Islamic State’s human shields, Fed’s cybersecurity, and Hillary’s a control freak: yesterday’s links

Islamic State Human Shields

The Islamic State, which some are saying have their backs against the ropes, are using tens of thousands of human shields to protect themselves. The Federal Reserve is getting hit regularly by cyberattacks. Hillary wants things done her way… EXACTLY her way.

Schools wait for state guidance before acting on federal transgender policy

Israel arrests Iranian journalist on terror suspicions

Libertarian Johnson allegedly tossed gun given by Peterson

Hillary’s potential email felonies

Clintons: Masters of the cover up

Islamic State using hundreds of families as human shields to protect Fallujah

Muslim mob kills Nigerian Christian over “blasphemous” Facebook post

At least one of Trump’s vet charities is a borderline scam

Latina Republicans spurn Trump

The conservative movement should look to its Depression-era roots

Set the agenda for conservatism’s next generation

Feds file lawsuit to seize San Bernardino shooter’s $275,000 life insurance payouts

Restoration begins on “Tomb of Jesus”

Meet Hollywood’s newest enemy to the 2nd Amendment

Viable Candidate

Hillary’s habits of haughtiness

Hillary has yet to hold single press conference in 2016

Dark clouds gather over Hillary

Obama makes June “LGBT Pride Month”

In defense of David French

…Morning Ledger: 5 facts about French

…NR: Preposterous? This year?

…Wolf: The French Revolution?

…Federalist: 3 stupidest reactions to David French’s potential run

Out of 1,037 Syrian refugees admitted in May, TWO were Christians

Colorado prosecutor: Marijuana-related murders are skyrocketing

20K committed to protest Hillary at DNC

Secretary of State Clinton failed at leadership and national security

The President is not your Life Coach

Planned Parenthood pushes California to convict reporters as felons for investigating abortion practices

Experts worry Trump is already endangering America’s alliances abroad

Trump University ‘playbooks’ offer glimpse of ruthless business practices

…LawNewz: A scheme that preyed on elderly and uneducated

Recent events make Trump 2016 look like Obama 2008

Bezos slams Trump for “working to freeze or chill the media”

Nigerian troops recover Viagra, other sex drugs from killed Boko Haram militants

Report: Tomah VA hospital story is one of “systemic failures”

…Dailywire: 7 things you need to know about Tomah

Goldstein: “I’d also consider voting for David French”

Iran: Christian prisoner on hunger strike in serious medical condition

Obama declares that all hospitals will do as he bids or else

Why doesn’t Hillary ever do a press conference?

Clinton’s Second Amendment: Why abolish it when you can ignore it?

Trump and Hillary: A tale of two unfit candidates for President

Clinton games the system. Again.

Immigration surges over the last two years

Hey conservatives, stop apologizing for the failures of liberalism

Trump apparently doesn’t know what the Brexit is

Glenn Beck’s prediction of censorship begins… those against Trump are being silenced

Dear Katie Couric: You’re everything wrong with “journalism”

The myth that empowers Islamic terrorism

Obama: A leader without a moral compass

George Mason U. prof. says patriots more dangerous than foreign terrorists

Russia is building a robot army. What could go wrong?

FDA shouldn’t be America’s nutrition nanny

Islamic State “stockpiling” chemical weapons

David French on the privilege of being an American

To be President, David French wouldn’t have to win the election

Who is David French?

Potential third party run and the female vote

Best-run states are heavily Republican

America’s best energy plan: More U.S. resources, less regulations

Trump Donation Timing Coincidental

Donation timing “coincidental”

NR: Trump and the long-delayed #1 million donation to veterans

Chuck Todd’s sudden Constitutional conscience

Where is the administration getting the money to fund these Obamacare programs?

Gender bending in elementary school bathroom

New evidence supporting school choice

Federal Reserve pummeled with cybersecurity breaches

CNN finds Somali war criminal working security at DC area airport

Creepers are setting up hidden cameras in women’s restrooms

Abandoned in a college laundry room, she graduated 32-years later from the same school

5 reasons Obama’s transgender school policy is foolish

Shapiro: Harambe scandal demonstrates the rise of American paganism

Over 1,000 academics sign anti-BDS petition

Will California’s leftist K-12 curriculum go national?

Shooting in UCLA “Gun Free Zone”

…Politistick: Media blames guns almost immediately

…YC: Debra Messing deletes politicizing Tweet

Trump U, veterans, and the willful suspension of disbelief

David Petraeus’ top officer in Iraq says Donald Trump is too dangerous to be president

Trump U sought out financially disadvantaged clients

…Redstate: Targeted single parents

Trump’s temperament problem

The saga over Donald Trump’s tax returns rolls on

Hillary Clinton Intense

How Hillary Clinton triggered Vince Foster’s suicide

Judge sides with RNC, orders Obama administration to release new Clinton emails

Controversial Hillary donor and fundraiser goes bust

Hillary’s amazing, insane, stupefying tsunami of lies, lies, lies, and lies

Sorry Mitch, your “list of accomplishments” sucks

Dear Donald: Allow an analyst to check your tax returns for us

Why U.S. adversaries love Trump

Harvard hires Iranian regime supporter who warned of “Jewish threat”

Hillary’s foreign policy predicament

Bad News

Is Reaganism dead?

NY Times: Register every gun. Fingerprint, photograph every gun owner.

Trump v. Hillary: November’s grim choice for conservatives

Massachusetts house passes bill legally abolishing biological sex

Equal Pay

PolitiFact is PolitiWrong on waterboarding

Note to down-ballot Republicans: It’s all about the Fed

US military eyes ‘extremist Islamic movement’ in Latin America

Cooke: What law, specifically, would have prevented the UCLA shooting?

Corruption key factor in Christian persecution worldwide

Amid surge, DHS tries scaring illegals from entering

What is “ban the box” and why should we care?

The natural tendency of tyrants

If you support Trump, write him a check. He needs it.

Why conservatives don’t become professors

McCain campaign resorts to misleading attacks to fend of conservative challenger

Trump University Scam

7 things you need to know about Trump U

…Politico: Inside Trump’s quest to boost Trump U

…Mediaite: Trump suggests he may reopen Trump U

…Patterico: Trump is a giant scumbag

Tapper: Journalists need to drop “personal bias,” call out State Department censorship

Obama proposes expanding Social Security benefits while the program careens toward insolvency

Someone is cyberattacking Israeli websites

Islamic State Bollywood

Syrians suspected of planning Islamic State attack arrested in Germany

UK troops use Bollywood music as ‘weapon’ against Islamic State

Israel has homegrown Islamic State threat in hand: adviser to PM

Panama Papers fallout – free speech

Conservatives beware: Johnson’s not with you

Obama defends transgender bathroom policy, says order is based on law

Call for action on religious freedom amendment

Antisemitism is a real problem on Twitter

Snowden brilliantly hits Hillary

High school under fire for biology test question promoting abortion

Judge Gonzolo Curiel

Trump: Judge with Mexican heritage has an “inherent conflict of interest”

…Erickson: Trump goes full racist

…Kelly: Trump out of line attacking judge’s ethnicity

…Business Insider: Trump’s racist comments are a diversionary tactic

Levin: The totalitarian climate leftists are on the move

Jacobs: My carefully considered views on the upcoming Presidential election

Graham: Islam puts women “behind a veil of horror”

Piers Morgan falsely claims UCLA shooter used a “machine gun”

Conservative writer bets Piers Morgan $100K to prove anti-gun claim

Louisiana’s top Common Core proponent countersues citizen in the interest of data suppression

Rick Snyder Not Endorsing Trump

By not endorsing Trump, Rick Snyder deserves a pat on the back

…Detroit News: “I’ve stayed out of the whole thing, and I’m going to continue to”

…Washington Post: It’s a good thing for Trump that he didn’t endorse

Why Muslims are becoming Christians in large numbers

Venezuela’s socialist failure endorses America’s socialist failure

Chicago sets grisly record with Memorial Day weekend violence

Brad Thor is right: “Death to tyrants” is as American as apple pie

As ISIS operations develop, candidates must plan ahead

Ginsburg and Sotomayor talk food at the Court

DOJ resists court order to provide ethics training for its lawyers and wants to hide the names of illegal aliens granted amnesty

Eric Trump

Eric Trump compares Trump U to Harvard. Seriously.

Trump gave conflicting answers about Trump U hiring

Trump might want to delete these Tweets about Super PACs

Mark Cuban: Donald Trump would be a “puppet president”

Texas Governor received Trump donation after dropping Trump U investigation

Obama again proves why he’s the greatest orator of our time!

Los Angeles Times goes wall-to-wall on school shootings, mentions Chicago in passing

Don’t let 5% unemployment fool you about California’s economic health

Students protest: Too many white teachers

A “Biblical” case for voting for Donald Trump (satire)

Christian Britain is dead

Ryan Holds Nose

Ryan holds nose for Trump

…Shapiro: Following his pattern of caving to Democrats

…Caruso: Could Ryan support GOP-slamming Trump? Now we know.

Gates Foundation chief admits Common Core mistakes

Why Steph Curry’s faith matters

The key to understanding Christian advocacy of free markets

Judge forces Ohio to continue funding Planned Parenthood

Federal officials delayed San Bernardino terrorist attack probe

Trigger warning: Hillary avoids press

Malkin: Hillary’s former IT tech is taking more Fifths than a liquor store burglar

Dianny to Hillary: “I can’t muster up the energy to even feel sorry for you”

Hillary hacked?

Turkey mad at Germany for calling Armenian genocide “genocide”

Hillary ironically describes her own foreign policy disaster

Hillary’s campaign edits out scene in Trump-bashing video featuring graffiti of Trump and Putin kissing

Hillary supports death penalty for Dylann Roof

More of Hillary’s victims wash ashore in Libya

TPP needs to be fixed before it can be passed

Academics across the world sign petition condemning BDS for double standards

Obama: Let’s make Social Security “more generous”

State Department report finds Iran is top state sponsor of terror

U.S. sees Islamic State Group spreading its tentacles

How Islamic terrorists infiltrate U.S. airport security

Momentum builds for Convention of States

Socialism always sounds great until you look at it

The obligation of family life: A response to modern liberalism

Trump will negotiate with new Axis of Evil but has no clue concerning national security

Trump tries to pretend he never said Japan should get nukes

Drezner: My crazy conspiracy theory for why Donald Trump now wants to be president

The problem with the government’s new small donor loan regulation

Thinking of voting libertarian? Think again.

UC Irvine College Republicans to hand out baby pacifiers to students in campus “safe zone”

Hillary Clinton Control Freak

Control freak

NYC releases list of 31 genders landlords and employers must recognize

The problem with CNN poll showing opposition to North Carolina’s bathroom law

Dream ticket? Libertarians pick globalist liberal as VP nominee

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