By not endorsing Trump, Rick Snyder deserves a pat on the back

Rick Snyder

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has decided to not endorse Donald Trump.

I wish I could say that this was great news, but Snyder is arguably the worst Republican governor in the country. There are many reasons for conservatives to not like Snyder. He could easily be labeled as a Democrat based upon his actions since assuming office. Conservatives have bashed him over the years, but by not endorsing Trump, he’s earned a feather in his cap. This is a courageous move considering that Trump won the primary by a good margin back when there were plenty of options. Now that he’s the only option, it can be assumed that most Republicans in the state have hopped on the Trump Train.

Not Snyder. He’s doing what every Republican politician should consider: not getting dragged down for supporting someone that will likely embarrass the party and the country in a big way at some point in the coming months. Even if a politician believes that Trump will somehow shift his style (which he claims he won’t do) and start acting more Presidential the closer we get to election day, there’s still the surfacing reality that his policies are rapidly shifting to the left. He’s a liberal on every issue outside of immigration, which means that those supporting him are enabling his transformation of the Republican party into a version of the Democratic party that doesn’t embrace minorities.

It’s a losing endeavor.

Does that mean Republican lawmakers should endorse Hillary Clinton? Of course not! She’s potentially worse. When I say “potentially,” it’s because we have a good idea of how bad she will be. With Trump, Republicans are pinning their hopes on his competence outside of real estate and reality TV (which didn’t help his airline, mortgage company, football team, “university,” casinos… the list of his failures is yuge). His policy proposals are more aligned with Republicans than Hillary’s, but his insecurity combined with his embracing of foreign dictators and his penchant for attacking other Republicans could yield a much worse fate for both the party and the country.

Snyder is taking the high road. He’s focusing on what matters most for the people he represents. He’s pushing to retain control of the House and he’s addressing the needs of those affected by poor management below him. The only elected Republican officials who should get behind Trump are those who embrace bigger government, increased spending, expansion of entitlements, amateur foreign policy, and childish leadership style. Otherwise, it’s best to assume that one of the two liberal Democrats from New York are going to be President, which means we have to fight at the local, city, and state level to defend conservatism, the Constitution, and the country.

Many are claiming that they’re reluctantly hopping on board the Trump Train because they fear a Hillary White House. That’s a fair argument on the surface, but it’s also one that yields three possible results for those who support him:

  1. Hillary wins anyway and the willingness to back such a blatantly incompetent candidate demonstrates a lack of discernment.
  2. Trump wins and is a disaster as President, in which case those who supported him will be blamed for helping to propel the country into a tailspin.
  3. Trump wins and is miraculously able to acquire the knowledge, judgment, maturity, experience, temperament, and values to be a decent President. Considering where he stands currently regarding those attributes, it’s like buying a political lottery ticket. The chances of success are slim to none.

Those who kiss the ring, regardless of how reluctantly they do so, will be attaching their careers to a man so erratic that his policies can change multiple times in the same day. More importantly, they’re attaching their name to someone who will almost certainly harm the country one way or the other whether he wins or not.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.


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