Hillary’s emails again, Trump’s vet donations again, and Obamacare again: yesterday’s links

No Obamacare

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal keeps getting worse. Donald Trump’s veteran donations keep getting weird. Obamacare stinks. Nothing new under the sun.

World’s “largest Christian event”: 350K evangelicals march in Brazil

A very belated decision on cluster bombs and the Saudis

In Cleveland, Trump may need Cruz more than Cruz needs him

Big Pharma wants incentives to produce superbug-fighting antibiotics

…DailyHeadlines.net: “Extortion”

Graham: We need more Daniels

You get used to it

Vermont’s dirty Syrian secret

Reagan warned of a coming dictator

Saudis slam Iran’s role in Iraq

Reagan’s 1986 Memorial Day speech: “They stood for something and we own them something”

Kristol hints at “impressive” independent candidate

…Patriot Update: Inevitable at this point

Slovakia, Lithuania open pro- Israel parliamentary caucuses

In anti-BDS move, Italy bringing huge academic delegation to Israel

Depravity: Anti-Israel ‘pinkwashing’ group seeks boycott of ‘Tel Aviv Pride’ events

Want to defeat BDS? You need an army

Judeo-Christian moral principles vs. “Social justice” ideology

Wallace shreds Hillary apologist

Phoenix VA supervisor caught denying vets’ appointments

De Blasio cracks down on sodium, but public urination not a big deal anymore

…Townhall: NYC issuing salt fines

Is identity declared or discovered?

Feinstein dismisses Clinton email controversy: “Enough is enough”

For ISIS, Ramadan means jihad

Liberal hypocrisy on “tolerance” perfectly expressed

Harvard race protesters ignored liberal icon’s advice to tone down rhetoric, tactics

Violence escalates in socialist Venezuela

Super Warthog: Is the U.S. military set to unleash a new A-10?

Wheels are coming off California’s cap and trade looting scheme

More guns in hands of law-abiding citizens will make U.S. safer, NRA members say

These students totally support Hamas’ efforts to destroy Israel

Hillary’s “scar tissue” excuse for document destruction fails

Clinton campaign already kaput?

After 25 years, Americans are bored with Hillary Clinton – and it could stop her becoming the first female president

Hillary caught bragging about failed global health initiative 

Wallace tells Schiff: “I expect more from you”

Hillary ‘lost’ 2 years of emails to a ‘glitch’ when she was under investigation as the first lady, too

Dems urge Clinton to ignore Trump’s attacks

Daily News to Hillary: Drop out

What Obama’s bathroom directive really does

Those who warn America love America

VA declared thousands of living veterans dead, cut off their benefits

FDA fries family’s potato chip business with new cooking oil mandates

Is the EPA the lead cause of world hunger?

Son of Hamas calls out Obama, PC, CNN: “There is an Islamic problem”

Is the new Jordanian PM Israel’s new friend in the Middle East?

Hillary Clinton Federal Racketeering Indictment

Hillary racketeering story vanishes

Marco Rubio confidantes not sold on Senate run despite GOP push

Hillary’s emails now might finally take her down

Hillary doesn’t know how to fix the economy. Neither does Trump.

Nader’s heir: Green party candidate targets Hillary

U.S. marines hit with harsh new rules at Okinawa

Lowe recommends “13 Hours” and the left goes nuts

Goldstein: I’m considering voting for Gary Johnson

Libertarians let it all hang out in Florida

Brexit: “An off ramp from the road to serfdom”

Never Forget

Pope tells kids to embrace refugees

8 reasons you should consider homeschooling

Couric’s pathetic excuse

…Soshable: What Couric did is far worse than what Williams did

What teachers don’t want you to know

NATO Assembly calls for military buildup to deter Russian aggression

The peace of the patriot

Boko Haram victim talks about captivity

Matalin sees an end to 2-party system

Howe: It’s not enough that Trump lose. His supporters must lose, too.

Clueless legislators deter smokers from vaping

Levin: Sorry guys, but Trump is simply “not a conservative”

Stephen Hawking blasts Donald Trump as “demagogue”

We’ve seen Donald Trump’s type of populism in Africa, it always ends in tears

Hillary: How much guilt is guilty?

Your SCOTUS excuse for supporting Trump is weak and totally irrelevant

Netanyahu’s difficult political choices

What the Palestinian leadership really wants, Muslims in U.S. city shout death to America

Ed Stetzer believes evangelism should be Christians’ priority

Vietcong leader thanks anti-war protesters: “Extremely important to Vietnam’s victory”

As Christians we must engage in culture without getting absorbed by it

Hillary campaign begs

PM: Turkey-Israel reconciliation deal very close

Trump spends Memorial Day bashing judge. Again.

This feels less like an election and more like the establishment of a religion

Spiliakos: “I am not voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump”

Will the South China Sea crisis land on the UN Security Council’s plate?

Trump’s attack on Susana Martinez was a lie

Ex-CIA Director: Trump’s rhetoric is “feeding” ISIS recruitment

Beck skewers Rubio over Trump support

Tribal fighters recruited around Mosul to fight ISIS

Kristol’s third party rumors and what matters most

Now even Lufthansa won’t fly to Venezuela

Holder: Snowden performed a “public service” exposing the NSA

…No, Mr. Holder, it was not a “public service”

The guy who made Captain America a Nazi totally hates right-wingers

Turkey says it could seize Islamic State stronghold with US

Iraqi forces enter Fallujah

Philippine’s military claims to have killed 54 Islamic State militants

Ben Sasse Hope

Mr. Kristol, give us a conservative

Edmund Burke Triumph of Evil

This is why religion is so important to democracy

Sorry, vets, but Trump’s STILL not ready to tell you what he did with all that money he raised for you

The origins of capitalism

Hillary’s email story keeps getting worse

Meet Israel’s new Naval Iron Dome

Which prominent Republicans are planning on skipping the GOP convention?

…Fox News: No-shows threaten to undercut unity push

Japan fears North Korean attack

Google’s Memorial Day doodle is tiny

Benghazi committee finally questions drone pilots the Pentagon said were “unnecessary” witnesses

FBI gets warrentless email snooping added to two Senate bills

Protests backfire as anti-American images push undecided voters to Trump

…Soshable: Trump’s best campaigners are those who protest him

Trump is “the most liberal Republican US presidential candidate in years”

Why Trump is the next Walter White

Trump celebrates “an all Trump night on Fox News”

Kristol fires back at Trump: “So upset” by the mere mention of 3rd party challenger

EU takes on England

Under Obamacare, small business owner forced to get rid of health care benefits or face fine up to $500K

Christian school stands by biblical values despite risk of losing U.S. federal funding

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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