Chris Christie’s McDonald’s runs, a bad economy, and a war on vapor: yesterday’s links

Chris Christie

If there was any concern about how Chris Christie would fit into a Trump Administration, we’re getting a glimpse now as me makes runs to McDonald’s for the campaign. The economy, despite protestations by the left, is as bad as it feels. West Virginia could be a precursor to more states taking on “big vapor.”

Loesch: Gun control didn’t work in Orlando

…Charisma News: President turns terror attack into 2nd Amendment assault

…The Federalist: The assault weapons ban is a stupid idea pushed by stupid people

…NR: Strict gun-control laws didn’t protect French people last November

…American Thinker: It’s not about guns

…RedState: Democrats think that banning gun sales to people on a list the Orlando shooter was NOT on will stop shootings

Orlando: Why it means war

Should we fight automation’s challenge to employment?

OH school district sues feds over transgender locker rooms

Progressive eugenics

Hillary attacks 2nd Amendment instead of radical Islam

Israel wants to sign US aid deal before Obama departs

Voters expected to flock to polls in record numbers to vote against Trump, Clinton

Closing arguments set in congressman’s corruption trial

Air traffic controller tells all about TWA 800

Don’t listen to Democrats. The economy IS that bad.

Carrying guns: An issue for the Supreme Court and the electorate

The House GOP’s stale foreign policy agenda

As EU referendum looms, Britain’s Christians are divided

PA school votes prayer out, moment of silence in

The two words both candidates fear the most

The secret history of the minimum wage

Address the core problem

Address the core problem

Israel, South Korea to launch free trade talks in two weeks

More Gun Control

Islamist or progressive? It’s getting hard to tell the difference.

Target CEO felt pretty hot after transgender bathroom policy–but he just got some really bad news

Abortion is never the answer to helping women

Precarious state of Middle East Christians

Implications of Iran nuke deal one year in

Was Christina Grimmie killed because she was Christian?

Deleted official report says Saudi key funder of Hillary Clinton campaign

Hillary Clinton calls for renewed assault weapons ban: they’re a “weapon of war”

Obama and Hillary will want to talk about everything but the FBI interviews

Tenured conservative professor retires due to liberal persecution

Iran denounces Orlando terror attack, ignores gay venue

Having transgender in race is not fair to girls 

Trump reportedly has Chris Christie picking up his McDonald’s

China is a currency manipulator. Upward. Sorry, Donald.

Trump doesn’t want his Trump U video deposition filed publicly

Remember last year when Trump was worried about Michelle O offending the Saudis by not wearing their headscarf?

Congrats, GOP. You brought this one on yourself.

Trump was accused of destroying email evidence in lawsuit 10 years ago

Morocco arrests Italian suspected of Islamic State ties

Over 5,000 arrested in Bangladesh to protect Christians

Obama’s latest test on Iran

Conservative blogger Jim Hoft discusses being homosexual in today’s world

LGBTQ Community Orlando

The left’s betrayal of the LGBTQ community

…TNA: Why the LGBTQ community should be outraged by leftist rhetoric on Orlando

…NR: The lie at the heart of our national security argument

New revelations turn up the heat to impeach Koskinen

Orlando Accomplice

…TMJ4: Arrest to be made

West Virginia legislature passes massive new tax on vapor products

Awards ceremony honors the top abortionists in the country killing the most babies

An olive branch to Trump supporters from a solid #NeverTrumper

Trump: I’m revoking “dishonest” Washington Post’s credentials

…TNA: Trump revokes press credentials because… you guessed it… they treated him unfairly

…Twitchy: No more Mr. Nice Authoritarian! Trump is putting his foot down

Donald Trump, loser

CAIR: We’re victims, too

Obama: “We” are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre

Trump is as clueless on Islamic terror as Hillary

Reddit mods locked threads, banned users after Orlando shooter revealed to be Muslim

In Afghanistan, a rash of abductions, murders on highways have travelers worried

The GOP seen through millennial eyes

The Constitution is on pro-lifers’ side

Louisiana re-brands Common Core to dupe citizens

University drops math as graduation requirement as it mulls new diversity requirement

David Perdue, CEO turned Senator, warns of America’s coming debt crisis

Cruz’ challenge to the Democrats after Orlando will make lots of the apoplectic

Jihadist’s father: “God will punish those involved in homosexuality”

5 ways Islamists set the stage for Orlando attack

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the 2nd largest Islamic terrorist act in U.S.

The media is spinning a false narrative

Mateen never fired because he was Muslim, claims former co-worker

Obama: Orlando killer motivated by “extremist” Internet information

Just imagine this New York Times headline if the Orlando terrorist had been a Christian Republican

About that conservative Christian terrorist homophobe who bombed a Target restroom…

Four NATO battalions heading to Baltic States, Poland

Obama’s god complex: The danger of a lame duck President in an election year

After Orlando shooting, Rubio reconsidering “how I can best serve”

5 ways to stop Islamic jihad

Trump Insinuates Obamas Involvement in Orlando

Trump: Obama. Orlando. Conspiracy?

…The Atlantic: Obama was maybe involved in Orlando

…TIME: Trump makes “shady” insinuations about the President

…WaPo: Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting

WikiLeaks is about to publish a batch of Hillary’s secret illegal emails

…RT: Enough evidence to indict

Hillary’s corruptions

Hillary thinks those under FBI investigation should be presumed guilty. Seriously.

Two French police killed in attack claimed by Islamic State

Sasse, Stanek urge passage of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Six things you can do to protect the 2nd Amendment

FBI: Orlando shooter was once on terrorist watch list but later removed

The FBI and NSA won’t keep us safe

A reminder to rainbow flag-wavers…

Could concealed carry have saved lives in Orlando?

Orlando massacre had nothing to do with homophobia or guns

Newsflash: Social conservatives didn’t cause Orlando

LGBT gun group: “Guns did not do this. A human being did this.”

Utah Governor reverses position on Common Core

She went from being an abortion clinic owner to a pro-life activist. Here’s how…

After Orlando, can America still tolerate Islam?

Qatar: Dutch woman reports rape and SHE’s jailed for it

Facebook, Reddit censorship reignites conservative uproar over bias claims

Antisemitism’s new symbols

Science priorities for the next President

Sig Sauer MCX Carbine

Liberal narrative fail

…RedState: Orlando shooter did not use an AR-15, but who cares. A narrative is building.

…Conservative Firing Line: Media, liberals repeatedly bashes gun that wasn’t used by Omar Mateen

…Granite Grok: Once again, MSM gets it wrong

Foreign work visas are band-aids covering over systemic problems keeping Americans from being self-supporting

Egypt: Christian girls kidnapped, forced to marry and convert to Islam

The Pentagon will test-fire its new larger SM-311A interceptor missile in space

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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