Terror: yesterday’s links

Orlando Terrorist Attack

One story dominated the news cycle yesterday. The Orlando terrorist attack wasn’t the only thing that happened, but it’s the important topic of the day.

Will robots spell the end of human workers?

Erickson: Let the games begin

Epic response from landowner when Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife requests access to land

Hillary Nuclear

America needs a truly conservative foreign policy

Trump Choking
Choking in the polls

…NR: Losing by 11 points in his favorite poll

…Townhall: Drops 6 points in Fox News poll, now trails

…Hot Air: Hillary leading by seven points… in Kansas?

Jeb Bush: Saving America’s education system

White House Press Corp

How privatization and competition freed the web and made the modern world possible

Trump copies unsourced Tweet to post as his own for Orlando massacre

On abortion, Hillary Clinton has bad timing

What if Trump doesn’t get a “terrorist attack bump?”

Eliminating Palestinian terror attacks: Do we spray the ants or eradicate the nest?

New study says Common Core is not keeping up with the demands of college instructions

U.N. “shocked” over Hamas applauding Israel terror attack

Hillary’s #WomanCard is over its limit

Top 10 examples of Hillary’s racism

Pro-life women speak out against Hillary’s abortion alliance with Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton will make her historic call for bridges, not walls, from inside no-scale fence

Hillary is evil, corrupt, and hard left. She’s pretending to be a centrist.

Bill Clinton gets rich peddling influence for a sketchy higher education company

The terrifying life-size Hillary bobblehead

Report: Hillary might have received email that was already classified

I wish Andrew Breitbart were here

Lucifer, lies, and lust: The dark reality of Muslim paradise

Trump still insisting Don King endorsed him despite King’s denial

Whitman likens Trump to Hitler, Mussolini

Trump trying to block release of video deposition

More Email Lies Exposed
More email lies exposed

New American: Will Hillary survive her email problem?

Big Robot welcomes your $15 per hr minimum wage

In sharia-ruled Iran, some Muslims willing to risk corporal punishment for a slice of bacon

Israel’s legal war on terror

Real unemployment rate more than double the official number, CLSA finds

Israel chief rabbi urges rebuilding Jerusalem temple

Deace: Only conservatives can save the party now

Obama civil rights director: Keeping men out of women’s bathrooms against American values

Hit ISIS Now

Hit ISIS now

…Townhall: Clinton calls for assault weapons ban

…CFL: Facebook bans Pam Geller, removes “Stop Islamization” group in wake of Orlando attack

…Politico: Enough is enough

…LI: Orlando suspect’s father praised Afghan Taliban

…Law Officer: The spin is coming

…WSJ: Islamic State backers cheer, urge more assaults

…Ted Cruz delivers strong message to “Democrats who are loud champions of the gay and lesbian community”

…Senate.gov: His full statement

Socialism just promotes fascism

Islamic State jihadis raped dozens of women in Syrian town: activists

Dear Fox News; Stop contributing to ignorance… it’s not an “assault rifle”

Cruz: After shooting, U.S. must abandon “political correctness”

Elizabeth Warren was against Hillary, before she was for her

Paul Ryan talks “obligation” to call out Donald Trump

Hillary ordered “death by drone phone”

Trump getting backlash for congratulating himself over Orlando shooting

WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails – Julian Assange

Bernie won’t concede

The Iran nuke capitulation pact needs a re-do

How can we fight homegrown terror?

…Twitchy: FBI interviewed Mateen THREE times

…Director Blue: Smartest President ever unable to deduce motive

…American Thinker: Obama blames “hate” not Islam or Jihad for Orlando nightclub massacre

…Cruz: “Our nation is at war”

…RedState: Obama cuts straight to gun control

…Soshable: Orlando terrorism means we need MORE guns, fewer gun-free zones

…Bloomberg: Mateen worked for G4S, a firm that contracted armed security to the U.S. government

…Patriot Retort: How many Americans have to die at the hands of radical Islam before this President puts down the bong and joins us here in the real world?

…Politistick: 10 leftists headlines that avoided “radical Islamic terrorism” at all costs

Zarif: Iran will never trust the United States

Incidents of LGBT executions in Islamic State

It’s time for a long-term strategy to utterly crush Islamic terrorism

Man with weapons & explosives arrested on his way to L.A.’s gay pride parade

…DailyWire: Stopped on the way to kill

Islamic State details activity in the Philippines

Top NSA official: ISIS leadership is incredibly security savvy

D. James Kennedy Ministries drops PayPal financial services

In Britain, antisemitism endures

Daniel Hannan speaks in favor of Brexit

Christians must unite to fight for freedom

House votes to condemn carbon tax

…Mediaite: Mateen’s father hosted strange, anti-American YouTube show

…CFL: Dem Rep. John Conyers: Let’s make Americans more defenseless against Islamic terror attacks

…Twitchy: THIS is what you might call a warning sign

…Lifezette: Clinton, Obama refuse to say the three words

…LawNewz: How Mateen bought guns despite being on FBI radar

…Resurgent: This is not a game

…Cruz: “Unite in defeating radical Islamic terrorism”

…Resurgent: There is one global jihad

…The Rebel: Guns aren’t the problem. Radical Islam is the problem

…Conservative Firing Line: Idiots on Twitter blame NRA

…Daily Caller: ACLU lawyers blame Christians

ISIS Terrorist

ISIS in America

…NY Daily News: Orlando terror

…Washington Post: 50 dead

…ABC: “Domestic terror incident”

…Federalist Papers: Call for gun control started immediately

…American Thinker: Appears to be Islamic terrorism

…Twitchy: FBI investigating possible radical Islamic “leanings”

…News3LV: ISIS “kill list” released Wednesday focused on Florida

…Washington Times: Omar Mateen identified as Pulse nightclub gunman

…Candidates’ reaction Tweets

…NBC: Once probed by FBI

…CNN: Pledged ISIS allegiance

…Washington Examiner: ACLU lawyers blame “Christian right,” GOP for Orlando terrorist attack

…DailyWire: Obama refuses to say “radical Islam,” pushes gun control

…NR: Killing homosexuals is not ISIS law, it is Muslim law

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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