Criminally investigated Hillary, gun-grabbing Trump, and the AR-15: yesterday’s links


Hillary Clinton is officially under criminal investigation. Donald Trump is official siding with gun control. The AR-15 is officially awesome.

U.S. accepted only 28 Christian refugees while taking in 2,435 Muslim refugees

…Judicial Watch: Islamic “refugee” with pipeline plans arrested near New Mexico border

Network neutrality decision likely won’t go to Supreme Court

…FreedomWorks: Ruling a blow to internet freedom

…CR: Obama’s internet win is a loss for internet users

…ATR response

Two months after launch, RedState leads in clicks

Time for LGBT leaders to apologize, resign, and be replaced

The corrosive politics of the NY Times editorial board that led to the Orlando shooting

The coming Constitutional crisis over Hillary’s EmailGate

Uh-oh: Hillary’s aide just got immunity

Total Clinton income from for-profit schools now set at $22 million 

Hillary’s State Department and Omar’s mosque

Netanyahu: “Radical Islamist terror makes no distinction…”

…DailyWire: Netanyahy says Islamic terrorism “driven by fanatical hatred”

Why “I’m not as bad as the other two” won’t work for Gary Johnson

Socialism is destroying our once-proud nation

A young Egyptian girl dies during female genital mutilation surgery. Where are the cries from Women’s Studies Departments?

Trump slanders American soldiers in Iraq; accuses them of stealing

Rejecting Trump’s demagoguery means rejecting Obama’s

Trump’s malicious stupidity

A comprehensive look at Paul Ryan’s regulatory reform agenda

Iranian professor: “OPEC is finished”

Trump National Enquirer

Iran says it has reached historic deal to buy Boeing planes

Iran’s return isn’t helping Hezbollah pay the bills

Kerry sees Iran FM over nuke deal sanctions

…Worthy News: Khamenei threatens to “set fire” to nuclear deal

Dear anti-gun liberals: Don’t tell me which gun I “need” for self-defense

Why secret anti-gun terrorism courts will not make us safer

Ex-prez with 24/7 armed security: More guns make us less safe

FBI: U.S. homicide rate at 51-year low

U.N. demands “robust gun control” after Orlando terror

Here’s what the FBI director said in 2015 on a gun ban for those on the terror watch list

Christian group fights to ensure adoption of conservative GOP platform

Failure to integrate: The most important question behind Orlando

Meet the Indian-American who plans to shake up the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana

Orlando shooting reaction has the feel of eternal recurrence

Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation

Judge confirms “criminal investigation” into Clinton emails

…Daily Caller: When will Hillary acknowledge it?

The Clinton Global Initiative scam is crashing

The Orlando massacre is not “homegrown extremism.”

GOP delegates are free to choose whomever

Radical Extremist Guns

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias: Why do some treat race as sacred but not sexuality?

Feds looking to escalate war on privacy after dropping ball in Orlando slaughter

White House rejects increased Israel missile defense funding

Why do schools no longer teach civics?

Christian ministers quit over Lebanon government inaction

Cotton v. Sasse: Which approach to Trump will define the GOP’s future?

U.S.-Russia relations at lowest point since Cold War

Republicans, pay attention to what the Orthodox church just did

Shapiro: Stronger US-Israel financial ties will crush BDS

Minorities missing in many legislatures

CIA Chief: ISIS working to send operatives to the West

Hillary’s huge Libya disaster

Cruz Comeback

Top conservatives meet at secret dinner to discuss Cruz’s future

…Politistick: 20 powerful conservatives meet with Cruz

…The Right Scoop: Discuss his future as the leader of the conservative movement

Will Obama and the NYT still be confused about Mateen’s “motive” after looking at this?

…Malkin: NY Times editorial board falls on grenade of reality to save liberal narrative

…Flopping Aces: How is it democrats know more about the motivations of Islamic terrorists than the terrorists themselves?

U.S. pundits urge America to learn from Israel following Orlando

Donald Trump Gun Control

Trump. McConnell. Gun reformers.

…CR: FBI director warns gun control measures could “blow” terror investigations

…Caffeinated Thoughts: Trump to consult NRA about watchlist gun ban

…RedState: Making the NRA look like idiots

…The Resurgent: Trump caves on gun control

…Hotair: NRA would be happy to explain “due process” to Trump

Victory: YouTube restores video of vile BDS harassment of pro-Israel Professor

Orlando massacre should pressure Iran and Hamas to stop murdering gays

Craigslist ad calls for more Orlando-style attacks

How to beat back ISIS propaganda

Michael Hayden: Political correctness has harmed anti-terror effort

Terrorists can easily enter the U.S. with government sanctioning

Marco Rubio Senate Run

Looks like Rubio is running for re-election

…Rubio: “Reconsidering”

…RedState: Carlos Lopez-Cantera would step aside for Rubio

Guccifer 2.0, the hacked Trump files from the DNC

Far-left whackos at PETA compare women to chickens

Obama’s wrong: It matters to say “radical Islam”

After correcting for bias, Clinton’s national lead in CBS News poll evaporates

Washington state family group fights controversial 2017 k-12 gender curriculum

Uh oh: Double-digit premium hikes projected for low-cost Obamacare plans next year

Levin goes off on Republicans who respond to the left with surrender

Video: Abortionist tells pro-life advocate he loves killing babies

Yale violated its own rules, ignored evidence to judge basketball captain a rapist

Escaped North Korean uses radio to preach the Gospel to his countrymen

Lone Wolves

Trump v. Reagan

Trump shares article suggesting Obama supported Islamic State precursor

…Caffeinated Thoughts: No, President Obama doesn’t support ISIS

Trump says he would host Kim Jong Un in U.S.

Will ISIS soon endorse Trump

Another scathing report as the H-2B lobby pushes for expansion

Why hasn’t Congress authorized force against ISIS?

It’s “be kind to ISIS week” at the White House

Pro-gun, pro-gay posters popping up everywhere in West Hollywood

The AR-15: America’s best defense

Public opinion polls strongly against ‘assault weapons’ ban

NRA has to mansplain due process to Trump, Clinton, Democrats

If the GOP won’t defend life, could a third party?

Iran sues U.S. in international court over frozen assets

What does the future hold for religious liberties?

Double standard: Facebook just exposed its anti-Israel bias

Omar Mateen’s last Facebook message

Why you should stand with Israel

Obama as petulant as ever

Hillary Clinton Hacked
If Russians hacked DNC, what about Hillary?

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