Ayatollah won’t work with U.S., French can win, and Trump is dumb: yesterday’s links

Ayatollah Khamenei

OK, she’s making this WAY too easy: Hillary says she’s “like an archaeological dig”

Howard Dean worries the Democratic ticket will be too old

Robot Hillary planted questions with her own fans

Leftist Susan Sarandon: Hillary “more dangerous” than Trump

#PPSellsBabyParts scandal gets even more disgusting: This request for a ‘forecast’ will make you sick

Foreign investment in Israel flourishes despite BDS movement

Oops: State Department says ISIS, Iran biggest world threats… not global warming

Smuggling network brings aliens with terrorist ties across U.S. border

Donald Trump is Unintelligent

Trump quotes, compiled

…Mediaite: Trump claims quotes were made up

…The Guardian: Nope, he literally said all of them

…Politifact: Yes, Trump did call climate change a Chinese hoax

Cruz: Learning the lesson of Tiananmen Square – and reminding China

New evidence indicates Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting broke the law

…Chicks on the Right: Emails asked for a “pancreas forecast”

What’s good (and what’s horrible) in the Senate defense bill

Obama military joins Gay Mafia in silencing Christian speaker

The essence of socialism: Police firing tear gas at protesters desperate for food

Genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians recognized by Germany. Turkey throws tantrum.

Chinese crackdown on Christians continues as church members threatened

Surprise! Obamacare costs rising higher and higher and higher and…

Oppose the Veterans First Act

Wolf: A vote for #NeverTrump is NOT a vote for Hillary

Vox: Trump is blatantly racist and the media is too scared to call him out on it

Trump endorses Hillary… for jail

New study claims if you oppose abortion, it’s because you’re just sexist and hate women

“Boko Haram is 100% a Muslim Problem,” says Sheikh

WaPo turns on Ryan after Trump endorsement

The BBC should be renamed the “British Brainwashing Corporation”

Why Ted Cruz and every discerning Republican should renounce Trump

Veteran writes open letter to Cruz and it’s catching fire

Cruz touts bill as ‘last chance’ to delay internet domain handoff

Noonan: The GOP split is long overdue — and a step in the right direction

Obama: Again, I’m not going to take your guns… believe me

Vox idiot suspended but not fired for encouraging violence


Hannity surges on Trump’s coattails

…TNA: Did Hannity embrace Trump for the ratings?

Iraqi Christian details how ISIS fighters “married” her only for rape

Even Trumpster Kayleigh McEnany is blasting Trump for latest attacks

Trump’s confusing flip-flop on New Mexico Governor

This is why Donald Trump is so mad at Morning Joe

…Dianny: I warned you

Trump campaign allegedly ejects reporter for… reporting

Christian leaders to meet Trump in search of common cause, but at what cost?

Jumping in fleet first to save the military

Gun doc creator not sorry about brazenly biased edit

How the American left made political violence the new normal

We have a right to know who lied to us about Iran

…Legal Insurrection: Obama press adviser attacks Fox News over clarification questions

David French could win

How David French could be President

…The Hill: Who is David French?

…Dailywire: No, David French is not a hypocrite on voting for Trump

…Newsmax: David French was Romney’s evangelical organizer

…ABC: 6 things to know about French

The false hope of the Trump intellectuals

Trump, legal experts fear, “Is how authoritarianism starts”

Fox News panel agrees with Hillary Clinton’s takedown of Trump, hates that Clinton delivered it

…NR: Hillary exploits GOP identity crisis

State Department: ISIS posed greatest global threat last year

Obama claims he and Hillary aren’t trying to disarm America

Middle East peace talks open without Israeli, Palestinian representatives

Anti-capitalism, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic party

Benghazi: How Obama, Hillary and their media allies won an election by lying to the American people

Benghazi survivor has harsh words for Hillary

Wearing orange doesn’t prevent violence

PROFIT! StemExpress sold baby body parts at 4-6 times cost

Harry Reid is preparing for a vacant Senate seat in Mass. in case of all-estrogen ticket

Are there no consequences for Katie Couric?

Social insecurity

Did the Roman Catholic Church work to create socialism in the United States?

Who’s behind Glenn Beck’s suspension on SiriusXM?

Minnesota Islamic State

Minnesota ISIS men found guilty

Schlussel: They did WHAT?!

Growing concern for German churches: Muslim refugees harassing Christians

DHS quietly moving, releasing vanloads of illegal aliens away from border

Abortionist who killed a woman caught running illegal, unlicensed abortion clinic in Maryland

The case for David French

…Politistick: French receives Ronald Reagan Award

Meet David French: Defender of the faith and defeater of Trump?

6 examples highlight serious problems with Obama’s bathroom rule

Inside RNC’s stealth push for talk radio to save GOP

Why Obama’s Social Security proposal would screw over millennials


Job growth in May worst in 5 years

Ted Cruz for Senate

Russian hopes for Iran trade boom run aground at Caspian port

Ayatollah rules out cooperation with U.S. against Islamic State

…Haaretz: Willing to work with Sunnis

In fighting Islamic State, Iraq’s Shiite militias threaten to ignite a sectarian mess

Obama uses Bible, faith to defend transgender bathroom order

…Conservative Firing Line: Obama invokes the Golden Rule

Iran’s Khamenei says U.S., “evil” Britain can’t be trusted

Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary friend fires tear gas at protesters chanting for food

Can Puerto Rico be saved?

Trump Rally Violence

Protesters take to the streets after Trump rally in San Jose

…Erickson: Hillary needs to forcefully condemn this

…TNA: If Hillary is a leader, she’ll call for an end of violence at Trump rallies

Couric: More reality TV star than journalist

Noonan: A party divided, and none too soon

A vote against Trump is NOT a vote for Clinton

Report of 45.8 millions enslaved people underestimates problem, offers wrong solution

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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