Trump revokes press credentials because… you guessed it… they treated him unfairly

Donald Trump Crybaby

To anyone who believes that America needs to pull away from anti-Constitutional liberalism espoused by nearly every elected Democrat and a majority of elected Republicans, add Donald Trump to the list. He should have been there already, but in one move he has officially spat upon the Bill of Rights.

The Tweet ominously leads to a Facebook post…

The Washington Post is a liberal publication. That much we know. Ted Cruz and others who ran for the nomination have called out the publication for their bias, but they never went so far as to eliminate them from events. Why? Because the Freedom of the Press as outlined in the 1st Amendment must be defended even when the “press” is biased and unfair to Republicans.

Trump hates criticism. We know that. We also know that it’s the easiest way to get under his skin and force him to make horribly bad and childish decisions. World leaders know that. It’s probably the biggest reason that leaders in Russia, North Korea, and China view Trump as an ideal candidate and have gone so far as to endorse him to some extent. They know they can easily manipulate his feeble mind to do their bidding.

Authoritarianism has no place in a free country. Donald Trump is the worst kind of authoritarian in that he mixes a feeling of self-privilege with an inadequacy in decision-making skills. This attack on the 1st Amendment is just the latest in a string of idiotic moves.

Michio Hasai

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