Kate’s family sues, Trump evades Bernie, and ISIS uses Libya: yesterday’s links

Kate Steinle Dancing

The family of Kate Steinle, slain by an illegal immigrant criminal in a sanctuary city, is suing the federal government. Donald Trump agreed to debate Bernie Sanders, then backed out. The Islamic State is taking advantage of Libya to sneak in terrorists.

Bonnie, Clyde, and Kim Jong-un

Big bureaucracies beget bad behavior

Trump Declines Bernie Debate

Trump declines Bernie’s debate

…Donald J. Trump: Official statement

…The Hill: Sanders camp received offers from at least 2 networks

…Shapiro: “Dang it!”

Does the AP style book say ‘lying’ is spelled ‘misstated key facts’ when the story is about Hillary?

The real scandal of Hillary’s emails

Maddow and Meyers skewer email protocol Hillary violated

State Department fights Hillary Clinton deposition in email suit

If Clinton implodes, Democrats may turn to Biden and Warren

Self Server

Donald Trump’s dictatorship of the proletariat

Trump’s campaign stumbles as it tries to go big

Donald Trump under oath: Trump University’s promises crumble

Boze: About Trump… we need to talk

13 outlandish theories Donald Trump has floated on the campaign trail

Congressman rebukes Trump about receiving 9/11 aid intended for small businesses

Schlussel: From Islamopologist to Japanderer-in-Chief: Obama in Hiroshima on Memorial Weekend

Guess how Hillary Clinton worked around her fax problems

Sanders supporters hope FBI will eliminate Hillary from the race

Hillary Clinton, failed comedian

Comey: Enforcing the law requires indicting Hillary

King: Hillary should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign

Hillary’s sordid hit parade

Christian pastor murdered in Uganda after challenging Arabic mythologies


ISIS taking advantage of migrant issue by flooding people through Libya

Rubio’s downfall

Obama, UN silent on Iran’s shocking animal abuse

Iran won’t let territory be used against Pakistan: Ambassador

Iranian students lashed 99 times over party that included men and women

The Democratic party’s coming collision on Israel

Bilderberg 2016: EU referendum looms large

Before learning that Trump declined, Bernie talked up debate on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hillary Clinton National Security Risk

National security risk

Alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

Pastor Perry Noble won’t be attending Trump’s big evangelical meeting: “Boy, was I wrong”

Can social conservatism survive Trump?

Owning Donald Trump

Bernie asks Donald, “What are you afraid of?”

Fox News, all in for Trump, has destroyed all credibility with latest “show”

The perils of Trump

How much of U.S. corporate profits comes from cronyism?

Battle over Oklahoma pro-life bill not over yet

World human rights group publishes policy to legalize prostitution everywhere

Hillary Clinton Premeditated Lies

Brazen. Premeditated. Liar.

Hillary’s lame defenses

U.S.-led airstrikes kill dozens of Islamic State fighters in Fallujah

…BBC: Killing of civilians in Fallujah rising

Islamic State seizes territory near Turkey border

…Vice: Thousands flee

…Ynet: Syrian rebels driven out

Islamic State losing revenue

President Obama gives one of the most repulsive speeches in American history in Hiroshima

8 Iranian missile launches since nuke deal signed

Danish art exhibit glorifies jihad

Professor claims “Neo-Nazi” Ben Shapiro’s campus lecture left students “brutalized”

Cruz explains how the media helped derail his campaign, vows to fight for party platform

Wolf: What to expect from RedState until November

Rubio prepares to become Trump’s Mini-Me

BDS: Israel supporters see successes and challenges with Protestant churches

The Clinton Foundation, hard cash, and political favors

Yes, Hillary was an enabler

Clinton’s OTHER Goldman Sachs problem

The Hiroshima bombing was right and necessary

The Islamic State has become everyone’s foe

Dear LGBT community: Resistance to you has nothing to do with being “phobic”

Fast and Furious guns still involved in Mexican mayhem

New law allows everyone to use NYC streets as “public restrooms”

Gun Sales Infographic

How journalists manipulate you into favoring big government

Russia’s Pacific pivot: The Moscow-Beijing shadow boxing continues

Bernie refuses to comment about socialism in Venezuela

Palin helps Ryan build big lead

Cruz vows to fight Trump on abortion

…LifeNews: Keep Republican platform pro-life

Kate Steinle Family

Kate’s family sues feds

Superbug in U.S.: Super true, super scary

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