Iran’s long con, concealed carry blasted, illegals flaunting grades: yesterday’s links


Iran is moving into Iraq to fight the Islamic State, but there’s much more to it than that. The 2nd Amendment took a hit as California says concealed carry isn’t protected. Illegal immigrant students flaunt their grades… and get called out for it.

Snyder signs new “abortion coercion” penalties into law

Forget manipulative editing. Couric’s team likely broke the law.

Academic arrogance at work

Trump and the down-ballot

Kasich on Trump endorsement: “Why would I?”

Republicans: There’s still time to ditch Donald Trump

Trump to give speech near the site of a Civil War battle he made up?

Trump thought Paris Hilton was beautiful at age 12, watched her sex tape with Melania

Cruz co-sponsors legislation to help return art stolen by Nazis

The NY Times’ failing logic

Iran’s long con in Iraq

Weak U.S. response to missile testing allows Iran to continue nefarious conduct

Russia, Iran, Syria ministers to discuss military cooperation

The world’s deadliest terrorist group pledged allegiance to ISIS — but the US doesn’t see any direct links

Networks ignore State Department’s order to investigate manipulated video

Jihadis without a cause

Hillary Clinches

The Clinton University scandal?

New Islamic State “kill lists” target ordinary Americans

Trump fails to denounce antisemitic trolls

Trump’s son-in-law quietly on the rise

Rubio still sorta kinda maybe supports Trump but thinks he’s unfit

Pope to meet Auschwitz survivors

Can victories against Islamic State last without support of Sunnis?

Queen Hillary

Fear the queen

To those retracting support for Trump: Did you really think he’d change?

California’s culture war against religious liberty

…Spectator: Naturally, the Golden State wants to lead the totalitarian way

Who threatens Democracy?

America needs to get serious about the looming recession

To survive, Israel must unite

Public universities can’t yank funding from students in retaliation for their speech

Gary Johnson needs to answer which action Obama took on immigration he’s okay with

FCC: Obamaphone fraud breaks half a billion dollars

Regarding the level of absurdity our culture has reached with respect to the whole transgender bathroom issue

Concealed Carry

Court rules against concealed carry

…Cooke: Next step, if any, will be the Supreme Court

…Politistick: applicants required to show “good cause”

…WTVM: Alabama Attorney General denounces CA ruling on 2nd Amendment

…Dailywire: Way paved for ending gun rights

University of Texas student flaunts full ride as an illegal

National Security Task Force offers “clear-eyed view of the world”

Hillary’s truth problem

Hillary has made our politics worse

Hillary censors paperback version of Hard Choices

House GOP plan does not include Trump’s Mexican-funded border wall or Muslim ban

U.S. taxpayers are funding Iran’s military expansion

Ryan security plan stresses border control, immigration

Cotton: Terrorists remaining at Gitmo are “hardest of the hardcore”

Is it fair to allow transgendered males to compete against women in sporting events?

The anti-Israel left suffers rare, close, and welcome defeat in academia

Netanyahu to Jewish leaders in Moscow: Syrian omelet can’t be put back in the egg

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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