Did Hannity embrace Trump for the ratings?

Sean Hannity Trump

The short answer to the question is, “not exactly.” Sean Hannity was an early media adopter of Donald Trump, notably receiving heat when Trump was still competing with Ted Cruz for the nomination. The conservative host of Fox News is now #2 ahead of Megan Kelly’s show in ratings and it can all be attributed to Trump.

Hannity sold out, but it wasn’t just for ratings. He sincerely believes that Trump is a good candidate. Chances are that he would have preferred a more conservative candidate, but he saw the writing on the wall early and figured that it would behoove him to jump on the Trump Train.

It worked.

Unlike most anti-Trump conservatives, I don’t have a negative view of Hannity. He’s ignorant for accepting Trump at face value and he’s sleazy for playing the role of ratings-whore rather than being a journalist, but that’s the name of the game. It’s a business and Hannity made a savvy move. I don’t view him negatively because he’s doing his job. He’s an entertainer first, journalist second (or third, or not at all). He’s paid to express opinions and to get others to express theirs. That’s why Trump was a perfect fit for him. Can we fault a guy for doing exactly what he’s paid to do?

With that said, I won’t be watching Hannity again. I don’t fault him for his actions, but I now realize how unethical he is forced to be in his role.

Scarlett Madison

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