Memorial Day and more: yesterday’s links

Remembering Memorial Day

It was a light news weekend with Memorial Day and all, but some people were able to find their way into the cycle nevertheless. A good chunk of the links were dedicated to remembering the troops and their families who have made our freedom possible. We only wish we could have posted more.

Obama’s legacy: The terrorist cancer is growing

Barack Obama, pacifist

Would mass deportation pay for itself?

The State IG report is just the beginning for Hillary Clinton

Why both Clintons are unapologetic liars

Hillary – Career criminal

Ole Joe keeps looking better and better

Are the Clintons the real housing-crash villains?

Anne Graham Lotz warns US in last judgment stage

Addicted to jihad: Europe and U.S. try to break Islamic State’s grip on youths

What’s missing from this CNN headline about Kate Steinle family’s lawsuit?

He blew the whistle on a global financial firm

Gary Johnson wins Libertarian nomination

Western philosophy’s slow, ongoing and winnable struggle

Iran cancels participation in Hajj pilgrimage

Memorial Day: A place called Liberty

The Army Rangers honor America with song about what Memorial Day means to the troops

The NRA salutes those who serve

Dirtbags desecrate Vietnam War Memorial

Veteran Memorials in three states vandalized ahead of Memorial Day

Inside the leftist religion that worships bloodshed and mayhem

Bill Clinton Dirty Laundry

Why is Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry off limits?

Canada’s “Conservative” party votes to support same-sex marriage

Chris Christie has found an exciting new way to gamble with taxpayer money

State Rep. blocks school board from teaching the Declaration of Independence

Taking back our country from the PC police

Government report: EPA employees viewing porn at work, raking in cash while not working

Uh-oh: Police reinforcements pull out of Cleveland RNC gig over insurance concerns

Constitutional Conventions: What can 1787 teach about 2016?

Statism and the endgame of gender destruction

Iran-led push to retake Falluja from ISIS worries U.S.

What the Arab Spring can teach us about America’s populist revolution

700 migrants feared dead from shipwrecks in last few days alone

AZ sheriff tells citizens to “travel armed” after cartel threat

Hillary caught lying dead to rights

Hillary Clinton and the fault lines in feminism

Hillary campaign fundraising email reveals signs of panic

Clinton has been burying emails since she was First Lady

Hillary wants you to remember the 1990s

O’Reilly: How much trouble is Hillary really in?

Why millennial women are not voting for Hillary

Hillary and the IG

Kurdish forces in big push against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Islamic State sex slaves apparently being sold on Facebook for $8,000

Iran takes a lead in clearing Islamic state in Iraq

I don’t support Trump, but I also don’t support the judge releasing his Trump U. records

Mainstream media misses the point entirely on #NeverTrump

Libertarian dream ticket stumbles at convention

The ongoing international genocide we must acknowledge

Arabs using Christians to fight Israel

Klavan goes nuclear on Hillary’s pregnancy spot

Hillary’s emails: Lying in plain sight

Group seeks to bring 100 refugees to Arkansas yearly

Islamic discrimination against women

Will #BernieOrBust crowd vote Libertarian?

How might the U.S. deal with an aggressive Iran?

Rushdie: Islamic terrorism is a form of Islam

Driver plows through Kentucky memorial cross display

#NeverTrumper goes on brutal rampage

Watch Trump complain that his event wasn’t as big as MLK’s march on Washington

Trump’s vet speech disappoints vets

Trump ripped over how he referred to Memorial Day at Rolling Thunder event

Trump spoke at rally for POWs – the same vets he mocked for being captured

Dianny: Will there be gold Greek columns?

Why Trump chickened out

Trump makes a new kind of mistake

Many states continue to help the outlaw employers hire illegal aliens

Ted Cruz Delegates

Delegates, vote your conscience

…FLASHBACK: The crazy scenario where Cruz is the GOP nominee


Hillary and Trump leave Americans with angst, malaise and little confidence

Bernie the Bartender

Iran demands social media sites deliver data on its citizens

HuffPo blames conservative Christian “misogyny” for Baylor sex scandal

Sometimes, heads should roll (re: Katie “Gun Girl” Couric)

When will the media be held responsible for lies about guns?

Couric regrets “unnecessary mistake” of deceptive edit in gun documentary

Newspaper industry files federal suit against ad-blocking industry

Sanders calls out superdelegates over Hillary’s email report

Trump keeps attacking Republicans

The Republican nominee’s foray into interactive TV was an “early version of Netflix” but it didn’t catch on

Rubio apologizes for attacking Trump’s small hands

This is not a joke (re: #NeverTrump)

Baby Trump

The tough choice facing GOP politicians who criticized Trump

#NeverTrump doesn’t mean I’ll support a Libertarian

Did Bloomberg help Trump?

Memorial Day 2016

Courage is never wasted

Greater love hath no man

Chris Pratt posts Bible verse, Reagan video for Memorial Day

For love of country they accepted death

What heroes do

A Memorial Day tribute

Chick-fil-A applauded for this tribute to fallen heroes on #MemorialDay2016

Remembering those who gave all

Reflecting on our heroes

Brought to you by our Vets

A day for remembering not to forget

What Memorial Day is about

Honoring our fallen soldiers

On Memorial Day, it’s personal

The sacred sacrifice we honor today

Eight sobering reminders that freedom is not free

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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