Ryan’s purgatory, Muslim migrants, and Trump’s pee-pee: yesterday’s links

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is in an awkward position of needing to support Donald Trump. Top spy warns of Muslim migrants. Donald Trump has a pee-pee problem.

Tel Aviv market terror attack: Media mess ups

…Algemeiner: Eyewitness recalls seeing uneaten birthday cakes next to pools of blood

Clinton says she won’t be indicted because she never emailed classified material

VP Warren?

Clinton’s trainwreck interview

Support for Clinton is laughably lukewarm

More than 100 million working-age Americans do not have jobs

Christian church takes on Islam with crystal clear message . . . and they’re not apologizing for it

Pro-lifers hit the road with message, ear plugs

Momentum builds to stop Trump at convention

Confessions of a Trump-skeptical conservative

Trump allegedly tried to get into business with Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi

Cruz proposes bill to keep U.S. from giving up internet governance role

Report: Obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part time work

Two establishments, two failures

Hugh Hewitt: Dump Trump at convention

…Dailywire: “The plane is headed towards the mountain”

Walker withholds Trump endorsement

…RedState: Rumors say Walker would accept nomination if things get weird at convention

Conservative wins Boehner House seat

DHS ordered to create off-duty conduct policy after Secret Service scandals

Clinton’s foreign policy speech shows disconnect with military families

Obama’s tax proposals would hamper investment, pass on higher costs to consumers

Dreadful Choice

America’s dreadful choice

Bernie’s comment on dead campaign: “The struggle continues”

…The Blaze: “Fight to Philadelphia”

Greece furious Muslim prayers being held at former Greek Orthodox Christian church in Istanbul

Ted Cruz: I’m still ‘assessing’ whether or not I’ll support Donald Trump

Trans theory is a war against reality

…New American: NYC spends $265k of taxpayer money to promote transgender bathroom policy

Obama prolongs unwinnable wars

Nearly a year since nuclear deal, Tom Cotton alarmed by “empowerment of Iran”

With Hillary, Democrats nominate the worst caricature of themselves

Hillary’s emails “could have compromised CIA names”

Hillary’s Russian reset, terrorism, and the threat to Israel

Another Katie Couric documentary is under fire for deceptive editing

Videos: CNN depicts Hillary Clinton as glowing “golden god”

Hillary Clinton lies… a lot

Can they tame Trump?

White House spin on Iran ommissions doesn’t include denial of deception

…Algemeiner: NPR ignores biased coverage, truth about pro-Iran mouthpiece


Paul Ryan’s purgatory

Goldberg: Endorsement a bitter pill to swallow

Oklahoma governor signs bill to educate that abortion kills a human being

8 dirty tricks Obama used… and doesn’t want you to remember

Ahead of Brexit vote, support for EU falls across Europe

Bilderberg 2016 has a very pro-EU guest list

Paul Ryan gives up his “admirable” stand against Donald Trump and fails conservatives

The left’s mobocracy

The necessity of the Bill of Rights

Should Republicans change the convention rules and replace Trump?

Saunders: The GOP’s halfhearted support of Trump will be wholly unsuccessful

Former Cruz campaign officials push for delegate coup at GOP convention

DC’s $15 minimum wage will dim employment prospects for younger, less-skilled workers

Obama rips the Constitution for not mandating socialism

The party of bitter, elderly liberals doesn’t think you should have guns

You won’t believe how much Hillary’s support has shrunk since 2008

Firm with close Clinton ties lobbied for Islamic bank accused of financing terrorism

Hillary admits “one or two instances slipped through the cracks” on Clinton Foundation disclosures

Twin congressional bills seek to counter Russian propaganda with… propaganda

With Rand Paul’s reluctant consent, Congress grants EPA more power

If you save sex for marriage, you’re less likely to get divorced

Trump is a “clear and present danger” to the U.S. economy

Trump’s pee-pee problem

Trump University judge unseals Donald Trump video testimony

Examining the deleted tweets of Donald Trump

Trump isn’t the cure for RINO disease – he IS the disease!

Cruz’s NJ director would “love to see” delegate revolt against Trump

Pelosi staffer taunts Ryan with fake press release about hiding from Trump reporters

Congress should look toward legislative branch appropriations bill as a starting point for spending cuts

HuffPo editorial calls for attacks on Trump supporters and GOP

California’s election news MSM isn’t reporting

Uh oh: More than 200 doctors call for moving or postponing Rio Olympics

Yazidis in Iraq who escaped the Islamic State are being ignored because they’re not “Refugees”

29 Christians tortured by Hindu extremists for refusing to forsake Christ

Mitch McConnel RINO

McConnell complains about “unreasonable” conservatives, points blame at talk radio

Trump is wrong: Why court political disaster for something so meaningless?

Regressive media applaud the San Jose violence

School district grapples with the transgender debate

Snowflakes on the rampage

School district freezes fed bathroom policy after father pulls out 3 sons from school over issue

The U.S. should withdraw from the U.N. framework convention on climate change

Senators ready bill to stop DOJ from bankrolling liberal groups

Russia’s 6th generation stealth fighter will be a hypersonic beast

Senate Homeland Security chair: “Islamic terrorists” are the “root cause” of airport waits

Distributor: Remove Couric’s misleading inverviews

Obama drains $500M From Zika response to U.N. Climate Fund

Protecting the nation’s environment from the EPA

Trump advisor: Hugh Hewitt should be banned from the convention for calling for our leader’s ouster

Morning Joe goes after Trump on racism. Again. Harder.

7 reasons Trump might not be the nominee

Safer with me

America’s top spy discusses why we can’t take in Muslim migrants

Venezuelan socialism fails at feeding the children

The dangerous rise of scientism

Thanks, Obama: Health care premiums up in 45 states

After Trump hired Daniel Petrocelli to defend him in the Trump U case, the lawyer donated the maximum amount allowed… to the Clinton campaign.

Islamic State withdraws from northwest Syria frontlines


Trump urged Obama on climate change

The method of Mises: A priori and reality

“Time will tell” if Cruz ever endorses Trump

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