VP Ivanka, TSA failures, and a refugee flood warning: yesterday’s links

Ivanka Trump VP

Ivanka Trump and Bill Clinton are allowed to be the VPs. The TSA failure of the hour is… oh, there are simply too many to list. Refugees flooding in – thanks Obama.

Yes, Ivanka and Bill can Constitutionally run for Vice President

Libertarian presidential hopeful’s spending on consultants draws ire

Life under the Islamic State: Fines, taxes, and punishments

The true story of a conservative refugee

Why I’m voting for a write-in Presidential candidate

Cops go on offensive, sue Freddie Gray case prosecutor

It takes a parent, not a policy

7 reasons DWS is on the ropes

Trump Sanders Debate

Trump v. Bernie

…Politico: Sanders says “game on”

…Examiner: Young Turks offer to host

…Twitchy: Twitter wonders if this is real

…Dianny: This is a really bad idea

Assyrian leaders hit back at Patriarch’s call for Christian militias not to be armed

ISIS’ Genocide Against Christians Escalates in Iraq, Syria; Religious Freedom Group Demands UN Take Action

Egypt: Muslim mob attacks Christians, parade naked woman

Trump still confused over bathroom usage

Meet the people who have donated to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The legends of Pearl Harbor 75 years later

Donald's Russian Mobster

Donald’s Russian mobster

Some Republicans just will not vote for Trump

Why #NeverTrump must stand strong! It’s all about the leverage Mr Trump

In Trump, the cult of the Presidency finds its L. Ron Hubbard

Club for Growth plots path forward

Trump: To hell with the GOP and take Wiley with you

A fighting chance for integrity

Obama’s love affair with tyranny

Big gas fields could make Israel energy independent

Jimmy Kimmel pressed Donald Trump on transgender bathroom rights. It didn’t go well.

President Obama Refugees

Refugee flood warming

Resolution singling out Israel as world’s sole violator of global health rights “completely disconnected from reality”

Why governments hate it when other countries have low taxes

Trump’s circus, Clinton’s corruption, and their growing unfavorable ratings

Microchipping your children could happen “sooner rather than later”

First, the IRS took $68K from Connecticut bakers. Now, it’s investigating them.

Islamic State Bollywood extortion? ISIS in India planned to blackmail movie stars to fund terror

Attorneys for Hillary aide Cheryl Mills seek to prevent release of audio and video of her deposition with Judicial Watch

Wall Street gives Hillary Clinton $27M, but love affair may not last

Bernie and Hillary in California dead heat

The overhyping of Hillary

“Difficult to overstate” American Jewry’s importance to Israel, Netanyahu says

America’s number one enemy: President Obama

As government regulations grow, business opportunities shrink

The Marie Antoinette socialism of Bernie’s wife

Bones in the Trunk

Iran shifts tactics to lock in global energy allies

Russia signs major oil rig deal with Iran

Iran’s Khamenei calls for vigilance against West’s “soft war”

TSA failures keep U.S. train system vulnerable to terrorist attack

Trump: “You have to be wealthy in order to be great”

6 giant corporations control the media

More than 40 Secret Service staff disciplined in data flap

Trump-Sanders debate not good for Hillary

CIA links top Hillary donor Soros to terrorist bombing

Hillary’s newest email server excuse

Should Yahoo fire Couric?

Nigerian army denies rumors of communities recaptured by Boko Haram

Presidential options may alienate some evangelicals

Putting the brakes on “fundamental transformation”

Cruz, Sessions go after Obama’s climate change agenda

Russia and Saudi Arabia are headed for a showdown

California refuses to admit its voter fraud problem

Yellow journalism and the media’s smears on Beck, Thor

Chuck Todd grills Hillary over emails: Report “contradicts many of the things you’ve said”

Hillary’s village of the damned

Clinton FBI interview still not scheduled

Mexican Christians to meet with U.S. policymakers about growing Christian persecution in Mexico

Transgender man brutally beaten in NYC. Ignored by media. Here’s why…

Senators to Loretta Lynch: No, you cannot punish climate change “deniers”

Pro-life groups are saving babies from inside the abortion clinic thanks to this technology

Gun rights group files federal lawsuit against anti-free speech California law

ACLU declares war on Catholic hospitals for not performing abortions

The media’s take on charter schools

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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