French may run, Cruz fights on, and Dems turn against Israel: yesterday’s links

Why Not David French

Relative unknown David French appears to be Bill Kristol’s pick to be the third party conservative candidate. Ted Cruz is taking his loss in stride and refocusing on helping America from the Senate. The Democratic party has no room for pro-Israel sentiment.

Couric apologizes

…Politistick: Phony apology for propaganda

…The Blaze: Gutfeld unloads on Couric

…Townhall: A history of Couric’s assault on the 2nd Amendment

The LGBT movement will self-destruct

Prayer is a virtue

How Hillary Clinton will squander the nuclear deal with Iran

5 reasons Cory Booker could be Hillary Clinton’s vice president

Here are Hillary’s email “misstatements”

Hillary falsely says she turned over ‘all’ of her emails

Clinton campaign has a brand new explanation for Hillary’s email setup

Hillary Tweets about fallen heroes on Memorial Day. The responses were predictable.

Doctors fear scarring bug disease brought to Europe by migrants

The left v. Israel

This is not the America my parents immigrated to in 1957

Special forces launch massive assault against Islamic State to rescue 50,000 hostages from Iraq stronghold

Islamic State “could be defeated in months”

Obama’s petroleum-based lies

USA Today Turns on Hillary

USA Today editorial board trashes Hillary

Will Hillary’s negatives stop #NeverTrump?

Team Hillary chair: She’d totally do her emails differently if given another chance

MSNBC focus group blasts Hillary

The EPA v. science

Law professor gets death threats for ‘Russian princess’ remark in transgender hearing

Cruz still fighting for We the People

Michigan dad yanks sons out of school after officials let girls use boys’ restroom

Iran to sign $3 billion power plant deal with Turkish companies: Hurriyet

Hello from Seoul: Christian defector broadcasts the gospel into North Korea

TPP: It’s a job-killing, sovereignty-busting, big-agra giveaway

5 Christian responses to willfully ignorant or arrogant atheists

Syrians, Palestinians buying fake Honduran identities to get into U.S.

Why we didn’t cover the gorilla story

Nets cover gorilla death 54X more than Chicago shootings

Netanyahu says willing to discuss Arab initiative for peace with Palestinians

Barone: Cities should have room for everyone

Worker’s compensation: Growing along with productivity

DePaul President compares thugs who shut down free speech to heroes of D-Day

Another missile test for North Korea, another SPECTACULAR failure

Socialism for the uninformed

BDS flounders amid string of humiliating defeats

…Politichicks: BDS can’t prevent entertainers from performing in Israel

Turkey urged to open border after Islamic State onslaught traps over 100,000 Syrians in small area

Donald Trump’s bar-stool foreign policy

Shady accounting underpins Trump’s wealth

On cutting-edge voter data, Trump critically behind Hillary

The list of Republicans skipping the GOP convention grows longer as Donald Trump seeks party unity

Hillary’s pop culture problem

The George Costanza defense

Shapiro: Hillary just whined about sexism in the most ridiculous way she ever has

Howe: “This is the dumbest, fakest, didn’t happenest thing Hillary ever said”

Sanders affirms he’s fighting through to the convention

$10.8M for childhood obesity including “Latino fathers promoting healthy youth behavior”

The Obama administration still refuses to sanction Tehran, despite its ongoing human rights violations

#NeverTrump: Be ready always to give a reason

Trump’s money is a myth. Will he bankrupt the RNC too?

Patterico: Trump, master persuader

If Obama was not the political savior, neither is Trump

Navy vet fights Baltimore over where he can park his food truck

These 7 short videos clear up myths about air pollution

Bash to Trump: “It is our job to ask questions”

Trump’s missing intellectuals

Trump change

Pat Buchanan is wrong about tariffs and trade

Epix pulls Couric documentary

Internet giants to go after “hate speech” in EU

Yes, the U.S. military is developing an “Iron Man” suit

Second Amendment takes another hit from D.C. Court of Appeals

Gary Johnson says he mostly agrees with Bernie Sanders

Is opposing federal overreach paranoid or patriotic?

Mothers are the government’s best allies against Islamic State recruiters

The Democratic party is anti-Israel

The transgender public accommodations agenda

Paul Ryan trouncing primary opponent. Thanks, Sarah Palin.

Trump is the ultimate tail-risk candidate, but voters aren’t focusing enough on how risky he is

Trump resorts to insulting reporters during heated press conference

How many Republicans switch their opinions on key issues to match Trump?

Every doctor at a hospital in Poland pledged to stop doing abortions. The hospital complied.

David French Third Party Candidate

David French, candidate?

…Hot Air: French is impressive – soldier, constitutional lawyer

…Daily Caller: Kristol’s choice?

…MSNBC: French interested, but a bigger name might take the plunge

…TNA: Why David French might be the perfect choice to defeat Trump, Hillary

…Dailywire: 5 things you need to know about David French

…Soshable: Like Ted Cruz without the baggage

…Resurgent: Reactions to the #FrenchRevolution

Former Trump U. workers call the school a “lie” and a “scheme” in testimony

Trump involved in crafting controversial Trump University ads, executive testified

Transgender bathroom debate likely headed to Supreme Court

Another global warming prediction bites the dust

North Korea Endorses Trump

North Korea endorses Trump

TIME: Trump is a “wise politician”

Independent: Hillary is “dull”

Caffeinated Thoughts: State media, not The Onion

Moonbattery: “Major endorsement”

China military buildup threatens U.S. dominance, not its security

Lawyer for Cheryl Mills blocked questions about Hillary’s server

Politifact on Hillary’s email practices being allowed: False

Hillary’s surrogates can’t keep her server story straight

Clinton claims she never told staffers to hide private email use

Pressure unrelenting to normalize LGBT on big screen

State Department issues terror warning for Americans travelling to Europe this summer

If Trump is an economic genius, your 100-yr-old aunt is a medical genius

Ban on second-trimester abortion procedure signed into law

Dali Lama speaks out against permanent refugee resettlement

SCOTUS passes on Constitutional challenge to death penalty

Election 2016

Poll: 71% of Dems think Hillary should keep running if indicted

The ever-lowering bar

Howe: “This is the dumbest, fakest, didn’t happenest thing Hillary ever said”

Corruption already undermining administration of Brazil’s new President

Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia despite intense persecution

Key info missing from UN report on Iran’s nuclear program

Is your nontransgender young daughter made to feel unsafe? The president says: Too bad, get used to it.

Retired army general cites Constitution, says Obama should be impeached

Clinton campaign attributes mounting problems to the “vast right-wing conspiracy”

This list shows Hillary doesn’t really care about veterans

Clinton camp dodges on death penalty questions

Math homework shows common sense lacking in Common Core

What Washington doesn’t get about Iran

Currency manipulation is alive and well in America

Experts say ISIS attacks likely in June

Birth of the modern revolver

Islamic State urges Muslims to destroy satellite TV sets

The ultimate argument for #NeverTrump

Here’s the REAL reason Trump is furious with the media

#1 concern: Is Trump a man of his word?

Wright: I stand with Glenn Beck and Brad Thor

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