The Workers’ party, panhandlers, and Iran’s idea of ‘obscene’: yesterday’s links

Donald Trump Workers Party

Donald Trump is pulling directly from the Communist Manifesto to rally support for the disenchanted working class. Panhandlers need nice trucks too, apparently. Iran is arresting people because they’re making “obscene” music videos.

Searching for the next Dead Sea Scrolls

World leaders are rattled by Obama’s naïveté

MPs warn voters being ‘conned’ as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after referendum

Land of the Free

Rubio Sells Out

Rubio sells out

…USA Today: Rubio all in for Donald Trump

…Caruso: Stop excusing Republicans like Rubio

…Resurgent: No, no, no, no

…Ace of Spades: Rubio babies stunned to learn he’s a professional politician

…HeatStreet: Moral collapse

…WaPo: Twitter didn’t buy it

Don’t let the 43 Republicans who voted for Obama’s transgender agenda spin their vote

Graham: Target is in “denial” over plummeting sales

Is anyone worried about the alt-right?

Environmental Gore, 10 years later

Know-it-all government works overtime to kill jobs and growth

“Guns in America” rape survivor continues to fight for gun rights

“We will never be silent”: Mississippi governor receives religious freedom award

A year after the Iranian deal

Not so fast! GOP committeeman warns Trump still has work to do to clinch nomination

Trump supporter: Anti-Trump Republicans should vent in private

Ugh. The Workers’ Party?!

Workers' Party

Cruz discusses whether a true conservative should vote for Trump

Trump spox avoiding simple questions

Greta goes full Soviet-style Trump propagandist

Why is Trump still trashing Cruz?

BBC silences discussion of Islamic terrorism and rape of young girls

Hillary can’t find footing

…Inquisitr: Urged to drop out

…Daily Mail: Hillary didn’t use password to protect PC

ISIS genocide against Christians intensifies

The year the Democrats turned against Israel

DOJ rushes to shield Hillary from conservative watchdog trying to hold her accountable

Hillary Clinton just had the Worst Week in Washington

MSNBC thrashes Hillary

Biden would be an excellent ‘slip-in’ candidate if Hillary Clinton falters

…BuzzPo: Is Biden warming up in the Dem’s bullpen?

A panhandler and his shiny new truck

The left’s “anti-Islamophobia” hero? Yeah, she hates Jews…

As silence, defiance goes on over dishonest edit, Couric’s proud legacy taking serious hit

Iran arrests 8 people for making “obscene” music video

Trump tells California farmers “there is no drought”

Rise of Trump tracks growing debate over global fascism

What other secrets lie in Donald Trump’s tax affairs?

Trump says Kissinger backs his foreign policy stance… but he begs to differ

Boko Haram razes five Borno villages

This is how a bloody U.S.-China war could start

Cruel hoax: The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

The collapse of Venezuela under socialism

…Townhall: WaPo editorial board averse to blaming socialism for Venezuela’s collapse

…Commentary Mag: Capitalism v. Socialism

Islamic State fighters appear to be hawking sex slaves online

Hidden dangers of the fight against the Islamic State

Meet the women training to defend their homeland from ISIS

Conservatives, it’s time to power down the left’s cultural heist

Let’s hear no more nonsense about moderation in Iran

Matalin: Austin Peterson for President

8 Bible verses on the dangers of being a lukewarm Christian

Hitler, Islam apologist and atheist

Worried about Hillary and Trump? This is how to limit the carnage…

…American Thinker: The worst choice ever

Trump v Judge

Trump v. Judge

…RedState: Judge releases documents Trump tried to hide

…CBS: Trump rails

…Politico: Judge acknowledges attacks

HIV/AIDS activists say they feel used after a meeting with Bernie

Trump wants you to listen to him, not the idiots that work for him

Trump and Susana: A study in contrasts

Deadbeat Donald: Manafort admits campaign out of cash

Trump: “There is nobody less of a fascist than Donald Trump”

McConnell pledges fealty to Trump

Trump spox has no idea what “3 inch fish” that Trump is talking about

Why Republicans should vote Libertarian this year (according to Libertarians)

After abortion racket threatened, Planned Parenthood seeks law to shut down investigative reporting

House committee wants to make Library of Congress go back to using “illegal alien”

Liberals now say that “to start a family” is “loathsome” and “offensive.” Seriously.

Let the Zika games begin

The “Palestine” hoax

Target market cap now down $10.5 billion in wake of boycott

Lawmaker burns traffic ticket, says they’re toothless

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