Trump dumps vets, French dumps bid, the left dumps science: yesterday’s links

Donald Trump Workers Party

Donald Trump loves veterans so much that he refused to hire some or even fired them when they had to report to reserve duty. David French, who never announced that he would run for the Presidency, announces that he isn’t running for the Presidency. The left is a joke… about science.

GOP governor stops acting like a Republican and immediately sees results–but it’s not good

Some questions about what Republicans who endorse Trump are thinking

Trump: “Look at my African American over here”

Continetti: Tepid Republican enthusiasm spells trouble for Trump

IRS spends billions in welfare for grifters here and around the world

Gary Johnson: Yeah, I’d probably pardon Edward Snowden

Archaeologists vs robbers in Israel’s race to find ancient scrolls

Any more questions?

UN adopts “education” plan to indoctrinate children in globalism

Yes, Pittsburgh, the First Amendment applies to pro-life people, too

Gonzalo Curiel is tougher on Mexican border crime than Trump by a mile

10 sales secrets from Trump U

Trump continuously interrupts Jake Tapper when asked about racial attacks on judge

Army bans Christian war hero from prayer breakfast

Trump treads on the Constitution

Kudlow: A business recession looms

The truth behind “Fast and Furious” is finally coming out

Former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry: Transgender movement “collaborating with madness”

What nobody’s talking about: Democrat disunity

Hundreds of pro-life pastors seek political offices to fight the culture of death

Ten-Year Stint if Hacked

Ten-year stint if hacked

Albright says Hillary isn’t guilty because her emails didn’t kill anyone

Brutal truth about Hillary and her “secrets”

Afghani with ties to Taliban found 15 miles into Arizona, smuggled across US border

1600 more coal miners lost they’re job. The Democratic party is losing most of them.

Students sue North Carolina State University for regulating religious speech

Supreme Court should protect workers against government-union collusion

Calif. school calls sheriff to stop 7-year-old from handing out Bible verses

While the VA lets vets die in line, it focuses on paying for transgender surgeries Trump donations went to poorly rated veterans’ charities

Superdelegates may feel the Bern if Hillary loses California

Schools level outrageous punishment on children who opt out of government tests

Transgender “girl” competes in girls’ track tournament. Dominates. Actual girls feel cheated.

America’s rifle: Building a relationship with your AR

State mismanagement meant Cover Oregon Obamacare exchange doomed from the start

How Hilary’s foreign policy “succeeded” for Iran

Insane: Firefighters called terrorists for putting American flag on their truck

Hillary isn’t funny

Students don’t understand how socialism will affect them

Christians face “bloodless persecution” in U.S. amid “severest threats” to religious freedom

I’m guessing Trump isn’t winning over many black voters this weekend

Nancy French: Thanks for the marriage counseling, Politico

Trump Tweet features fake photo of black Trump supporters

Sexism Compiled
Sexism, compiled

How Bernie’s socialism funds massive income inequality

Yes, terrorists are setting their sights on our open southern border

David French Not Running

French: Why I’m not running

ICE covered up a high recidivism rate of illegals

Hillary refuses to admit right to bear arms is Constitutional

Wallace to Clinton campaign chair: Isn’t Hillary a “target-rich environment” for Trump?

Sanders: “I have a problem” with Clinton Foundation – “Conflict of interest”

Netanyahu “said yes” to regional peace efforts in call with Kerry

Newt Gingrich Donald Trump

Newt: Judge attacks one of Trump’s “worst mistakes”

…RedState: Newt breaks rank

…Hot Air: “Inexcusable”

…TNA: Why Newt is right and most of Trump’s other supporters and endorses are fools

Secretary without honor

Hillary’s failing health on display. Again.

Bloomberg gun control group gives nanny state’s seal of approval to Hillary

Hillary assigns blame for San Bernardino attack… and it’s not on Islamic terrorists

Bill accuses Republicans of “slobbering all over” Hillary

Brzezinksi: Hillary’s foreign policy speech didn’t have much foreign policy in it 

LA Times gives absurd reason for endorsing Clinton

How scientists neglect God and man

This is reprehensible

California to extend Obamacare to illegal immigrants using “innovation waiver”

Trump endorses one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress

$10 for one egg. Thanks, socialism.

Military uncovers plot by Boko Haram to bomb Nigeria during Ramadan

Why the FDA’s updated nutrition facts label is a stinker

Trump Military Discrimination
Trump dumped vets over reserve duty

…Redstate: Trump loves veterans so much that he fires them for reserve duty

…HuffPo: Third veteran dumped by Trump

Kurds fighting the Islamic State are trying to navigate between the US and Iran

DHS makes America less secure by helping illegals invade

Irony: Cuomo signs executive order divesting BDS

#NeverDrunkUnkleOrRobotGrandma: Shapiro leaves anchor laughing so hard he forgot his point

Dear evangelicals: How can you support either candidate?

Why Christian conservatives should seriously consider #NeverTrump

Overpopulation pushing Israel to the edge

It took 7 years, but California just proved every single conservative critic right about Obamacare

Hillary’s uncontrollable cough is back

In addition to being a corrupt liar, Hillary is also extremely unlikable

Hillary spox insists she doesn’t have “reluctance” talking to the press

Obama collaborates with madness

Secret Service agent to release tell-all book about the Clinton White House and the culture that “sickened” him

Sanders digs heels in for contested convention

Global gun control advocates to meet in NYC to set UN disarmament agenda

State regulators claim Trump U fraud case was dropped in 2010 for “political” reasons

Heads You Lose

4 things liberals have redefined in the age of Obama

Nigerian Christians demand protection after woman killed for insulting Islam

Hamas founder’s gay grandson seeks refuge in New York City after dad threatens to kill him for converting to Christianity

After judge Curiel, what will endorsing Trump do to GOP candidates?

Once a Trump target, McCain now finds their political fates intertwined

Paul Ryan’s jarring Trump sellout

Conservatives to Trump: “You may have won the nomination, but you haven’t closed the deal”

Trump’s interview with Tapper is a rambling disaster

Venezuela on the verge of collapse

How the U.S. Navy plans to dominate battles of the future: Killer lasers

Latest feminist outrage: X-Men billboard

Stephanopoulos commits random act of journalism

Chaffetz: Kerry should answer for Iran video edit

The next U.S. President must restore America’s leadership on the world stage

Top 6 reasons Bernie will run 3rd-party

Donald Trump New Low
Getting worse, not better

…Kuznicki: Mad lib candidacy

…Haven: America first… the right way

…CBS: Trump thinks “it’s possible” a Muslim judge would be unfair, too

…Gov. Whitman: Why I won’t vote for Trump

…WaPo: Trump draws rebuke from a fretful GOP

…Washington Examiner: Trump’s attack on a judge’s Mexican heritage is an attack on the American Idea

Saudi Arabia and Iran getting ready for next epic oil market battle

Question for the House GOP: What gives?

Trump confronted on whether Japan should acquire nuclear weapons

A brief history of American isolationism

Hillary’s emails outed CIA operatives

U.S. rolls out red carpet for transgender illegals

Faith group rolls out ad in North Carolina over transgender bathrooms

Clinton indictment nearly inevitable now

How the left is destroying science

Dear GOP convention delegates: Declare your independence

Tax and spend Republicans

Trump’s bold vision for reshaping the map may be hampered by his own “malpractice”

Time for federal licensing of journalists

Utah sheriff threatens US Rangers, BLM to protect public lands

Syrian troops reach Raqqa province, IS fighting on 4 fronts

Trump to meet with N.M. Gov. Susana Martinez “in near future”

Keep biometric database under wraps, urges FBI

How Trump never said he wants Japan to have nukes

Why is Barack Obama warning Americans “to be prepared for a disaster?”

Socialism in action: Of Sweden’s 163,000 migrants in 2015, only 0.3% have a job

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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