hacker who claims he breached Clinton server pleads guilty, strikes deal with feds

…Weekly Standard: Eight times Hillary said everyone knew about her email setup

…Gowdy: Benghazi investigation helped reveal email scandal

Palestinians take to the airwaves to celebrate murder of U.S. tourist

…Algemeiner: Media praises terrorist

…Fox News: “Martyr”

Depaul SJW ringleader says Milo “threatens my safety,” could cause massacres

Poll: Most Americans hate or dislike Trump AND Clinton

White House makes final push to take guns

Marco defends NM Governor after Trump attack

Forced secularism replacing religious freedom

Report: Feds spend billions to run ancient technology

Unelected bureaucrat feds overturn Georgia carry laws

Oberlin is an insane asylum

7 times Hillary was caught lying

Target boycott has directly cost company $9.2 billion in market cap to date

Iranian agents detain Christian leaders

Gates Foundation admits missteps of Common Core

Hillary’s Second Amendment

Who’s to blame for liberal disenchantment with Israel – Netanyahu or Obama?

Trump team emails battle plan to enemy camp

Brad Thor: The potential of Trump’s tyrannical dictatorship

…Ricochet: Extinction level threat to American democracy

Trump dumps Wiley, Manafort under scrutiny

…RedState: Dropped over “loyalty” clash

Trump Super PAC chair calls him out for attacking Martinez

White House video shows Obama bowing to Vietnamese Communists

Katie Couric Guns

Couric: Gun activist “journalist”

…Red State: Faked

…Daily Caller: Edited to silence pro-gun opinions

…Townhall: Disgrace

…NR: Couric should be ashamed of herself

…Twitchy: NRA hits back

…Bearing Arms: “Fraudumentary”

Eva Moskowitz on fighting unions, politicians, and the New York Times

How capitalism improves the welfare of all

IRS had concerns about legality of Obamacare payments that are subject of GOP lawsuit

Paul: Power to wage war must be reclaimed by Congress

Tom Cotton on the “cancerous leadership” of Harry Reid

Landry unloads on transgender orders, finds they’re NOT enforceable

The concerning drop in workforce participation and the role of family-friendly policies

11 states sue Obama over transgender bathroom mandate

…Lifesite: Virginia school board unanimously rejects mandate

…WND: “Imperial White House”

…The Stream: Texas fights back

Matalin: Endorsing Austin Peterson

Ted Cruz starts petition for VA secretary to resign

“Income inequality” – Missing the point

Turns out American sniper Chris Kyle was a bigger hero than previously thought

DNC chair on thin ice

…The Hill: Pelosi, others rush to defend DWS

…Politico: Other big-name Dems won’t defend her

…USA Today: Sanders camp says there are better options

What happens if a Libertarian candidate runs? Here are some surprising new polls.

Iran’s defense minister: “Zionist conspiracy” to blame for Iraq, Syrian conflicts

Son of Hamas Leader at JPost Conf: “there is an Islamic problem”

Abbas to Humanitarian Summit: We must erase Israel from history

CAIR doesn’t think our military should be honored on Memorial Day


Pro-lifers pledge to press GOP to protect unborn

Why “Hillary is even worse” doesn’t cut it

Khamenei: US ‘can’t do a thing’ about our missile program

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