Lazy millennials, corrupt Greenpeace, and an abortion spa: yesterday’s links

Abortion Spa

It’s never good to create or use stereotypes, but millennials might be worth making an exception. Greenpeace is under fire. Abortion should be comfortable, secure, and… enjoyable?

World Bank downgrades forecast for 2016 global economy. Again.

Rhodes: White House “fully expected” Iran to continue “support for terrorism”

Climate model true believers are the ones taking an unscientific approach

DC minimum wage hikes trigger massive layoffs, so they respond with higher wages

GOP Senators starting to flee Trump

…RedState: Trump says those withdrawing endorsement need to “get over it”

…Ace of Spades: So, who’s the GOP going to install as its nominee instead of Trump?

…Graham: It’s time for Republicans to start un-endorsing Trump

Gay mullah flees Iran over secret same-sex weddings

The right way to fight poverty (and why Paul Ryan’s plan misses the mark)

Mom, baby with Down Syndrome tells doc who suggested abortion: “You were so very wrong”

Enslaved press to Hillary’s rescue

State Department basically claims Hillary’s emails will never be released

Malkin: Hillary celebrates making history as first candidate under FBI investigation married to impeached ex-president to clinch nomination

Trump’s thin skin v. Hillary’s thick head

Boston Globe: 30% of released criminal aliens commit new crimes

The rise of gangs and heroin addiction in the U.S.

Can you guess what happened when Dana Loesch challenged “Under the Gun” director to a debate?

Dangerous Jobs

Chastised Trump tries to hit the reset button on a bad week

Donald Trump gets middle-class tax relief, again

The Trump non-sequitur

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump made “textbook definition of a racist comment”

McConnell: 2016 is a “lesser of two evils election”

Limbaugh: Obama, immigration propaganda, and our national identity

Kerry: “Successful” Iran nuclear deal a “model” for how to deal with North Korea

Trump campaign threatened Nancy French

…Politico: David as well

A liberal bailout of Puerto Rico takes shape in a “conservative” Congress

Sons of Liberty International: Fighting ISIS and supporting the Christian community in Iraq

Never Anybody

#NeverTrump 2.0

…Shapiro: GOP struggles with supporting Trump but expects everyone to do it

…GOP Senator: “Cannot and will not support” Donald Trump for president

…WaPo: The GOP’s worsening Donald Trump problem, in one very painful interview

Expensive and useless: America’s botched Afghanistan aid

Higher minimum wage not a panacea for all

Russia builds military presence on border as NATO engages in large war games

Dismal jobs numbers prove need for pro-growth tax reform

Trump’s first congressional endorsement gets crushed

…Politico: Renee Ellmers is Trump’s first Congressional endorsement victim

…The Hill: Conservative groups cheer

…Resurgent: Endorsement goes down in flames

Obama’s refugee policy: Yes to potential terrorists, no to genocide victims

Mike Lee is trying to keep women out of the draft

Local synagogue goes global with crash coarse on threats to Christians and Jews

Mother of girl who lost race to transgender athlete speaks out

How fiat money destroys currencies

Buzzfeed chairman to host Democratic fundraiser following site’s RNC flap

Trump talks about judge six hours after press release saying he won’t talk about judge

Berman: Trump is exactly what we thought he was

Christians and Donald Trump

Goodwin: Donald Trump is doing a great job if he’s trying to lose

Trump’s trade fallacies

Obama touts Cuba relations while it still appears on U.S. terrorist list

Obama tries to pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist

Despite concern, Israel sees Jordan surviving ISIS threat

New anti-gun control ads focus on women, transgenders

Cruz on supporting Trump

Cruz’s response when asked if he’ll support Trump

Cruz: Trump’s attacks on judge “inappropriate”

Trump endorsers can’t disown his comments

Krauthammer: Trump “revealing who he is”

Republican Senators rail against Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel

Kasich joins chorus of Republicans speaking out against Trump’s racist comments

Train wreck: Twitter skewers Trump spokeswoman over interview on “Mexican” judge

Rubio’s response to Trump’s attack on judge

BDS: Terrorism by other means

Obama’s refugee policy: Yes to potential terrorists, no to genocide victims

Hillary Clinton and the “FBI Primary”

Democratic campaign chair: Country not ready for two women

Secret Google deal with Hillary’s campaign exposed by Wikileaks?

What Hillary did just before Vince Foster killed himself

Does Hillary have her own college problem?

Former Clinton staffer seeks to conceal immunity deal

Deace: A word to the convention delegates

In Minneapolis, FBI director outlines threats posed by Islamic State

…The Blaze: Still the number one threat facing the U.S.

Cruz spars with McCain over defense policy bill

Reagan’s son: The whole family is insulted by those comparing Trump to my father – Video

Trump turns to derided teleprompter on election night amid controversy

No bias evident in key Trump U rulings

Boy, the Trump campaign sure looks ready for prime time, doesn’t it?

They pretend they don’t get #NeverTrump

The socialism seduction v. capitalism

Report: Facebook targeting gun companies and 2nd Amendment advocates

Lazy millennials, 16% out to sabotage employers

Nigeria, battling Boko Haram in north, faces new threat from “Niger Delta Avengers” in south

“Since I became a Christian I fear no one”: Refugee explains mass conversions from Islam

Third Party 7-State Plan

Third-party 7-state plan

…RedState: Nobody likes anybody: 24% want another option other than Trump/Clinton

…David French: An independent run is more realistic than you think

…Strident Conservative: Polls show French is right about a Trump/Hillary alternative

Jeff Flake: Maybe this judge kerfuffle will inspire a convention challenge to Trump

New Jersey adopts new standards to replace Common Core

Surge in unaccompanied children from Central America now starting

Salon tries to blame white people for mass gun violence, fails miserably

Barack Obama, gun salesman?

Sowell: Is personal responsibility obsolete?

Greenpeace slapped with RICO lawsuit

How the Islamic State group is winning the media war

The girls learning science in defiance of Boko Haram

Iran calls congressmen’s attempt to visit Iran, verify nuclear deal a “publicity stunt”

Military readiness investments must be offset by spending cuts

Abortion “spa” launches crowdfunding campaign to fund new abortion center in Atlanta

Hillary Clinton has delegates to clinch nomination

Hillary finally talks to press, isn’t asked about emails

Four ways Hillary Clinton will work to end gun ownership as president

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

Russia to provide Iran with €2.5 billion infrastructure loan

The left’s not-so-secret agenda for bailing out union pensions

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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