New Trump lawsuit, Gawker goes bust, Hillary attacks 2nd Amendment: yesterday’s links

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s problems in court keep multiplying as more issues emerge. Gawker, after losing to Hulk Hogan, is going bankrupt and hitting the market. Hillary Clinton’s ongoing war with the 2nd Amendment continues while she defends abortion as a Constitutional right.

This story is why Americans cannot trust ‘crooked’ Hillary

Texas Governor Abbott has a message for California about its anti-gun politics

Conservative coalition calls for release of 2017 Obamacare premium hikes

Video of baby in the womb at seven weeks

Kristol calls for a new party if nobody steps up to take on Trump

Is defending tax competition akin to “trading with the enemy”

Yahoo stands by Couric

Romney rips Trump, but won’t run as independent

Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails had classified markings when she received them

Hillary imitates Joe Stalin and sterilizes her official TPP record

Conundrum for the ages: Josh Earnest and Hillary Clinton tell conflicting stories — which one’s lying?

Better than two evils: Excellent weekend reading

Iran is what the Islamic State would look like if it succeeds

Someone wants to suppress this video of vile BDS shoutdown of Professor

A brand new lawsuit could spell BIG trouble for Donald Trump

Romney: Trump as President would bring about “trickle-down racism”

Rubio gives the most awkward defense of Trump EVER

Could the GOP convention dump Trump for Scott Walker?

Trump finally tells the truth: “My voters don’t care” that I don’t have policy specifics

State Department to release Clinton records on date that doesn’t exist

What’s at stake in the Brexit vote? Democracy itself.

Why the media celebration of Hillary’s “historic” victory felt so forced

Sanders only (former) candidate not to denounce Tel Aviv terror killings

Todd: Media would cover Hillary scandal if not for Trump

Hillary’s Planned Parenthood love affair

Elizabeth Warren will not be Hillary’s VP

Did Team Hillary get caught lying about the nature of that federal investigation?


Gawker bankrupt

Conservatives complain about GOP financial support of more liberal Republicans

Free trade, Brexit, and the WTO

Egypt’s Christians applaud new law granting legal status to churches

Shapiro: The GOP won’t pull the nomination from Trump

Trump’s nomination makes it easy to spot political opportunists

Ben Carson, deep-cover double-agent

U.S. doesn’t track if millions in biz “loans” to refugees on public assistance are repaid

Man with no experience appointed to Hillary’s State Department  International Security Advisory Board with TOP SECRET clearance. His credentials: he donated big to the Clinton Foundation.

…Moonbattery: He donated his way onto board

…Dianny: Holy crap

…Patterico: Scam

…The Federalist: Cronyism

Trump v. Clinton is about who we fear less

…Carpenter: Hold a vote of no confidence at the convention

,,,CNN: Delegate revolt

Anti-Christian California

GOP Senators renew pledge to block Obama’s SCOTUS nominee

The Endorsement

The media is playing Trump’s greatest hits

Trump continues to accidentally prove he’s not Christian

Romney: Trump will never release his tax returns

The guy Donald Trump says endorsed him to prove he’s not a racist denies endorsing him

Why Ryan won’t oppose Trump

Trump campaign is running on empty

Trump seen as vehicle to destroy GOP

Russia warns of “retaliatory measures” after U.S. deploys warship to Black Sea

Obama’s antagonism sends Israel to protection of Russia

Embracing mob rule: Idiotic calls for violence against Trump supporters

Hillary says Trump “frightening” because he opposes abortion

Panicked Justice Department begs to keep Hillary email immunity deal secret

The facts keep undermining Hillary’s email tales

Hillary says abortion is a “Constitutional right,” not so sure about 2nd Amendment

Democratic lawmakers in Oregon admit they made a mistake pushing for higher minimum wage

UN: Abortion a Human Right

U.N.: Abortion a human right

Swedish broadcaster cancels terrorism & anti-Semitism film over Muslim backlash fears

McCarthy: Our republic is slip-sliding away

Iran’s violations ignored by Obama administration

Canada’s Supreme Court OKs some sex acts with animals

Taliban taking ground that U.S. paid billions for in Afghanistan

Trump’s endorsers have made their bed, and now must lie in it

White House: Yup, Hillary email probe is “criminal investigation”

Hollywood “blacklisted” conservative actress over beliefs

When political correctness comes horribly full circle

The U.S. Navy’s new super frigate: Armed to “sink” Russia and China

Petraeus starts new veterans’ group to PUSH gun control

Gunman plotted to kill Christian singer Christina Grimmie

Comparing wins and losses from free trade and minimum wage

Politichicks on Trump University

Crowder debunks Lena Dunham’s claims about rape

Google claims no political intent in steering users from “criminal” and “indictment” in Clinton searches, but suspicions swirl

The Palestinian community must abandon terror

Gallup Poll: Satisfaction under Obama lowest since Carter

Trump’s history of holding out on charities goes back to the 80s

Trump was a diehard global warming hoax warrior just 6 years ago

Ryan clings to hope Trump’s tone will change

Trump raises a lot less money than Hillary

Trump has an enemy list of conservatives to target if he wins

Gibson plans sequel to The Passion

Benedict Clinton

Socialism has gained popularity because we have forgotten the past

Ken Ham tells Christians how they can reach out to followers of other religions

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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