Cruz loves 2nd Amendment, Putin loves Hillary, Trump loves himself: yesterday’s links

Ted Cruz Faith and Courage

Ted Cruz depressed conservatives around the country by delivering a rant worthy of a President against the attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Russia’s Vladimir Putin won’t say it, but he really wants Hillary Clinton to win so he can own the United States. Donald Trump thinks that the only help he needs to win the election will come from… Donald Trump.

Abortion activists desecrate university chapel with pro-abortion graffiti

Ryan: Going after 2nd Amendment is “not how to stop terrorism”

Zika and your tax dollars

UK MP shot, stabbed to death

Hillary and her “qualifications”

Huckabee: Hillary would be a disaster for Israel

Americans would despise the European Union if it happened to them

Sex offenders for Hillary

VP? Liberal rag Vox publishes brutal assessment of Julian Castro

Hillary endorsed the soda tax

Gowdy clarifies the need for due process

Brazil’s interim government loses 3rd minister in a month

JV Team

Reagan/Bush appointee Armitage: Trump “doesn’t appear to be a Republican, doesn’t appear to want to learn about issues. So, I’m going to vote for Mrs. Clinton.”

Ryan on Trump: “You can’t make this up sometimes”

Is Trump’s news network his endgame?

Excusing Trump is actually anti-conservative

Trump chasing campaign cash, avoiding battleground states

Kasich rejects Trump’s pleas

3 more prominent Republicans say they cannot endorse Trump

McCain blames Obama for Orlando

…Townhall: McCain loses heart, says he “misspoke” about Obama

Sasse to Christians: Prioritize Jesus and His coming kingdom over America

South Carolina Legislature passes ethics reform

Dear Mr. Trump, this is MY Republican party

Dump Trump!

Trump is who we thought he was

Trump’s campaign hits a wall

Putin Hacking

Kentucky court grants injunction against abortion clinic

Obama opening up vital national security information to narco-terrorists

Iran shuts down news site after reporting Taliban emir held talks with officials

Billy Graham warns Christian parents to beware of TV impact on children

Clinton Foundation received up to $40 million from Islamist states

Roger stone still smearing “Saudi” Clinton aide

Wall Street, hedge fund billionaires warming up to Donald Trump

Trump continues to blur the lines between conspiracy and truth

Bentley and new superintendent should repeal Common Core

Louisiana abortions drop 10% as 900 more babies saved last year

Sorry, Bernie. No VP for you.

Yes, Democrats hate the Constitution. Here’s the latest evidence.

Common Core does not prepare students for college, new report finds

Common Core has common problem for black students

Were Common Core’s ELA standards written by charlatans? Sure seems so.

Trump only needs Trump

…CNN: Trump threatens to go it alone

…ABC: Trump tells GOP to “be quiet”

…The Week: “Let me do it myself”

…NY Times: Republicans keeping distance in different ways

…Heat Street: Are Republicans having second thoughts about nominating Trump?

…Hot Air: First GOP senator says he’ll no longer take questions about Trump until after the election

Five ways an innocent American could end up on Obama’s secret gun control list

Senate Dems conduct nearly 14-hour filibuster on gun control

No, NY Times, the Bible doesn’t call for executing gays

DC source suggests Obama might have helped Orlando shooter get job at security firm

NY state senate approves ban on funding of student groups supporting Israeli boycott

Is Debbie done?

U.N.: Genocide against Yazidis

CIA: Islamic State’s global terror capabilities are “formidable”

Obama slams Republicans about Orlando but doesn’t say much about the actual enemy

Christian refugees in Germany hide faith for fear of being targeted by Muslims

With Trump, the GOP is destroying itself

Democratic Congresswoman suggests Trump may be a Clinton plant

Trump’s poll ratings in a historic hole

When Trump loses, he’ll blame me. And you.

Could big data be Trump’s Achilles heel?

Teflon Trump is immune to pop culture

GOP delegates can dump Trump. Will they?

State Department officials call for U.S. military action against Assad regime

GA voters want what NC has

Reporters ask the experts: Does an AR-15 fire 8 rounds a second, or 700 a minute?

Dear GOP: Hop off the Trump train before it’s too late

Orlando shooter’s wife has vanished

Obama lied about gun used in Newtown during Orlando speech

Obama demonstrates how NOT to react to radical Islamic terrorism

After travelling the globe, former Marxist professor realizes just how bad socialism really is

The purpose of the Dems and the Media is to continue to destroy the Constitution


Putin’s patsy

Everything you need to know about the no-fly list and guns

Fox News analyst on Obama: It’s obvious war on terror “not as close to his heart” as gun control

Amarillo says enough is enough, pushes to block further refugees

K-12 gender identity standards surprise some Washington parents

The nanny state is contrary to American values

Oh snap! Ben Shapiro has a shocking revelation about Orlando

Blame the NRA

The weighted Presidential electoral map points to a landslide

Trump won’t get “Presidential”

Funny video about Trump demands that he “release the measurements” of his hands

Now the Republican governor of Tennessee won’t endorse Trump

Scarborough predicts Trump loss that would make Goldwater look “extremely successful”

GOP Congressman speaks gibberish while trying to explain Trump

Wheels are coming off Trump campaign already

The shocking reason FBI can’t investigate Muslims

Millennials more concerned about Islamic terrorism than climate change

Liberals: Let’s void Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments so we can void Second

UVA student deprived of due process sues Obama’s Department of Education

House approves defense aid to Israel despite veto threat

Donald Trump’s big money bait-and-switch

State Department protests Obama lethargy


Gun sales surge… in LGBT community

Loesch: Trying to regulate the AR-15 is a war on women

Why Obama gets emotional talking about Islam

Concerned about job growth, the Fed backs off raising rates

Judge Napolitano: Why I will always defend the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense

Fox News attacks gun rights

U.N. wants parents who spank to go to jail

Cruz Defends 2nd Amendment

Cruz defends 2nd Amendment

…RedState: Delivers the awesome about gun control

…Cruz: Administration’s refusal to confront radical Islamic terrorism has made America less safe

…Caffeinated Thoughts: Complete speech transcript

GOP pushes back against Democrats’ call for gun control

Mayor of one of the most dangerous cities lectures on national security… but doesn’t mention “Islam” once

CIA Director affirms Obama’s ISIS “strategy” isn’t working

Gun store reported “known wolf” Omar Mateen two weeks ago

Why is Trump taking the Obama/Clinton road to gun control?

Trump disregards First Amendment just as he does the Second

4 in 10 Germans want Muslims out

The EU wants to impose a tax for sharing links on the internet

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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