Good guy Chick-fil-A, Obama’s spin, Hamas defection: yesterday’s links


Chick-fil-A demonstrated what true Judeo-Christian values mean within a company when they opened their stores for Sunday to feed people giving blood for Orlando. Obama has his own narrative that he wants to spin around Orlando. A leader of Hamas defects to Israel.

Amarillo suspect holding hostages shot dead; gunman reportedly a Somali

Cold War II: The Black Sea and the Mediterranean

What if the Orlando murderer were a Christian?

The Orlando shooting: Obama’s sin

He hasn’t kept us safe

A failure of Obama’s politically correct policy

It’s global jihad, stupid

Erickson: Why does an American become a terrorist?

Anonymous hackers are fighting Islamic State with porn

Wolf dens, not lone wolves, the norm in U.S. Islamic State plots

Islamic State terrorists take joy in torturing homosexuals

ThankYou for suing: Citigroup claims ownership of the use of “ThankYou”

Sowell: Will Orlando change anything?

Cruz fights Obama’s global internet giveaway



In a first, U.N. votes Israel to chair one of six major committees

The assault against Christiainity

UN illicit-arms-trade agreement is ineffectual

GWB was right: Treating terror like a law enforcement problem invites more terror

Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday in Orlando to feed people donating blood

Why Ramadan is full of jihad terror

Orlando about Islamist terror, not guns

U.S. media tries to hide the truth in Orlando. World press has no such bias.

Platitudes and hashtags won’t stop terrorism

Constitutional law professor: “2nd Amendment must be repealed”

NY Times editorial calls for Congress to secretly suspend 2nd Amendment

The President turns terrorism into an assault on 2nd Amendment

Walsh: It’s not bigotry for Christians to proclaim faith no matter what the media says

President Obama seeks to protect U.N. climate regime from a President Trump

Daniel Benjamin: Trump is “flabbergastingly ignorant” on counterterroism

Ryan dismisses Trump’s response to Orlando shooting

Trump, who’s revoked press access a bunch of times, says he wouldn’t do that as President

Regulation task force’s reforms “urgently needed”

Culture rot: Liberals sign petition to put urinals in women’s restrooms

What keeps us from stopping terrorism?

Five concrete steps to fight radical Islamic terror

The Orlando massacre is just the beginning

The hysteria surrounding Orlando summed up in less than 6 minutes

When the law would leave you defenseless, carry a gun anyway

Orlando aftermath – Two wrongs do not make an LGBT Right

Jeh Johnson: Attacking 2nd Amendment is “part and parcel of Homeland Security”

Iran says U.S. must encourage banks to do business with it

Russia Hacked DNC

Russia hacks DNC, steals Trump oppo research

…WaPo: Russian Embassy denies

…USA Today: Candidates make “attractive targets”

…Malkin: Russian hackers break into DNC network; White House assigns blame to… (wait for it…)

Whoopie sets sights on 2nd Amendment supporters

Iran vows to burn nuclear agreement if U.S. scraps it

Common Core does not prepare students for college, new report finds

Alabama 2nd Amendment advocates urge state to follow Idaho’s lead, move to permitless concealed carry

More Americans think abortion is “morally wrong” than “morally acceptable,” Gallup poll shows

Keyes: Trump’s aim is to reduce the GOP to a rootless ruin

Conservatives struggle to get ahead in academic professions

Illegal immigrants who overstay visas hardly ever caught, feds admit

Hillary crushing Trump by 12%

…Geraghty: Remember when Trump was neck-and-neck with Hillary?

…Erickson: GOP should be scared

More trade won’t stop China’s aggression

We don’t need a new ban on “scary-looking” guns (or any gun)

NY Daily News reporter is an idiot

Fear won’t fix anything

Pointing Fingers

DHS Secretary: Rightwingers pose same threat as Islamic extremists

Krauthammer: Obama “deliberately trying to deny” radical Islam ideology of terrorists

Planned Parenthood blames “imperialist homophobia” for Orlando terror attck

Now leftists are blaming Orlando terror attack on video games

Abortion activist says pro-lifers “inciting hatred and violence” to blame for Orlando terrorism

Judge dismisses misdemeanor charges against the man who exposed Planned Parenthood

Ellen teases about transgender character in Finding Dory

Kansas Board of Education ignores transgender decree

Transgender dorm rooms?

Israel’s reconciliation with Turkey seen bolstering its NATO cooperation

NY Daily News reporter complains shooting an AR-15 bruised his delicate shoulder

GOP delegates are free to choose whomever

Senior Hamas member reportedly defects to Israel

Here’s why Israel could be the next Silicon Valley

Senate Democrats blocking pro-Israel effort to combat Jewish boycotts

Russia might use veto power to protect Israel at United Nations

Help me solve the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma of the Orlando terrorist’s motives

Islamic leader says moderate Muslims need to stop being “bystanders” as attacks multiply

She knew and she said nothing

The terror watchlist, explained

Trump and Clinton are both after our liberties in wake of Orlando shooting

Why does Hillary Clinton keep terror-enabler Melissa Mark-Viverito on her team?

Clinton says “lone wolves” are her top priority. What about her other top priorities?

Michael Moore schooled on Geneva Convention, firearms after failing Ammo 101

Central bankers are wrong about inflation and deflation

The Narrative Spinner

The narrative spinner

Seven Islamic terrorist attacks on Obama’s watch

Obama explains why he refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”

What is net neutrality? … in 60 seconds

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